Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gotham dark-the concept behind my new album

well its thats time of the year again,where i go into creativity mode and dig inside the mind to be the architect of something new,i know alotta people been wondering what the concept or theme behind the title "gotham dark" is,well its simple,this album is based on the future in a post apocalyptic world where the law is no more,the world is unstable,riddled with rapists,savages,murderers and also normal people trying to survive in a radiation plagued atmosphere where water is rare and electricity is no more,the year is 2058 and the album tells the story of a charecter living in this timeline.Now the catch to this is,the themes to the songs will be based around alotta personal theories and myths,my idea of what the future in a desolate world will be painted in musical form in this,the album deals with different subject matters that coincide with a man who's only wish is to survive and one day hopefully escape the horrors of the post apocalyptic wasteland he lives in and find everyones main goal in the city,the promised land to em,Gotham Gotham to them is like a myth,no one has ever been,seen or had solid proof that the city exists,the general perception of the city is that it is a beautiful paradise within a world plagued by an apocalypse,a city where there is a law,clean water,jobs,food,where the paranomal hardly ever happens and raiders,rapists and aw breakers are brought to justice by a man people only know as the rooftop man who parades the city at night in a concealed identity,,the main charecter in this album will go different experiences in his journey to find gotham,from the paranomal, to abductions by unknown beings,to slavery in the mordern world and a futuristic uprising against stray cyborgs programmed to terminate humanity for the cause of a madman who's dream is to start a new utopia and revamp the whole human race and civilization as we know it.

area 57 was a test track to give the listeners an idea of what idea's are behind this concept album but it is sorta like a proto type to the real content and creativity this album will display,not only is my objective to take you into a futuristic world but also craft a musical masterpiece very different and powerful enough to steer your mind and paint a vivid picture of the project at hand.This has been a project years in the making,i first thought of this concept in the year 2001 but never really had enough heart and inspiration to make it a reality,now with more study and reasearch on the subject matter and a more advanced lyrical style and musical expertise,i feel like now,this is a project i can handle,craft and make a timeless gem.I wanna thank everyone who has been supporting the tracks that have come out thus far and i urge you to watch this space and look out for this project,its gonna be something different,fresh and going to experiement with music and my inner genius,try and take sound to realms most havent attempted to get to yet,can i pull it off?? watch this space and find out