Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nadia, the hater

t as Monday around 9.15am when the whole rice street was barracaded ,and surrounded by semi trucks carrying all our filming equipment. The film crew proceeded to prepare the set while I was on the phone with my brother about an issue we had the previous night.the call took about 5 minutes and ended abruptly when the movie producer Anthony called me to the side and said "cris, we can nail this this in no time, the company has put up a lot of money to rent out this establishment so its imperative that we knock it out quick and flawlessly.
"you know TONY I was born ready, don't even worry, I got this" I said confidently and walked into the mc donalds joint we were to use for the scene at hand. A feeling of excitement overcame me. It was a part I had never tackled before and it basically was going to be the highlight of the whole flick. The scene was as is, I played the leader of a gang who were to go to mc donalds and kill the manager of the store whose brother has had beef with our team then were were to hold hostages as part of a plan a mob boss in higher ranks of the crime world had planned. It was about an hour later when shooting started and I must admit I was a nervous wreck. The crowd outside to watch us shooting out of curiosity did not make it any better but like any other endevour I embarked on, I took long breather and tackled the job at hand

We had to do a few retakes due to my constant forgetfulness of the lines but after taking time to memorize my lines right again, I nailed it and after the director yelled "IT'S A WRAP FOLKS" , I took a long breath feeling accomplished and joined in a handclap which echoed from the crew and everyone else who took part in the experience at hand. After a long day on set, the crew had a tradition. They always headed off to the nearest bar or hangout spot and celebrate another mission accomplished. BUT being that I was not much of an outing type of person, I never really did partake in those activities. My thing was to go home, relax, put on a movie or 2 and head to bed. But on this day, things were about to take a change as I walked towards my car, Roland Polanski ,the movie director and a good friend of mine yelled "Cris stop right there , where the fuck do u think you are going , you think you can sneak off today like every other day?? No no no, not after giving the performance of a life time"
"im tired Roland, you already know this is the only time I can use to get rest" I answered

"nonsense man,listen, one of the folks who are watching us at work owns the tavern down the street and he wants us to come there, drinks free, most of the people there are interested in our projects so we going to be answering questions and taking pictures with them,you totally have to be there" he added

"man I don't know….i really wasn't ready for this" I said reluctantly
"this could help promote this flick in this city,this is a great chance to put ya name out there, I mean, this wont work unless the man who is the main attraction in the flick is there, just take it as a career booster or something, if you wont do it for you, do it for us man…Alright??
"ok..ok how bad could it be.. I guess today I can hang out based on that" I agreed after good consideration

Hours later, we were at the tavern, the turn out was amazing, It was packed to the brim and it made me realize the power of the camera. I was not even doing a Hollywood flick but based on the fact that I was shooting something significant, it drew people, especially the female kind. I posed with a lot of admiring chicks for pictures and the other folks in there came and wished me a good run with my career and inquired about future projects I may have had coming up. It was a few minutes after a picture with the state governors own daughter herself when Roland yelled from the corner at the end of the bar with some of our crew members
"who, your boyfriend???" I said jokingly
"ha ha ha very funny, you don't get to be that lucky today buddy" he added on to the joke
"ahahahahahaha" we both laughed gracefully
"so my uncle likes men now?" a beautiful calm voice said from the crowd with the crew
"ha..there she is, Cris meet my nice Nadia, Nadia meet cris, the star of my flick and the slacker ive been telling you about"
"ive heard a lot about you Cris, very good things, don't mind my uncle" she added stickig her hands out to shake mine.

As I stood there tying to shake hers. Her soft fingers validated my perception of her beauty. She was the epitome of what a sexy black woman stood for , Everything about her was proportioned right , from her curvaceous coke bottle shape to her wide hips and heart piercing almond colored eyes which complimented her juicy lips and her long waveless hair. Her brown skin tone also added to the quality of her looks and the end result was a striking 6,0 pillar of delightfulness that stood right infront of me. For a second, I felt a wave of intimidation overcome me but then she asked
"So how is it working with my crazy uncle?"
"very well, he is crazy alright but he also knows how to bring out the best in anyone" I added
"don't be silly Cris, you the man with the goods, I only show you how to reach the highest potential of them" Roland intervened

"so how come I have never met you before and I have worked with Roland all this time" I asked curiously
"she just got back in town to settle her, remember my brother in seattle I told you about, well that's her father and he has lived there all his life, you know im originally from seattle right?" roland answered in her place
"yea" I answered
"there you have it" she added with a smile
"ahhh I see" looking at both of them with a very obvious question lingering in my head but not quite asking it yet then she said
"I gotta get back home and get my stuff arranged right, uncle, the stuff is in your car and Cris , it was nice meeting you"
"nice meeting you too, hope to see you more" I said
"oh believe me, you will, infact, I will be at your next shooting and ill make it a point to look out for you, by the way you look great in person" she said licking her lips and winking at me and walked off

I stood there feeding my intentions to the max by scoping her out from top to bottom in a very obvious trance.
"don't even think about it cris, she is off limits, I don't want family involved with anyone I work with…ALRIGHT?...alright cris?"
"yea yea, relax Roland. She is just beautiful, I cant help myself that's ll, aighttt"
I assured him but deep down my intentions of going after her were still very prevailant in my mind. After the brief introduction the lingering question boggled my mind so without hesitation I asked

"wait a minute here, she's black and you're white and not mixed black either so how the hell is she you niece?" I asked with uttermost curiosity
"I knew you were going to bring that up, I was just waiting for you to raise the obvious question my friend but if you really wanna know, she was adopted at the age of 8 by my brother and he raised her since, make any sense"
He laughed and said"..
"yea I get it now" I added and left the subject alone as we drank the night away

11am the next day, I took a break in the trailer after shooting a soft sex scene. It was particularly a hot afternoon so I had a load of towels set up specially for me. After cooling off a little, I heard a knock on the trailer door which kind off surprised me because I was not expecting anyone to come in there and talk to me, especially after I had told the security guards to let anyone in
"what is it, its open" I commanded whoever it was to come in and to my surprise it was Nadia, looking temptingly hot in a red dress and some heel shoes.
"hey there new friend" she greeted with a very inviting voice
"hey, I wasn't expecting you, I thought it was the security guard,I had told them I didn't wanna be bothered, how did you bypass those guys"
"lets see, I am the directors niece and im not exactly the ugliest girl in town, get the picture?"
"ahhhh the usual female tactic, using what your mama gave you huh?" I added
"yea and more, so how are you today" she inquired
"hot as hell, tired and need some time off" I responded setting the stage for more conversation
"oh yea..maybe I could help out with that" she offered while licking her lips and caressing her breasts
Right there I knew what was going to happen next as she walked to the trailer door locking it up right then slowly walked my way with the look of a lioness ready to stalk her prey and take control of them

"sooooo what do you have in mind there sexy lady?" I asked anticipatingly as she walked towards me breathing heavily and put her hand right on my crouch area and started caressing me gently till my manhood was hard and stiff, as she worked in that area, she kissed me all over the neck while whispering "I always get what I want" in my ear .AT this point, my mind was focused on one thing and one thing only, to get a taste of this sexy brown skin temptation that had taken charge of me of my desire. In no time, I had her sitting on my lap naked grinding back and forth on me while my toungue swerved on her boobs as her harmonic voice gasped for breath from intense pleasure. My dick operated at an unstoppable rage that left me vigorously drilling her with pleasure as we indulged in a spontaneous sexual exercise. I looked at my watch sweaty and worked out and said
"you know imam have to make this quick because I gotta get back on set and wrap things up right?"
"I know I know but im there,just let me get mines then you can do what you wanna do"
Then she moaned harder and louder as I had to cover her mouth so no one outside could hear but my attempt at discretion was late when I heard a hard knock on the trailer door as Roland yelled "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THERE,I KNOW IT ISNT WHO I THINK IT IS IN THERE"

"get dressed quick// your uncle Is out there" I commanded her in an anxious mode
"Soooo…im an adult??? Why you acting all scared and shit?" she asked
"I aint acting scared ,its just that he warned me not to mess with you because he didn't want family mixed up in this business and shit" I explained
"whatever, whatever we do aint got nothing to do with what ya'll doing, he just hating and I know why" she added
"why?" I asked
"listen Nadia, heres my number xxxxxxx call me up later and we can talk and finish where we left off ok??"
"alright baby boy, best believe I am going to call" she said while planting a soft kiss on my cheek.

I Put on my pants quick and opened the trailer door to a suspicious looking Roland as he inquired
"whats going on here?"
Me and Nadia looked at each other embarrassingly and said sequentially
"Nadia, you know I love you girl but why?? Why him?? Don't do it to this guy, he works with me and he is a really good fella" Roland added
"do what to me?" I asked curiously
"don't mind him cris, he don't know what he is talking about and uncle Ro, don't even try to ruin something potentially good here, I told you that I got help for that, I aint on that no more" she replied us both
"ok what am I missing here? Someone enlighten me" I inquired with uttermost curiosity
"look I will call you later Cris and explain things to you, Uncle Ro, let me tell him on my own terms, please ,I think this is my task to handle.. my decision" she added
"ok I am going to let you do the right thing Nadia, but you gotta promise me that you are going to sit him down and make it known what he is getting into" Roland said
"ok uncle Ro, I will…Cris, uncle RO, I got to go, I have errands to run so talk to yall later" as she walked off to her VOLVO S40 and drove away.

Roland looked at me intently while we walked back on set, shook his head and said
"your ego man?? Your hunger for women is going to kill you bad"
"listen Roland, things just happened, it ….just happened man" I explained
"nothing just happens with Nadia dude, she is like a tiger always on the prowl, a woman with a plan and you don't wanna disrupt her plans" Roland added
"or " I asked
"I am not going to break my promise to her, I will let her explain things to you but take some advice from a good friend who only wants the best for you, study her, know her, I mean really get to know her before jumping into anything serious and look, its not her im looking out for,… its you buddy, keep your eyes open and if you have the option to run while you can..do it" he said while patting me on the back
"what aren't you telling me man?" I asked very confused
"what shes supposed to tell you my friend, what shes supposed to tell you..now lets get back to work buddy" he answered puzzingly as he walked away from me towards the camera man
I stood and thought of his words and promised myself that I was going to ask her what this whole secret im supposed to know was all about. OFFcourse I resumed work after

3 hours later , the act for the day was over, My boys Tyrone, Carl, Carlton and Rick showed up at the set in Tyrones Range rover truck. We did our usual greetings with daps as Carl said "yo fam, you up for tonight??
"tonight? Whats happening tonight?" I asked
"its popping at this spot at eden prairie, this girl named Shayla is having a party at her crib and im cool with her, told her we was coming with you fam, she trying to meet you and shit" Rick explained
"oh word? I could do with some fun time tonight, yea slot me into the plans and shit" I responded positively
"that's wussup g" Carlton added
"aight im headed to my crib, follow me niggaz, I got a few blunts we can blaze and chill before time to head out there" I suggested
"aight lets do this" they all obliged and hopped in the truck to follow me. We got to my house, watched sports and smoked 3 blunts and in not time, it was getting to party time.

9.15pm the party was at its peak already. After being there for about an hour , I took time to relax on the couch in the lounge as people of different walks in life showed their faces at the event. Tv personalities , local politicians , u name it. The party would have been more enjoyable for me if the host Shayla wasn't a talk active desperate chick talking my ears off about if I was single and if I could get her on. She was an average looking girl with really big boobs and a mouth to go along with them
"I write some of the most life changing scripts, you should look at them and pass them to your director when you get time" she said
"yea maybe sometime" I responded nonchalantly hoping she would find someone else to bother
"cool cool so tell me baby boy, you got you a girl?" she inquired
"nah not at the moment and that is by choice, I got my career to focus on" I responded without emotion
"you need you a woman to have your back while you doing your thing, you know? Someone that'll cool for you, rub your feet, do whatever you want after a hard days work and all..feel me?" she suggested
"and you know someone like this?" I asked sarcastically
"um yea, you looking at her" she responded boldly
"yea ok, that's what they all say at 1st then turn around and be on some other shit" I replied shutting her notion down
"damn, you aint have to say it like that, we aint all like that nigga, I am a woman of my word, I aint gonna tell a nigga one thing and do another…that aint me" she said in defense mode
"good for you I guess" I replied nonchalantly turning my head the other way while sipping on my drink
My level of interest lessened as she kept trying to have conversation with me. I sat and hoped that she would leave me alone when my salvation came in the form of a green eyed, breathtakingly sexy mullato girl who interrupted our conversation by saying
"excuse me, sorry for bothering ya'll but aren't you the guy working with Roland Polanski on a movie in the twin cities?"
"that'll be me" I replied proudly
"can I talk to you about something regarding your project for a second outside, its something I think you and your director would be interested in if you don't mind?" she asked with a revealing smile on her face
"sure why not, im all about business" I said as I got up and asked Shayla to excuse me
"so you going to leave me by myself here nigga?" she asked angrily
"don't worry, im sure some dude in here will spot you and have a chat, I need to go do business" I responded and proceeded to walk out with the mullato girl.
As we walked, I could hear Shayla mumble under her breath "I know…I know this nigga did not just dump me for that red ass bitch..the hell??"

In a calm breeze, surrounded by flashing spectrum of lights reflecting from the city stood me and the mullato girl as I took a breather while basking in her beauty. we stared at each other for a little around a minute just giggling in a blushing manner then I said
"Sooooo…" she asked shyly
"thanx for rescuing me from ms I cant stop talking over there" I said laughging
"hahaha yea I could see that you had had enough of her and im thinking like, well he is a looker so im not going to regret helping he get away from something he aint feeling" she explained
"soooo..you think im a looker huh?" I asked in a flirty tone
"yea, I never give compliments I don't mean , trust me, it aint a thing for me to speak my mind" she added
"thank you..coming from a lady like you, that an honor, by the way the name is Cris and damn I gotta admit,you're hot" I added while getting acquainted further
"Tatyana,..and thank you too for the compliment but I bet you say it to girls all the time" she asked jokingly
"only when they look as breathtakingly beautiful as you are and spark my interest" I said winking at her
"by the way, I already knew your name and knew who you were" she added
"damn am I that famous around here?" I asked in a surprised manner
"lets see, you're doing a movie, got local news coverage for it and this is Minnesota after all, u forget that news travels quick here" she added
"I guess you got a point there " I agreed totally
We both laughed and sipped on our drinks and before I could say anything else, a tall light skinned man, with an eye patch and long dreads on his head wearing a long leather trech coat walked my way with a look of anger and resentment on his face. He looked like he was ready for a brawl and I wondered why he was heading my way because I did not know him from adam and I hadn't started any trouble in the party.

"YO NIGGA,LET ME HOLLA AT YOU" he yelled looking my way
"o….kay? whats the deal? Any problem here homie?" I asked investigatingly
"what the fuck is you talking about man" I asked cluelessly
"1st of all, you don't know what you talking about and 2ndly don't ever put you hands on me again nigga" I responded boldly
"Cris, lets just forget this and walk away from this" Tatyana suggested with concern on her face
"look man, aint nothing happening between me and you son, just act like you never met me and keep it moving son" I added with uttermost boldness
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA DO HUH" he yelled louder.
The whole party crowd went quiet after his loud outburst and watched anticipatingly for my next move as he yelled further
"listen man, if you on some captain save a whore shit, more power to you son but I aint come here for this so imam just walk away and it wont be nothing…aight…." I suggested calmly trying to cool the situation down.
"yea common cris, lets just leave this place before it gets outta hand" Tatyana suggested
As I tried to turn around, he proceeded to push me harder so violently that fell back and landed on the ground. In a split second, before I could get up, I saw a bottle crack on his head leaving him dangling holding his head in pain then a missile blow from Tyrone to his jaw sent him right down to the floor. The rest of my boys took part in the beat down brutalizing him with punches and kicks all over his body as he tried to gasp for air and contain the pain. Carl and Rick then proceeded to go through his pockets and aquired a large sum of cash, estimated to about a thousand dollars. I finally got up, got my composure right and yelled "ENOUGH YALL, LETS GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE"
All my boys stopped but Tyrone who kept punching the guy harder and harder while gnashing his teeth and expressing an unknown wave of anger. His knuckles were bloody as the guy layed there with blood in his mouth. ' YO ITS ENOUGH NIGGA" I yelled again but he wouldn't hear me so I ran over to him and dragged him off and had Rick escort him to the car. I walked up to tatyana and gave her my number and bid her goodbye when some random guy from the party ran towards us to alert us

Once that was brought to my attention, I headed into the truck and we jetted off out of there and vamoosed.
As we Rode rick kept saying 'rear view mirror guys.. rear view mirror"
We looked back and spotted two GM trucks following us from a distance
"you think that's his homeboys and shit?" I asked curiously
"could be, but I aint tryna find out, we need to loose these niggaz" Carlton added
"yo fuck that, lets bring the heat to these faggots yo,we soldiers, we roll hard" Tyrone added fuming
"yo what the fuck is your problem man? What was that shit back there? Didn't I fucking tell you to stop nigga?" I rebuked tyrone
"man…cris..dont even come at me with that shit nigga, you getting soft son, you letting this Hollywood shit fuck with your head kid, you just aint real no more nigga" he said in a provoking manner
"what the fuck are you talking about? Whats my career got to do with this nigga?, heres a fact, you love to escalate shit and I just aint with it no more, I got goals to achieve, im on some grown man shit now nigga" I added rebuking him
"Nigga please , ever since you got put on, you aint down with the movement no more, nigga u aint a soldier no more, you done gotten weak , I should have let that punk ass nigga whoop your ass" he added
"alright alright yall, this is enough" carl intervened
" i know you just aint say that with your bitchmade ass you punck ass nigga" I said getting heated
"yo aint none of yall gonna be fighting man, the fuck is wrong with you cats , we supposed to be fam and shit and yall niggaz tryna knock each other out? Yo chill the fuck out with that shit" Carlton intervened
" yo these niggaz is still behind us and shit, imma run the next red light, hopefully five o aint no where in sight" Rick added looking directly at the rear view mirror
"loose these niggaz and drop me home, I aint tryna deal with fake ass niggas man" I added in a low tone

The trucks followed us till the next red light flashed and like he said, he went past it and from looking behind, the trucks stopped and didn't even bother to follow us further.
" yo they gave up" carl said
"its not over yet man, maybe they saving the fight for another day and shit" I added
"Cris is right yo.. after tonite niggaz need to watch they shit" Carlton added
"no doubt no doubt" Rick agreed.

We turn took a shortcut to my home and in about 15 minutes we got there after a drive with an awkward silence. I hopped out of the truck without saying a word when Carl ran after me and said
"listen Cris, I just want you to know that we all don't feel the way that nigga feels about your acting, infact we proud of you nigga, don't let the bullshit get to you son…aight..we niggaz right?" he added trying to validate his statement.
"yea we cool man" I said and dapped him and headed to the house but the events after were to change the next coming days in my life significantly

Sitting back, chilling on the sofa , I had to get my mind together . All these years I had known T yrone to be an aggressive and angry individual but never towards me. I got up, headed towards the fridge , poured myself a glass of scotch and threw myself on the couch. Minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. {wait a minute, it late as hell and I am not expecting anyone right now}. Paranoia took charge of me. In a mirage of fear and anxiety the 1st thought that came to my mind was the event that had happened ealier with the fight and all. I wondered if by some crazy chance my new found foe and his boys had found my address and tracked me down. I knew one thing for sure, if it was them, they were not there to chit chat and I knew I wasn't going down without a fight so I got up and tip toed to my room, grabbed a metal baseball bat under my bed and tip toed back to the side of the door and yelled
The result silence as I gripped on to the bat harder more than ready for conflict and yelled again
No answer again so I took the liberty of peeping through the peep hole and my sight was halted by the person sticking their finger blocking visual access to the other side of the peep hole.
I yelled again when suddently, a response in the form of a female voice said
"dang Cris , you just ruined the damn surprise , its me Nadia , open the door".
I Peeped through the peep hole again to confirm it was here and after good validation of her identity, I took a long breath of sigh and let her in as she walked in waering a long trenchcoat and said
"wow, what are you out there doing Cris, waiting on people with bats and shit"
"yea well today hasn't been exactly a stress free day for me if you know what I mean" I added putting the bat on the table
"stress huh…im glad I showed up when I did" she said with a kinky look on her face
"oh yea?...and wait a minute, how did you find out where I live?" I asked
"common Cris, it was too easy, especially being that you work with my uncle" she added
"oh yea,..Roland, usually id be against him giving my address out but right now,im very pleased" I added with a tone of happiness on my face
Óh wait till you see the surprise I got for you under this coat" she added licking her lips and let it drop to the floor exposing her beautiful naked bare body
"damn..you…you came prepared" I said in a pleasant surprise
"of course , I came to finish where we left off earlier" she said and walked towards me, kissing me on the neck as let her the escalating heat of passion direct us to the room. Once again we endulged in a heated lovemaking session.

Approximately 2 hours later, in the mist of satin sheets lay an exhausted Nadia and I in each others arms letting a good night of passion sink into our system. My mood, a combination of worry and pleasure at the same time left a negative aura which rubbed off on Nadia as she asked
"I still sense some worry in you Cris, what's wrong?"
"nothing a woman can help, so don't worry about it Nadia" I responded
"I listen good and probably could give you the best advice ever so why don't you trust me " she added
"trust me, there are things women just don't have the balls for and this is one of those things so lets just stop talking about it, thanks for asking me though" I said nonchalantly
"so what are you trying to say here? Just because I am a woman I can't handle shit?" she asked looking like anger was overcoming her
"that's not what im saying ..listen, lets leave this topic alone" I suggested
"No I wanna understand the type of man im dealing with here, so explain your statements to me" she demanded
"Fuck this , im getting a soda" I got up picking up my boxers to wear
"Now u behaving like a BLACK MAN" she implied aggressively
"whats that supposed to fucking mean?" I asked curiously
"what the fuck???" I asked in surprise
"man I aint tryna hear this shit" I said nonchalantly
"yo whats your fucking deal woman, get a fucking grip for real or leave , I don't know who the fuck you have been dealing with but I aint that nigga, you aint gonna fucking add to my problems"
She stopped, looked into my anger ridden face and down into tears saying
"im…im… sorry Cris, I don't know why this always happens , its…its…just certain aspects of my life when growing up made me this way"

"maybe its time to talk about it and get it out of the way" I suggested changing my angry expression into a sympathetic one.
"i..i…don't know, you might not want to deal with me afterwards" she exclaimed wiping tears from her face
"trust me, ive heard and been around a lot of crazy things in my life, so nothing phases me anymore " I said reaching for hands gently
"you sure you wanna hear this?" she asked turning her head away from me
"yes..take a seat by the table and tell me whats bothering you and ill prolly give you some good advice" I said comforting her with a supportive smile on my face
"you wont judge me?" she asked again trying to validate my intentions
"never that" I answered with a bold but sympathetic demeanor.
"ok here goes, you know I was adopted right?"
"well Rolands brother and his wife were redneck racists who intentially wanted a black child to continue their slave legacy"
"what?" I exclaimed with a keen look of curiousity and shock on my face
"from the night I got into their house, Rolands brother would sneak into my room and have his way with me, anytime id resist , he would use a stun gun on me, slap me , cover my mouth proceed to rape me and say that's all we nigger bitches were good for, he then would tell me that if anyone ever found out, id be lynched before I knew it"
"whoa" I said in shock
"I remember Sundays were the worst, he and his buddies would have kkk meetings in the house discussing how to get rid of jews and blacks then he would offer his boys each a round of sex with the nigger whore in the basement but they would refuse claiming they would rather lynch an ape than sleep with it"

"why didn't u call the police or do something?" I asked feeling sympathy for her
"well for one I was young, scared and knew no better and the chief of police was one of his kkk buddies" she answered
"OH SNAP" I exclaimed
"yea on my 16th birthday, he took me for a ride in his car to a predominantly black poor neighborhood, I had never seen so many black people in my life as he pointed at numerous women pushing babies as we drove by and said , do you see the nigger whores , notice how the apes are not around to help them with their kids?, that's exactly how they are, niggers are lazy, have no respect, no ambition and use their fellow nigger whores and bail out on them..but you… you are one of us now and I tell you, the only man that's ever going to scratch that lingering itch of yours is me, you don't want to date those useless nigger ape men then he drove up to a secluded park, pulled his pants down, violently grabbed my head and made me suck him off"
"that's fucked up, that's crazy" I said in awe

"oh but it gets worse, I wanted him to feel the pain he had inflicted on me all these years so I bit his dick and he went ballistic, punched me hard till my mouth oozed with blood and grabbed a pistol from the car glove compartment and forcefully stuck it in my……my coochie while saying , do you know how easy it is for me to pull this trigger while it is in you..you ape slut" she said and broke down into tears

"ok, ok , that's enough, Ive heard enough, ill be here for you, that's too much for one person to endure for real, whatever you need, anytime, anyday, ill make sure you have it..ok?" I said sympathetically while wiping tears of her face
"really cris? Will you really?" she asked sniffing from the crying
"you have my word" I said reassuring her and comforted her till her emotions were back in place again.

Saturday, 3.15 in the afternoon, 4 friends deliberated about a business proposition to the wild but at times naïve tyrone . In his line of work, every potential opportunity was a risk and so he always employed our opinions and kept us close to him anytime he was about to make another drug deal. Every other deal he made was not scrutinized like this one, maybe because most of the time he dealt with small time drug dealers like himself but this time, the proposition came from a big time drug lord know as Mr Smiles. Although we had never met him before or seen his face, word about him got around a bit. He was feared, respected and often when we tried to inquire about the history behind his name, we would not get a clear answer.
"so this cat gave me the address and time and get out there which is in the next hour" Tyrone said
"I got my glock loaded just incase this is some kind of a set up" Carl added
"yea man, something aint right here, why would a big timer like him wanna do business with ty, I mean no offense to you fam" Carlton asked
"its like the music and movie game, you out it work, people see it and you get your opportunity one day" I added
"Cris is right yo, this is my time to shine and imma do it big yo, but still pack that heat my niggaz" he added laughing

An hour later, the edina surburbs, we had finally reached Mr Smiles mansion and drove into the driveway with mixed emotions about the mission at hand.
"this cat must be balling hard son" Tyrone said inspecting the whole environment looking around
"yea only the big dogs live here man, even I couldn't afford a house here" I added appreciating the beautiful scenary.

A stout man wearing shades and a black t shirt with a huge image of a smiley on it walked towards us and without asking searched us all from top to bottom concieling our weapons and said
"you get them back after the meeting..now follow me" in the deepest voice ever.
We followed him after as we opened the mansion door. Our eyes popped open as the level of elegance the house possessed was nearly immaculate. Expensive paintings on the wall, walls made with what seemed like authentic gold, cinema sized plasma tv's on the wall and marbled floors. The furniture was not cheap stuff either.
"take a seat while I alert mr smiles about you all" the man ordered and walked towards a room at the right.
We perched and made ourselves comfortable when what seemed like a man screaming came from that room. We then got quite to listen to what was going on.
"please mr smiles, please, don't kill me yo, gimme a week, I promise u on everything I love, ill get your money to you tomorrow" another voice pleaded in the room
"HAHAHA YOU DON'T WANNA DIE? OH NOW YOU DON'T WANNA DIE HUH? WELL THEN SMILEEE FOR ME AND I MIGHT JUST CHANGE MY MIND BOY" mr smiles said while I heard what was like punches and all kinds of assaults to the body
"AAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..sniff, sniff, please…im begging you, please, it was all a mistake mr smiles" she screamed in anguish and pleaded further
Me and the boys sat in shock and awe as to what was going on but kept our silence
"AAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH " the man screamed in more agony as mr smiles yelled to his henchman
And I could hear was a camera click noise taking pictures.
"Veryyyyyyyyyyy gooood boy.hu hu huh u veryyy good, now you look real preety, preety enough to get my fucking money back huh…HA!!, This time again next week, my money should be here or you will be doing more than a photoshoot, NOW GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE…oh by the way, someone get this fucker some cleaning material, I want him to leave my room spotless before he leaves" Mr smiles commanded.

"ill be right out Boris" mr smiles said as we heard him walking out. A nervous carl whispered
"yo this is some crazy shit, lets wrap this up fast and bounce".
We all nodded our heads positively when the man also known as mr smiles walked out and left us all in a trance, shocked with our mouths open.
"well well well, what do we have here…my guests" mr smiles said wiping blood off his face wearing a stained white t shirt with an image of a bloody battered man on it smiling.
"whats wrong? Cat bit yall toungue" he added
Tyrone and I looked at each other speechless as the man known as mr smiles was the same man we got into an altercation with at the party. He sat down on the single seater couch, put the blood stained knife on the table and pulled out a digital camera from his pants pocket. He then turned it on and went through the pictures of the guy he had just brutalized while saying
"aren't these nice? Art at its finest my friends" and then ordered us to look at the pictures and pass the camera along so everyone could see them. The images were very graphic to say the least and from what I saw, it seemed like he has cut parts of the mans ears and lips.
"people smile everyday ,but most of the time its fake, but you really wanna get someones true happy side out? Catch them while they are basking in the pleasures of pain…painnnn how beautiful an emotion, and we cant even appreciate it right" smiles said with a smile on his bloodied face

"listen man…we are sorry…for" I tried to say when he interrupted and said
"save the small talk for later, lets get to business..OK? huh? Ha ha ?"
"ok lets talk" Tyrone said with a brave look on his face
"you fellas came to do business based on the proposition right?..right am I not? Huh?"
We all nodded positively.
"im a straight forward man, I do what I say, I said today, I have a proposition and a proposition it will be" he added
"we are prepared to do business and put in our best efforts considering the wrong note we started off on" I said diligently
"ohhhh but you will put in all the effort..ALL OF YOU…or we will be having what I like to call the photo shoot, a hobby I enjoy greatly".
He then pulled out a cigar, lit it, took a puff and said
" as you can see, I take great pictures, I know when to capture emotion, I know how to make people smile for me when they frown on my requests"
"o……..k, what do you need from us?" Carl asked in an uneasy manner
"do you know the best feature on my body…do you?" smiles asked
We all sat silent with no answer for him
"its my teeth, my crystal white, strong, aligned beautiful teeth…oh did I say white?...so now why am I wearing a gold tooth in the mist of my precious white ones?, ill tell you why, you guys..you and your ignorant behavior took something dear to me that night..my tooth and my manhood. ..you want to know what I want from you? 10000 dollars every Friday for 10 weeks and maybe you wont have to smile for me" he said puffing more on the cigar.

"how are we supposed to get that kinda money?" Carlton asked in shock
" some of you are actors, some drug dealers, its time to find Steven Spielberg or Tony Montana and hit the big time, …that'll be all for the day" he said and walked upstairs abruptly.
We sat there looking at each other cluelessly and lost as 2 of his henchmen walked in to the living room as one said "lets keep it moving guys, playtime's over

Outside walking towards the car were 3 men who seemed worried and confused about the situation at hand but one who did not seem bothered by what happened at all.
"fuck this nigga if he thinks we gonna pay him all that money" Tyrone said boldly
"are you fucking stupid or something? Did you not see what he did to that cat in there?" I added rebuking him
"what?... so yall niggaz is scared now? Tyrone said challenging us
"you know what? Fuck this nigga" carl said and proceeded to pounce on tyrone
"whoa, whoa, whoa, chill yall, I said while attempting to stop the fight
"fuck this nigga, let Carl whoop his ass, He bitchmade" carlton added nonchalantly
"yo this is exactly what he wants, this right here will give him ammunition to fuck with us and get sadistic so chill the fuck out" I snapped boldly
Carl stopped pouncing on him and got up off him. Tyrone got up, wiped the sand of his clothes and said "fuck yall niggaz, im hitching a ride home, I don't need this shit, if yall wanna pay this sucker money yall aint got, do it yourselves, me, im a real nigga, a true soldier , I'm out". He then proceeded to walk away as we stood back in silence watching him go

Hours later at my house, I made a proposal to Carl, Carlton and Rick that would lighten the burden on the situation. The plan at hand was to go and meet up with mr smiles and renegotiate things and probably offer him something else instead of money, what it was, I hadn't known yet and we we talked.
"are you fucking crazy Cris he aint gonna go for that shit" carl quickly dismissed the idea
"look this is our only shot here,we can all agree that none of us here got that kind of money, atleast let me try and see what happens" I added
"fuck no, I don't like this shit bro, this is Mr Smilez we talking bout here" Rick interjected
"o…..k, so who got a better suggestion then?" I asked
"I say we let him deal with Tyrone, afterall he the one that knocked dudes tooth out and he seems not to give a fuck, maybe tough guy should clean his own mess" Rick suggested
"so let me get this straight, you want us to betray one of our own?" I asked curiosly
"our own? Since when man/ fuck Tyrone I agree, offer him to Mr Smiles and spare us the madness son" Carl added
" and you Carlton, what do you think of this madness they suggested?" I asked
"Tyrone is an asshole, that's fact!!! But I don't wanna see that nigga get murked" Carlton added
"atleast someone in here is thinking straight, there you have it, we are going with my idea" I concluded
"mannnnn….Cris negotiating with people like mr Smilez alone is crazy" rick objected
"don't worry,I got this fam" I said and grabbed the phone to set up an appointment with Mr Smiles

The next day, 2pm in the afternoon, I drove up to mr smiles mansion where I was directed by the henchman to side round the white table a few feet from the pool side. The scenery was breath taking. 5 sexy bomb shells lingered in the pool with water as blue as the clear skies. Mr smiles walked out of his mansion coming towards me saying "well look who is here, my new favourite guest, to wat do I owe this pleasure?"
"well I have come here do discuss business, terms if I may add on what we spoke about yesterday" I replied
"what's there to discuss buddy? I thought I was clear enough?" he added while pourine some brandy into 2 glasses that sat on the table
"well…." I tried to say when he interjected and said
"hold that thought" and got up heading to the poolside. Apparently one of the girls who was in the pool decided to hop out and that was a grave mistake on her part
"WHATS YA NAME" mr smiles asked her aggressively
"cindy" she responded with a jist of fear in her face
"AND WHATS MY FUCKING NAME?" smiles asked her again loudly
"mr smiles" she responded scared in a low tone
"mr smiles" she responded a little louder
"BITCH DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING MOUTH" he asked getting closer to her
"yes I do" she responded trembling out of fear
"im sorry sir, mr smiles sir" she responded tremling like an earthquake with traces of tears in her eyes
"MR SMILES" she yelled in a screaming tone
"very good slut, very very good, NOW WHO'S HOUSE IS THIS?" He asked her in rage
"MR SMILES HOUSE" She yelled again now going with the program
"now theres a good whore, DID I TELL YOU TO HOP OUT OF THE POOL?" he asked again interrogatingly
"NO MR SMILES DID NOT PERMIT ME TO HOP OUT OF THE POOL" She responded and without saying a word, mr smiles kicked her violently in her tummy area forcing her back to the pool landing in from her back.
"NOW YOU STAY IN THERE TILL I TELL ALL YOU SLUTS TO GET OUT" AND Walked towards me with a relaxed look like nothing happened saying
"don't they all just look adorable in the pool?". I maintained my silence as he continued to say
"women these days huh? They need to be tamed my friend, they are like dogs, you let them roam wild, they will bite somebody …ya know?"

"yea I guess" I responded nonchalantly shifting eye contact to the girl crying in the pool.
"Cigar?" he offered
"No" I rejected quikly
"you know these are Cubans right?" he bragged
"not a fan" I responded boldly
"fair enough, I take it you are here to offer an early payment, I could do with one of those you know" he speculated
"not exactly, I want to discuss other options cause 10 grand a week is too much, we just cant do it" I said pleadingly
He smirked and yelled for his henchman 'YAKOV"
Yakov walked over with the quickness
"give me your gun" smiles asked Yakov and without hesitation Yakov did.
"whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute here, I don't think you understood me man" I pleaded realizing the height of the situation at hand
He pointed the gun right at my face and said
"OHH yea I did,I understood you perfectly, you want to exercise your other option, well here you have it, you don't pay me, you die"
"ok man, put it down, you've made your point" I answered with caution
"I made it yesterday and I don't want to have to make it again' he added lowering the gun and setting it on the table

"I got you man, me and my guys will do what we have to to pay you" I assured him
"I know you will, now that'll be All" he concluded. He got up, walked back to his house as he yelled "OUT OF THE POOL WHORES" as the girls rushed out of the pool like an Olympic race.
His henchman Yakov added "time to leave buddy, lets make this fast and snappy alright?"
I obliged and drove home disappointed.

"I dollar, 2dollars, 3dollars and boom all of it baby, shake that fine ass of yours, WOO HOO" yelled Rick at a Latina stripper as he stood from the side of the stripper pole watching her work for her money to the sounds of dmx's music at a well known strip club in town known as the lamp lighter. I stood near him with Carl discussing what had transpired between me and mr smiles earlier and Carl used the situation to validate his opinion on the whole matter.
"I told you he wasn't going to fall for that shit man"
"so what next now?' I said in frustration as I threw single dollars at the stripper
"its simple man, we enjoy this fine ass popping going on in front of us and we give Tyrone to smiles and call it a day, that's about the only option we have right now fam" carl suggested
"we had a talk about this mannnn…we agreed that this whole betraying Tyrone shit is off the table" I emphasized
" why do you call it betraying Tyrone?? Its more like letting him handle what he started man, besides g, I don't think you realize that this situation aint no joke, think of what we stand to loose, you got your acting and music career to think off, im engaged with a kid, I cant be getting into danger man, you and I know we both don't need this son" he added

A few moments after we said the statement and we threw more dollars at the stripper, my cellphone rang and it was Nadia calling from what I got from the caller id. "excuse me fam, I got to take this". I told Carl as I got up and walked outside where there was less noise to pick up the call. "yo wut up?" I said
"so you cant pick up your phone quick when I call huh?" she asked sounding kind of upset
"nah it aint even like that, the music in there was a little too loud so I had to walk out here to talk to you" I explained calmly
"music in where Cris?" she asked with prevailant curiousity in her voice
"oh me and my boys are at the lamplighter strip joint chilling you know?" I responded innocently
"just chillin huh? …just fucking chilling with a bunch of naked hoes right?" she said sounding jelous
"yea I mean, I don't see nothing wrong with that, I'm a free man you know?" I added in defense
"ohhhhhh a free man huh?...so you can just go out with your loser friends, get your dick sucked by some random hoe and come back and fuck me..right?" she added sounding angrier
"yo.. who said anything about me getting my dick sucked? What the fuck is this now?" I asked getting offended and irate
"I will tell you what it is Cris, you want to know right?, if you don't leave that skank den in about a fucking hour? Ill show you that no one just fucks me and thinks they can run around being dogs, 1 FUCKING HOUR CRIS" and instantly she dropped the phone. At that point, I took her words as her bluff, I saw it as her just wanting attention and getting mad that I wasn't there to give it to her. Just a meer scare tactic and I wasn't going to let it have a collision course with my mission which was to have as much fun as I could that night and forget all my problems. So I went back into club, got lap dances, took numbers from other girls and got drunk out of my mind. The way I saw it, I was a single man mingling and what had happened between me and her was casual or so I thought.

12,30 at night, me and my boys drove up to my house garage.
"hold up, let me check my other garage to see if my lexus is still intact aight" I said opening the 2nd garage to check on my convertible, my pride and joy as Rick said
"man you need to let me see that sc 430 for a day son so I can get all these hoes b"
"in your fucking dreams man, not even my mama is allowed to touch my whips kid" I added laughing
"common dawg, you go'ne do ya boy like that" he said
"fuck yea, my toys cost me a lot kid, aint no kidding with em" I added.

Now the plan was for them to spend the night at my house since we were all drunk to our toes. It was a wonder that we did not hit anything on our way back or even better yet, get stopped by cops. Oh yes, not to make it a race issue but 3 black men riding around in a new model clr Mercedes benz we enough reason to harass us. To some of them, driving a car like that could either mean I was a drug dealer or I stole the car. Yea, welcome to Minnesota. After I had checked on the lexus, we walked towards the main house when I saw what looked at like 2 figures standing by my door. One looked like the posture of a female while the other looked like a pet, a dog to be exact. We walked up slowly as Rick asked
"yo who that at ya door at this time of the night son?"
"shit we are about to find out" I answered as we walked a little closer to get a clearer view of my unlikely visitors and to my surprise it was nadia dressed in black holding a leash with what looked like a pitbull.
"so you think you're man enough to defy me Cris huh?" she asked with a creepy voice tone, her eyes only visible in the dark as they emitted an unsettling aura or anger and annimousity which brought an horrific tone to the situation.
"what are you doing her Nadia?" I asked struggling to stand straight without letting the alcohol overcome me
"what are they doing her Cris? Aren't they supposed to be going home? I know those losers got homes " she asked provokingly
"LOSER? Who the fuck is you calling a loser yo?" Carl asked getting offended at her
"yo fam, check this shorty for real" Rick added with an upscalling anger in his voice
" yo chill, I go this…look you cant come here disrespecting my nigga's like that ,the fuck wrong with you?" I added boldly
"ohhhhhh, you think I'm joking don't you? And you're right, they are niggers, black men, typical savage acting niggers"

"What the fuck?" we said collectively looking at each other in surprise .
"girl, you got to go for real, get to stepping, right NOW!!" I demanded gesturing my hands pointing at the gate.
"ohhhh, so you gonna front on me for these bozo's cris?" she asked with a mean mug on her face that could scare even ghosts
"yea son, that's how we do it, bro's over hoes, bro's over hoes kid" Carl added patting me on the back
"ooooohhhh, I'm a hoe now huh? I'll show ya'll a hoe, …ROVER CATCH!!!
And instantly the pitbull rushed at us.
"oh shit, run son, RUNNN" Rick yelled as our impulses reacted quick leaving us dashing like Olympic athletes running to save their lives. Our destination instantly was the fence as 3 grown men were seen trying to outrun an angry flesh eating canine that would do anything to please its female master who was just as angry. We got to the fence, quickly hopped over it at an amazing speed which shocked even us and we hit the street dashing off. Being that the dog could not jump the fence, it got confused giving us a good advantage to gain distance from it as we ran about a block away collectively.
"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT CRIS?" carl asked panting gasping for breath
"shit right now,I don't wanna talk about it, lets just be glad we lost that beast son".

We stopped for a second and sat on a lawn and took a breather, relaxing thinking that we had lost her and the dog and the whole ordeal was over. We were dead wrong. It was like a few moments later when we had fully rested when we saw her at a distance with the beast as she spotted us and yelled "ROVER,OVER THERE,CATCH!!!" This time, it wasn't rocked science but a good impulse which led us to split different directions. Rick unfortunately got targeted by the dog which chased him west from the direction I ran. I ran for about another block when I ran up on my darrel house who seemed to have been having a late night part. Instantly the opportunity to hide out and buy some time arose and so I headed right for his door, and without hesitation he let me in and welcomed me like royalty. He introduced me to them people in the party I did not know and let me mingle with those I knew to past time while he told me to feel free to indulge in the liqour and weed that was there. Out of embarrassment I did not tell Darrel the real situation why I just showed up at his party but being the intuitive guy he was, he could sense that something was wrong and he kept inquiring about his suspicions but the best excuse I could give him was that I heard music from his house and decided to just pop in. offcourse he was not buying it and watched me without my knowledge and caught me peeking out the window every other minute to see what was going on outside.
"ok Cris, spill the beans, what's really going on man?" Darrel insisted
"aight, look man, I just got chased by an angry pitbull this bitch just set loose on me" I explained
"WHAT?" he exclaimed in awe
"yea man, she got mad that I was at the….ohhh shit, that's her outside with that freaking dog" I said in surprise
"whoa, that's a freaking pitbull for real, yo go to the basement, I got this"
I ran straight to the basement door as Darrel told everyone
"if the girl that's about to knock on this door s about cris, ya'll don't know or aint seen him,RIGHT!!!
Everyone responded "RIGHT"

5 minutes later, she knocked on the door as I listened carefully to what was going on out there. The party crowd went quiet as the music stopped which made the whole situation very audible for me
"yea can I help you?" Darrel asked
"yea I'm looking for a black man named cris who lives down the street in house 2929" she said emphasizing on the word "black man"
'I know of the guy but I haven't seen him, we don't even know each other like that" darrel answered
"you wouldn't be lying to me, would you?" she asked him in a slick manner
"Darrel don't gotta lie to you!!" someone from the party yelled
"mind ya business BLACK MAN!!" she responded rudely
"I don't gotta lie but seriously why you looking for him at this time of the night and whats with the pitbull? Darell inquired

"lets just say he was being a dog earlier so im letting his kind deal with him" she responded
"that's against the law to set a dangerous dog like that off on an innocent man, you know that right?" another random guy from the party yelled
"innocent man?, INNOCENT

lets just say he was being a dog earlier so im letting his kind deal with him" she responded
"that's against the law to set a dangerous dog like that off on an innocent man, you know that right?" another random guy from the party yelled
"innocent man?, INNOCENT MAN? Did you just say that BLACK MAN?" she said with a tone layered with anger
"now look lady, we just chilling here, he aint here so if you want some good advice, here goes, why don't you just go home, take a nice little shower and get some sleep?" Darell suggested
"hmmm, I don't trust you BLACK MAN, maybe I should let rover over here ravage through your house until im satisfied with your answer" she suggested with suspicion in her voice
"and ill sue the fuck out of you, now I'm asking you nicely, please leave?" darell insisted
I heard silence between both of them then I heard the door shut close. Everyone in the party rushed to the window as darell said in awe 'OHH SHIT, she is standing on the street just staring at my house with the dog besides her, this bitch is creepy as hell". I slowly walked out of the basement and took a peak and lo and behold, there she was standing, staring at the house with the creepiest look on her face ever.
"alright cris, I see what you dealing with her, imma help you man, Ron, watch her and tell us if she moves, Cris, take the back door, jump my fence and head straight home son, straight home". Darell added

And so we headed for his back door, my only exit out of this mess as one of the guys in the party came out saying "yo, she still out there man, she plotting kid, what you do to this chick son?". I ignored the question and quickly hopped over the fence and took a backyard route to my house. As I walked in the silent darkness, I had my senses alert, looking left, right, forward and back making sure that the coast was clear. Approximately 8 minutes later, I was back in my house. I quickly rushed to the house bar, fixed me up a glass of brandy on the rocks and perched on the couch with my lights off liquidating my problems away in total silence and darkness. "what the fuck is up with that bitch?, that's some lunatic shit" I said to myself as I gulped the brandy. It was about 5 minutes later when I heard footsteps at the door, they got quiet for a minute then walked to the windows, each and every one of them as I heard a dog growl confirming my suspicions that it was Nadia and her canine counterpart. She did a survey of the house for about 5 minutes with the dog then silence. I took a long breath of sigh thinking everything was over when bright lights flashed into my house rapidly. Apparently she had parked her car parallel to my house windows and used the car lights to give her a better view of my house interior. I sat on the couch quiet and made no sound. "he aint home yet Rover , so me and you are gonna have to camp in the car tonite till he shows up…ok boy" she said to the dog as I heard them walk to the car.
"what the fuck? I said whispering to myself

I sat there thinking to myself, i'm a man , i gotta be a man about my shit, i cannnot let this woman take control of me like this and have me hostage in my own house. I have to man up and face the situation head on. So i thought of the perfect plan. Now lets see, my main problem was the pitbull, as far as she went, she wasn't much of a problem, especially if i manhandled her right and put her in a place but this dog, how was i to contain such a savage beast? then it hit me, my gun? if it came at me i could shoot it and claim self defense, the beauty about the situation too was that i had a gun license so without hesitation i rushed to the room, looked under my bed, pulled out a black box that haboured my pistol and took it out. After having the security of having the gun in my hands, i walked out valiantly ,stood infront of the car as the bright head lights blinded me a little and yelled
The outcome?, a total silence for about 2 minutes as i saw a vague image of her staring intently at me through the car bright lights then in a matter of seconds, the car engine started as she reved it {vroom vroom vroom] suggesting that she might drive the car towards me. i stood alert with my hands gripped on the gun ready for any abnormal instance when all of a sudden, the car came zooming my way. Out of impulse , i ran back in the house and shut the door rapidly when she stopped a few inches from the door and laughed while saying
and reversed. After that she drove off and without hesitation, i called my home boys who confirmed that they were safe and alright and came to get me that night. I spent the night at Ricks house just to ensure my safety.

"Ladies and gentlemen, i would like to welcome you to the party, its such an honor to announce that our project has been completed, it was a hectic few months working on different locations but with a cast like mine, you can never go wrong, i worked with very dedicated and hard working talent young men and women and for that im very thankful, now please do me the big favor of supporting the movie which will be shown in selected theaters in the midwest, you can get more info in the pamphlets on the table at the corner on the right, now without boring you further , ill let the star of the movie speak, ladies and gentlemen, CRISPIN SOKUU"
Roland said at a party that was thrown to mark the final day of the movie we shot. close friends, family, and associates clapped their hands as i headed up to the front half drunk carrying a bottle of hennesy to make my speech.

"listen folks, as you can see, im not good speech material right now but i would like to say this, thank you all for being here, this is just the start, a pathway to something greater, best believe HOLLYWOOD IS GOING TO SEE US!!" i said and gulped a huge amount of hennesy. Everyone clapped wishing me the best as different reactions reflected in word like "yeaaaaa, woooo hoooo, global logic movies,get em baby". It was truly rewarding seeing everyone show love for the hard work me and Roland had put into the project. Feeling a little tipsy, i perched on the black leather couch and relaxed as more traffic of people came my way shaking my hand, congratulating me and taking pictures with me. After about half an hour of letting the liquor settle in my system, i saw her , so beautiful, so mind blowing, she stood out in the whole crowd, what really caught my eye the most about her was the fact that she looked like my 1st love.

"it cant be" i said to myself as i observed her further trying to validate if i was in my correct mind state or not. This girl was a mixed green eyed babe that stood about 5'9 inches tall and had the sexiest lips i had ever seen. there was now way she could have been my 1st love because of the pure fact that my 1st loved died of cancer just months after we completed high school. Till this day, i still have feelings for her and cant get over the fact that she is gone. Me and her had our plans laid out. Basically we were going to finish school, persue our dreams, have kids, a house and marry one day but i guess God had different plans for us. It amazed me how much this girl looked like her and within seconds our eyes locked. a strong electrical feeling consumed my body as she smiled gradually while we flirted visually. I knew right there that i had to make a move but before i could get up, Roland and 2 Jewish men showed up
"Cris, meet the Weinstein brothers and guess why they are here my friend"
i quickly shook their hands while looking at the girl's direction and noticed that she was leaving so witout hesitation, i said "Roland, pressing business buddy, handle this aight, ill be back real quick, Nice metting you guys" and ran after her.
"its very rude to leave a party without greeting the main attraction" i said as i caught up with her.
She turned around giving me a more vivid view of her astonishing beauty.
" i thought the other guy Roland was the host" she asked
" yea well he is, but i am the star you know?" i added with a proud look on my face
"you are??' she asked with a very clueless look on her face
"look at the poster on the wall, whose face do you see on there?" i asked
"oh Wow, it is really you, congrats on the movie" she said in excitement
"wait a minute, you really did not know who i was?" i said with a punctured ego
"Not really, im only here because my brother is a script writer hoping to meet your director and show him some of his work" she explained with honesty
"ooooh i see, i might be able to help with that being that i know him personally haha, thats..if you endulge me for the night" i said making my intentions known

"hmm i dont know , you hollywood types can be very slippery at times" she said with skpeticism
"nah not me, im not hollywood material yet but check it, why dont we get a drink and talk a little, nothing serious" i suggested.

She was up for the idea but suggested i go in and get the drinks and bring them outside because she was not comfortable with the kind of people that were at the party and furthermore she needed some well deserved fresh air outside which i totally understood. talking to her was like taking a trip through a time machine back to my past, almost like deja vu, she had the same mannerisms, views and understanding of life my 1st love Cassandra had. I could feel all my emmotions resurface again quick. It was like i had fallen in love with her and i hadn't known her for more than a day. As we spoke, i heard a voice speak to me from behind. It was a voice i knew very well and knew it was No one else but Nadia as she said
"hi Cris, i know you hearing me, can we talk please?"
"i tried to ignore her but abigail the mixed chick urged me to go and talk to her so i excused myself, dragged Nadia to the side and said
" what the fuck are you doing here and what do you want from me?"
"1st of all, you forget that this is my uncles movie to and i came to say im sorry about the other night, i was just fucking around with you, i wasn't really gonna let the dog bite you" she said

"fucking around?, you call that fucking around?, girl you must be crazy as hell, please me leave the fuck alone and get to stepping for real" i said with a disgusted look on my face
please Cris, please dont take it like that, please forgive me, we can fix this" she pleaded
"fix what??? there was nothing to fix in the 1st place, we had a lil short lived fling, you lost it, i called it a day, lets leave it at that" i said crushing every hope she had of patching things up with me

She stood quiet for a minute, looked at me, looked at abigail with a mean mug on her face and looked back at me and said
"ohhh so it's like that huh? you want to front on me BLACK MAN?" for what? for that RED BITCH, i got this, and i got you BLACK MAN" and poured a glass of wine on my face as she walked away irate.
Abigail walked towards with handing over a paper towel and said
"woman problems i see huh?"
"nah it aint what you think it is, i been done with her, she just cant handle it" i said in defense
"you dont have to explain yourself to me, i knew she was bad news from the minute she walked out here, theres something very wrong with that girl, i just feel it" she added

As she spoke, a text appeared on my phone which read {Mr Smiles here, meet me alone at the sprint store next to Jc pennys at Rosedale mall on the 3rd floor, i have decided to re consider our business situation, make it quick, i hate waiting}
"fuck i gotta bounce" i said with a weary and dissapointed look on my face
"why so quick, i was really starting to enjoy your company" Abigail added
"i know, i know but this is an emergency, tell you what, why dont you give me your number so i can call you and set up a date" i suggested
"hmm, i dont give out my number 1st time when i meet someone but you seem like a decent guy so here goes xxxxx" she added giving me her digits.
"wanna go out tomorrow or something? i asked pushing my luck
"8pm, call me, dont call a second later or you in my black books for life...ok" she said jokingly
" i got you" i answered quick and jetted off.

9.15, 3rd floor at the Rosedale mall. I walked towards the sprint store with a lot of questions lingering in my head. i wondered why he had changed his mind all of a sudden, also the chance of this meeting being a set up haunted me greatly as i walked to meet him skeptically. Upon reaching the store, One of his henchmen searched me thoroughly and let me into the store as Mr Smiles stood looking at phones.
"Ahhh Mr Sokuu, you made it in good time, thats a good look on ya part, i like that" he said while eyeing a mogul phone which cost about $400
"so lets talk business" i said without hesitation
"you know, back in the day, these gadgets were so simple and straight forward, i mean who wants to watch shows or browse the internet on a phone? thats what tv sets and computers are for...right?" he said trying to start conversation with me

"i maintained my silence as he walked further into the store paying attention to the phones.
"you called me down here to do business, well?" i asked impatiently
"you know, it would do you alot of good to do things on my terms Mr Sokuu" he said with a more serious tone
"i understand but i also do realise that you are dead serious about your money" i said
" that i am my friend, that i am, tell you what, lets walk to your car, this is very confidential stuff" he suggested

I Obliged as we took the elevator down to the 1st floor and walked to the parking lot as we were accompanied by 8 of his henchmen. We hopped into the car as his men surrounded it from the outside
"Mercedes clr huh? very good taste my friend, Mr smilez approves" he said admiring my car.
"thanx man, now can we get to business please" i asked
"look, you and your cronies owe me a hundred grand but i have a job for you that will cancel the debt at one go" he said hinting at his offer
"oh yea?, whats that? anything but that ridiculous 10 grand a week deal" i said trying to sound like a smart ass
"Mr Smiles makes no ridiculous offers, what are you trying to say about me?" he asked interrogatingly
"nothing man, just a bad joke Mr Smiles, just a bad joke" i said saving face

"good, now that we cleared that, i did a little research on you and your boys, found out you were good at taking things from people back in the day, well i want you to take something from a certain douchebag, something very valuable and bring it to me" he explained

"like steal?" i asked
" why do you have to put it like that? have you no class?.. anyways this job is in 3 weeks, a dealer named Sosa is making an exhange with some Cuban Fuck face named Mariosse at an apartment in Arlington, I hate those guys and i want you to disrupt that exchange, get the money and the drugs and bring them to me, no traces either, pull this off and your debt is forgiven, fuck it up, thats another 10 grand tab you gotta collect" he added further

"i dont know about this man" i said reluctantly

"ok then, friday is coming up, maybe you have my 10 grand?" he mocked
I maintained my silence with a sigh.
"thats what i thought, this is the best offer you guys got, now for more info, i need you to read this file ..YAKOVVV" he said as he yelled for his henchman who brought a file with information without hesitation.
" i have to check with my guys about this 1st" i added trying to avoid the situation

"you dont get it , do you? you are here representing all those knuckleheads , its either you accept or you dont, a no means you got my money, if you dont have my money, you know you gonna smile for me, so what is it gonna be?" he said blackmailing me
"A yes, i guess" i said reluctantly

Back at my house I briefed my friends about the situation at hand. It was surprising at all to see that they were very accepting of the offer on the table. The reasons for this were simple. For one, we were all acquainted with the street rugged way of living, robbing people, getting into gang fights and basically being the fittest in the jungle of survival. Another reason was the fact that this offer was a straight forward one, get the job done and get mr smiles of our backs for good.
"so I take it that we are all up for this?" I asked making sure that we are all on the same page
"yea" rick said
"fa sho" carl added
"I was born ready nigga" carlton followed"
"alright. Now that we got that out of the way, we need to discuss what we need to make this a success" I suggested
"rope, duck tape, guns" rick answered quick
"we need big guns,..not no small ass pistols, we need to go gun ho on motherfuckers if we gonna do this yo" Carl added
"a gun is a gun homie, its what you do with that motherfucker that matters" Carlton added
" I agree with Carlton, but if things go as planned, there wont be a need to use them, I want us to go in and out quick with no casualties" I added also agreeing with Carlton

'I have another suggestion" Rick interjected
"whats that?" I asked
" we need more guys for this one, atleast 2 more,we don't know how many troops we facing that day, feel me?" Rick suggested
" I'm in agreement with that actually, infact I did want to suggest someone" I added
"who?" they all asked in sequence
"he got us in this mess, now its time Tyrone did his part in getting us out, besides, he is still on that street shit like that so he might keep us up to balance if we are rusty..feel me?" I suggested

"fuck no, he is gonna fuck this shit up" Rick said
"yo, for real, that's a bad idea Cris , not that retard homie, anyone but him" Carl added
"I don't know man, you got a point Cris but they are also right, he is potentially harmful to this operation" Carlton added dropping his 2 cents.
" I understand why yall are skeptical but common guys, he been rolling with us for years, how bad could it be?…look if it makes yall feel any better, ill keep him in control" I added

Everyone maintained their silence as I concluded by saying "o…k, now that we got that dealt with, ill call Mr smiles and let him know that we are ready for this". Minutes after, I dialed Mr Smiles letting him know that we had an answer for him. Due to the fragile nature of the business we were conducting with him, he suggested that we meet at the central soccer field the next day to talk in person. I obliged.

7.59 pm. I grabbed my phone to dial her. The girl that haunted my mind all day. Functioning right had become a task because I kept thinking about her. Abigial, the replica of someone that I had loved with everything in me. The echo of the phone ringing through the handset raised my nervousness to crazy heights. Sitting on the couch with a glass of Canadian whisky in my hands, I awaited her response patiently as my right leg jittered in anticipation. Then the moment of truth, she picked up, her sexy smallish voice through the modern instrument of communication raised my agenda further. A simple straight forward one really and that was to have her and make her mine.
"so what are you doing right now?" she asked after the usual phone greetings
"nothing really, just keeping my promise to call you" I responded hoping for kudos on that
"yea I see, you called a minute early, that's so sweet, a man that knows how to please a woman, that turns me on" she said making her pleasantness with that being known to me
"oh yea? So does that mean I have a good chance to moving a notch further than I am right now?" I asked testing my luck
"ill find out when you show up in 15 minutes to take me to the movies and dinner "she responded giving me the green light to make my move
"an adress to come get you would put me in business" I replied happy but maintaining my gentle posture
"ok…. I live at xxxx and ill be waiting, don't be late" she concluded.

Moments later, I drove up to her house as she stood by the porch in a black dress looking dashingly beautiful. Her beauty was so intimidating that I wondered if I was worthy to be in the presence of a woman like her. We 1st headed to the AMC theaters and watched a movie as the chemistry between us was so obvious, it was scary. It was almost as if we had dated for years and what made the whole mood even better was when she placed her head on my chest feeling comfortable in my presence. I ran my fingers through her curly hair and caressed her face letting my emotions flow with the moment. At points she would say "being here with you feels so right". A notion I totally agreed with and feeling that was mutual. After the movie we headed to a Vietnamese resturant called "NGON" on university avenue. Apparently she had a thing for Vietnamese culture and their food and wanted me to have a taste of what it was all about. At this point,I was so into her that anything went, if she had told me to do something crazy,I probably would. I just couldn't explain what was happening to me. In her, I saw Cassandra and wondered through out the date if I was dreaming or I just needed to stop drinking. Our conversation ranged from politics, to religion to love and relationships. Her whole mind state was for me. Her world view was superior and the way her beautiful green eyes looked straight into mine sealed the deal for me. Still I kept thinking [holy shit,she looks exactly like Cassandra, is this Gods gift to me or a very cruel dangerous joke]. After a good date, I drove her home and walked her to the door. We hugged and stared at each other for a moment when I said
"damn….id so love to…." and before I could finish my statement, she reached in for the kiss which lasted a good moment and said
"I feel it to….don't be afraid to love Cris, if you really want me, get me" and walked into her house. I hopped back into the car feeling like a million dollars, cranked the music up and drove off with the kind of excitement I hadn't felt in years.
"IM THE FUCKING MAN" I yelled to myself as I drove through the highway

2.05 pm the next day, I found myself sitting at the soccer field next to sadist I had come to be familiar with known as Mr Smiles. We watched an amateur soccer match between 2 teams, the smileys and the tigers. Judging from the name {smileys}, I knew mr smiles either owned the team or had something significant to do with it.
"can you fucking believe this? That number 10 kid has been playing like shit the whole time" mr smiles complained
"yea I noticed but is just a game, they're just young teenagers" I responded
"just a game?….just a game?? Soccer is a sport for real men, when you enter that field, you become a warlord, a man….no my friend, this is not just a game, its madness, it's a portal for you to feel free to flush your sanity down the toilet" he added speaking with a passion in his eyes I had never seen before

"I don't get it man, all I see is a sport with the aim of scoring goals" I added
"see, that's where you missed the poin….fuck..FUCK, FUCK, did you see that Yakov, he just lost the ball to the opponent, who's that number 10 kid?" mr smiles asked in anger
"don't know boss but half time is in 10 minutes" Yakov responded
"good, very good, im going to have to give the kid some motivation"

I sat there wondering what kind of motivation he was talking about, but knowing him well, it wasn't going to be a good thing. Moments later , I followed mr smiles and his favourite henchman Yakov to the locker room. Upon reaching the locker room, the whole soccer team went quiet minute they heard Mr Smiles walk in. he walked straight to the number 10 player and pulled him to the side with the nicest look on his face ever. He said in the lowest most inviting tone
"please take a seat son".
The boy obliged as smiles proceeded to sit by him wrapping his arm around his shoulder and asked him
"so whats your name son?"
"RANDY" the boy responded shyly
'So tell me Randy, how long have you been playing for my team" smiles asked with a smile on his face
"a year Mr Smiles sir" the boy responded politely
"a year? Wow that's quite a while playing for my team there boy, …HEY CRIS,YAKOV ,HE SHOWS RESPECT TOO HAHA" mr smiles said mockingly
"so why are you playing like shit today boy? I mean, you do realise I have put a lot of money into this game….don't you?.

The whole team remained silent watching in anticipation how the situation would turn into.
"im sorry sir, its just problems at home and life in general, im having a hard time concentrating" the boy gave his excuse politely
"problems at home and life in general huh? ALL YOU SOCCER GENIUSES, RAISE YOUR HANDS IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS AT HOME" Smiles asked the rest of the soccer team. They all raised their hands including the coach. He then ordered Yakov to bring gun. Minute the boy saw the gun, he started trembling out of fear as smilez ordered Yakov to hold the boy down which he did then proceeded to point the gun between the boys legs saying
The boy pleaded "no…no…no, please…im begging you,…I promise I will play better" then proceeded to pee all over himself out of fear.
"we could just substitute him sir" the coach suggested
"NO, I want this little shit to go in there and win the game, today, you are gonna play a mans sport like a man, IS THAT CLEAR?….THIS GOES FOR ALL OF YOU" he yelled as the team nodded out of fear in agreement
"someone get this chicken shit some new shorts" smiles added as I walked out disgusted at his actions

A day later, me and the boys deliberated over the plan. After trips to the neigborhood home depot's and walmart's , we acquired everything we needed to deal with the task at hand. We had 2 weeks and 4 days left before the real showdown but since we wanted to be on top of things, we sat down and made sure no details were left out. Tyrone after agreeing whole heartedly to the situation joined us this time in the discussion. We also enrolled the services of an extra man, a goon, a long time friend and loyalist to our crew. He went by the codename "the enforcer". Now if you're wondering the history behind the name, it simple. He was what we and the whole city called him, an enforcer. His real name was Taye, his specialty , long range sniping and breaking peoples arms in hand to hand combat. He never entered a battle without making sure he finished what he started. He was a tall grungy guy with braids and a very mean face. Even when he smiled, he looked angry and I knew for certain that with him around, our mission was going to be smooth

"ok so here's the deal guys, me and Carlton are gonna storm in and make sure they hit the ground, Rick and Carl, you search the house, confisticate their weapons , Tyrone and enforcer, you tie em up and make sure they don't try any funny shit" I said laying down the plan
"sounds like my kinda gig,im hyped" the enforcer added with his deep low pitched voice
"yea man, now we talking, taking it back to smacking niggas upside they head like the good old days" tyrone added pumped up

"im doing this only this one time, after this, I want no part of that lifestyle anymore" I said making my intentions known
"me too, got a kid now, we doing this to get smiles of our backs and it's a wrap" Carlton added
"you got the masks?" I asked Carlton
"yea in my car kid" he replied

3days later, at a theater in Minneapolis called the heights, a crowd gathered awaiting the stars of the most talked about indie movie in town. Amongst them, news anchors and other important figures in town waited to get into the theater to watch the pre screening of my movie. A red carpet led to the interior of the cinema and like tradition would have it, was to be walked on by the stars and the main contributors of the flim, the followed by close friends, family and associates. I drove up to a crowd of reporters and adoring fans trying to get a reaction from me whatever way they could. The minute I walked out of the car, my director yelled from a distance "CRIS!! OVER HERE!!", I quickly walked towards him as he pulled me towards a camera
"over here, fox 9 news "

"how does it feel bring part of such a great movie" a fox 9 interviewer asked
"great, great, its such an honor to be part of this you know and im very blessed to have worked with such a great director like Roland" I replied

"so do you feel like you are starting a new independent movement in the twin cities?"

"definitely man, I mean there's a lot of talent here, not just enough drive so if cats like me can start the march, people will follow, why not?" I answered

"any new projects after this?"

Yea, actually im going to take a few months off, then try to work on my own movie project I wrote, and wrap up my album so stay tuned"

Any last words?"

"yea go see this movie, one of the best indie movies out, I assure you" I concluded

After the short interview, me and Roland proceeded to walk on the read carpet heading into the cinema as he said
"explain the dress code my friend"
"what about it?" I asked
"um, timberland boots and a t shirt? Where are we , BET awards?" he said sarcastically
"don't wanna fake it man, im comfortable like this" I answered
"understood buddy but for future reference, you might wanna pull out the tux" he suggested
"alright Mr FOSSIL, next time, ill dress up like you conservative fuckers, freaking republican wannabe" I said joking
"you dream buddy, you dream, ill be a republican when the world burns to shit"

At the entrance, I looked at my watch gradually getting disappointed. See Abigail was supposed to be my date that day and there was no sign of her anyway. After letting roland head in first and waiting for her for a few minutes, I had given up. I would have waited longer but the flashing lights from the camera's were blinding me, and fans who were practically trying to bypass security to get to me was not helping the situation any bit. So after being disappointed, I opened the door and lo and behold, there she was, my guiding light, my ray of hope, bringer of joy to my world standing there in this short red dress looking like ms universe herself. Out of excitement, I grabbed her and kissed her saying "girl, I was about to go nuts thinking you were not gonna make it"
"aww baby, there was no way, I was going to miss this for the world, im right here and all yours" she replied calming me down
"common, lets go take our seats, you about see your boy at work" I said as she kissed me again and gave me the stir that always captivated me and make my emotions loose control and said "ok baby, just know I have a surprise for you after all this!!!"

The pre screening went great and well. The reactions to my movie amazed me and about an hour and 50 minutes of watching the bizarre suspense flick, we headed off to Roland's mansion for the after party. As I drove, Abigail maintained her silence just staring at me. I Wondered what was going through her mind. Was she thinking I was thinking? Was she saying to herself "that's him, the man I was waiting for all my life" I wondered. Moments later at rolands house, Abigail and I mingled with guests at the party. It was very imperative that I make as many contracts as possible because some of the people there were rich tycoons who could potentially be investors in our future film projects.
"CRIS ,OVER HERE,AN OLD FRIEND OF MINE IS HERE I WANT YOU TO MEET,I know you gonna freak out when you see who it is" Roland yelled

"I quickly walked towards with him Abigail by my side when my eyes nearly popped out of their socket. I had become like a fan boy about to go crazy when I said
"OHHHH SHIT!!, HOLY FUCK!!, ITS…IT'S …STAN LEE!!!". I quickly extended my hand out to shake his as roland said
"I know he is one of your heroes, you always raving about him so I arranged for him to come out here"
"great movie, great party, I must say the cocktails are doing what they supposed to, nice meeting you Cris" stan lee added
"no..no…it's a pleasure Mr Lee" I said looking star struck as ever
"please, call me Stan, I work for a living you know" he suggested
"I cant let you go without asking some questions ive always wanted to ask" I added
"and I know what you are going to ask, Jude Law asked the same question last week, most marvel fans ask this so go ahead my friend" he replied smiling

"hulk vs. the thing, who would take it?" I asked
"HA!!! I knew it, same old question, they are both strong characters but hulk's strength is driven by rage so he has a major advantage" stan answered
"haaaa, I see, so is it true that Bucky is the new captain america and why did yall kill of cap?" I asked again
"yes indeed bucky is the new cap, a great one at that and cap had had his run, it was time for a new and fresh storyline" he replied again

"oh, so which Nick fury is the real one?"
"both Nick fury's are the real ones, they are just from alternate universes, so if you are a fan of the ultimate universe, black nick's your man and yes, before you ask, Samuel l Jackson is the original Black Nick" Stan confirmed
"that's fucking awesome, thanx for that Stan, well I'll let you go and enjoy the party, means a lot to me that you are here, you are my heroe!!" I said excitedly
"glad to see another marvel supporter coming up in life, glad to be here, in fact heres my number xxxxx, I heard you are a bishop fanatic, maybe we can make you the original bishop like Samuel or cast you anytime a bishop movie comes up, so stay intouch!!" he added

AAron the stalker

this is one of my new fictional stories im working on so enjoy111

It was a beautiful summer day in the hilltop surburb where i lived.It was one of those days with a calm breeze with a very soothing atmosphere mixed to it.Definately the lay back and chill type of days when i decided to go outside and sit by the pool area and bask a little in the sun and enjoy the summer breeze.On the right side of my house lived my neighbour Charlie and his family,he was a resident Dj of a rock station,a very stocky but friendly blonde caucasian man with a bushy beard and blue eyes who had a tiger for a wife and very crazy active kids.his wife was quite attractive,she was your typical blonde chick who wore expensive designer wear from gucci to prada and from the minute you meet her,you could tell that she was one of those high class snobby women who want ment to take care of them,after all,she changed mercedes benzes everytime a new one came out.I sometimes pitied him because it was prevailant that his cup was full but he had to deal with it.His wife Jennifer did not like me at all.She always thought that my crib was a den for harlots and losers who loved to party senselessly and warned Charlie not to dare come into my side of the neighbourhood or get acquainted with me.Offcourse when she did go off to buy groceries,he would sneak in and we would blaze a blunt or 2 and smoke our stress away.A few times,he was lucky to walk in on some seriously horny blondes who were not hesitant at all to bobble him up and make that pussy snap at him.Ah yes,the usual "charlie,get in here and check those kids" is what i heard anytime he tried to come out the door,see his wife had some kind of mental radar,she knew that he liked conversating with me and anytime he walked out to the backyard,she figured i was by the pool and she would put a stop to that quick.Offcourse,i layed on my d.i.y bed and laughed the situation off.To The left of me lived the mcgrady's,Now they were the weirdest people ive ever lived next to in my life,they hardly ever came out and when they did,they never really talked to anyone.A few times,i tried to greet mr Mcgrady but i would get no answer.It was also weird that at nightime,they lights were hardly ever on but i knew for certain that they were in there,on this beautiful day,Mr McGrady was outside mowing his grass and not paying attention to him,i tried to wave at him,just to piss him off but he turned his back to me and kept mowing.That to me was funny.After laying by the poolside for about an hour,my body started itching for some action,i guess i was not the type of cat to sit too long without doing something so i got up,went to the room,wore my tan timbs and my some phat farm jeans and headed to the garage.I stood and looked at my 2 cars wondering which one to drive for the day "should i pick the benz or the lexus convertable" i said to myself.It was preety prevailant what was on my mind,afterall i was single at the time and needed some action in my life,i definately needed to pick the car that would suggest to the ladies that a single man is driving by so i picked the lexus sc430(check picture thread for pics of it) convertable and drove out.

i cruised down the street in the beautiful surburb listening to the track 'toture" from methodmans judgement day cd.One thing i knew for sure was that hilltop surburb was not the place to meet good looking extravangant women.The place was littered with serious politicians to retired folks who just wanted to live the rest of their life away.the younger folks like me offcourse hardly stayed in the neighbourhood.everyone was either working,on tv/radio or in town doing something and thats where i was headed.My destination,the Roseville mall.Roseville mall was one of my more favourite hang outs in the city,mostly because of the shop known as guitar center where they sold alot of musical equipment and being that music was my greatest passion,i always frequented the place to see what new stuff they had for the average producer.i got there about 20 minutes later,parked the car and headed in as i saw assortments of fine dames walking around the mall,either carrying food,or bags of clothes like they usually do.Some of them vagabonded with their boyfriends while the single ones roamed in packs.Honestly,they were very attractive but not quite what i was looking for.See i had had my run with the one night stand fine types who i prolly would not call the next day and forget their name,now it was time to meet someone with class,someone with more to offer than just ass and a blowjob for the day and after carefully assessing most of the girls in that mall,i had come to the conclusion that none of them fit the criteria for what i was looking for so i decided i was just going to see if they had the new roland fantom x6 at guitar center.

Shane the manager of guitar center knew me very well and the minute i walked in he yelled "yo Cris,whats popping man",i responded loudly "nothing g,you got that fantom ive been asking you fools about?",he responded confidently "head straight to the back homie,shes waiting for you" and so i did without haste and there it was,The fantom x,the machine that was gonna take my production talent to higher heights and so i started fidgiting with it,playing with the keys and pads when a really calm toned female voice spoke from behind me."YOU need help with anything?" she said,"yea actually,i like this shit right here,im planning on copping that today" i replied back without turning to look back at her."thats definately a very good production center right there sir,as you can see,you can sample old records into this baby and mess around with the sound to your taste"she added."i started thinking to myself(this gurl knows alot about these things} and so i turned around to see who excatly she was and the 1st thing that came out of my mouth was "wow,look at you!!!"."we can also set up payment plans if you are getting it on credit,but if its on cash basis,i can see to it that you get a good discount for this transaction".At this point,i was not trying to hear anything about business transactions but i was trying to know more about this fine pillar of beauty that stood right in front of me.She had to be the sexiest half breed girl i had seen in a minute.she stood firm at a height about 5,9,had curly hair and really crystal green eyes that could pierce into the hardest soul and soften it up. "do you get commission for every sale you make?" i asked her."yes sir,thats if its a cash transaction" she responded anticipantingly."you know any bank close around here where i can withdraw money" i asked braggingly. "yea,go into the cub foods on the right,tcf is in there" she added.i then said "ill make a deal with you ma". "whats that" she asked curiously. "if you agree to go to the movies with me tonight,ill buy this fantom cash,tip you and then you can get your commission"."the fantom is worth $1800" she said trying to validate if i could afford it."is that all its worth?" i asked braggingly. "yes" she responded.i chuckled in a boastful manner and said "wait here,ill be back to get it and whisked off to the tcf bank close by

after making a fast withdrawl of $2000 from the bank,i headed right back to the store and it was almost as if she was awaiting me because the minute i walked in,she walked right by me to the machine saying "so we taking the machine?",i responded "without a doubt,but only if you agree to what i asked you earlier".She smiled and said "lets see you cop it 1st" and so i told her "wrap it up for me and meet me at the counter".She and a Few other cats took care of bringing the package to the front by the counter as i pulled out the money and handed it over to her.The look on her face was princeless.It was almost as if she expect me not to be able to afford something like that."what do you do for a living?" she asked as she finalized things through computer inputs."why dont you go out with me tonight and find out".She smiled again paying attention to what she was typing on the computer and said "you a slick one aren't you?"."nah im just a man who has seen one of the most beautiful chicks in the this city and would love to take her out for the night,aint no crime in that,now is there",i said jovially.she chuckled with a blush on her face and said "ok,we all set now,heres your change" and before she could hand it over to me,i said "keep it,thats your tip remember".Her eyes glazed in amazement and said "i cant take all that money".I laughed and said "theres plenty where all that came from".Another representative of the store picked up the fantom with the aim of taking it to the car for me but she insisted on doing it and pushed it out for me with one of those wheel carriers till we got to the parking lot."a lexus huh,good taste" she said.i smiled proudly and added "wait till you see my benz"."high roller you are" she said in a complimentary manner.i smiled.i opened the car trunk and inserted the fantom in and after shutting it she instantly said "8 tonite,ill be ready,waiting for you at eastsidexxxxxxxxx street,aptxxxxxxx,dont be late".i rubbed my chin smiling with pride and said "you got it".After that she walked away as i hopped into the car and drove away.As i drove in the car i said to myself {the eastside..fuck,i got enemies there,how the fuck am i gonna go in there unoticed,i mean,theres like bounty out for my head in that part of town}.Yes,the eastside,a place i used to frequent till i got into a very bad beef with one of the most fear guys in that place.Since then,my name had become like a winning lottery ticket there..but as you read,you will find out.

anyways it 7.30 evening time,now its time to make my mark,take the girl out,show her a good time and hopefully score.See with this one,i was hoping that it would be more than a one night stand so i made sure i had to impress to the fullest.i pulled out my brand new pelle pelle jeans and threw a white sean jean t shirt on.Wore my timbaland boots,grabbed my wallet and i was set to go.Now this time i decided i was gonna pull out the mercedes benz just to prove a point and so i did.As i drove,i looked on the navigation system to see if there was a short cut i could use to get into the eastside without being spotted and there indeed was.A longer path that would get me there in the nick of time and so i used it.It was dark by the time i reached her residence so that kinda had me a little relaxed about things.i Knew it was going to be hard for anyone to id me in the dark so i quickly hopped out of the car looking left and right and headed to her door which i knocked gently.A little girl who had to be about 10 years old opened the door and said "are you Sasha's date?","if Sasha is the fine green eyed girl that lives in this house that works at guitar center than yes thats me"i responded jokingly." you funny" the little girl said and opened the door for me to get in.She then headed to the room yelling "sasha,.he is hereee".Offcourse sasha responded that she was coming out in a minute.Now observing their crib told me a few things about her.for one she was neat but was'nt too financially fit enough to live in a more decent crib.there were holes on the walls and countless amount of patches around.The furniture had to have come from the days of jesus,all tore up with weak springs that sank me in the minute i sat on it.Then there was the vintage technology ,from the tv to the stereo system which had to have been the thing of the 60's.I knew that maybe i might have had to help her improve her lifestyle once we hook up or so i did.

she stayed true to her promise and showed up in no time looking breathtakingly elegant.i got up and hugged her and said 'you ready for the night of ya life".she responded "yea,i hope it is" and so we walked out of the crib and headed to the car.as we were walking to the car,i was very mindful of my surrounding because as i said before,i was in enemy territory so i had my eyes on guard looking left and right then a crack addict looking man stepped up to me and said "hey brotha,can you help a man out with a dollar,please".As i reached into my pocket to grab the money,he said "you look familiar,havent i seen you before brotha?" and i responded "nah nigga,you dont know me,i aint from around here"and so he left that topic go as i pulled out a dollar bill and handed it over to him.Then as we walked further towards the car,i noticed him scoping at me intently saying "noooo,you loook very familiar brother,you sure we havent met before".I once again responded agressively "nigga,i dont kow you!!".Sasha started showing concern and asked me "whats wrong,you cool??" and i responded "yea,im just wondering why this crackhead is insisting that he knows me",she responded "he's just a drugie.he doesnt know nothing,dont worry about it" and as i opened the car door for her,he said "now i know who you are".At this point,i knew trouble was coming so i said to Sasha "go into your crib and stay in there,keep the door locked ma".She responded in a scared manner "why whats going on",i quickly rebuked her "get moving chick,ill explain later" and watched her scram into the room.The crackhead then said "yea,its you,you that nigga Aaron is looking for,shit i could make a killing snitching you out".Before i could say anything else,he yelled "yo,THAT NIGGA THAT GOT BEEF WITH AARON IS HERE,HE RIGHT HERE,IVE FOUND HIS ASS",i quickly ran and threw a rocket speed punch at his jaw and left him on the ground.Next thing i knew,people started rushing out of their cribs,im talking big gigantic men,kids,women and all,ready to capture me and take me to my foe.I knew if i stood there any longer,i would be a thing of the past so i rushed into my car and drove away,as i drove,i could hear rocks pounding on my car,the rear view mirror revealed a mob of angry eastsiders chasing my car with the hopes of capturing me,that was the beginning of a new nightmare in my life

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i stepped on the gas pedal and sped my way out of the eastside till i was in the clear and took the highway home.See with the highway i was safe because there were alot of cars trekking along and if anything should happen to me,there would be witnesses.My heart pounded,my nerves shook uncontrollably as i tried to grip on to the steering wheel with might till i reached home.As i drove,i rebuked myself in the car like (what the fuck were you thinking nigga,you could have just met this chick elsewhere but now you probably got her into some shit and now Aaron is gonna come at you hard,what an asshole you are man) i thought to myself.I finally reached home 25 approximately 25 minutes later and perched on my couch thinking about how this all started.

back in the day,me and Aaron were cool,we were like the best of buddies.everyone respected and liked him in town because of his kindness and willingness to help anyone who was down and out or anyone who was less fortunate than he was.One thing we both had in common was our love for hip hop and we often shared the stage together for special concerts and stuff like that.He was like the brother i never had and i respected his views on life and politics in general.He would say sometimes "ya know,our country is run by liars and devils,but its really up to us to make enough noise to make a change.While my dream was to become an entertainer in the future,he aspired to be an attorney,to him,that was the fastest way he could get into the political world and make his mark.One thing i knew for sure was that he was going to make it as a lawyer not only because of his dedication to the justice system but because of his sometimes amazing display of inteligence.everyone knew that we were going to be friends for life but sometimes things dont go as planned in life.It all started one day when he came to my crib and i noticed a little bump on his right cheek.i brought it to his attention and after speculating,we both dismissed it as a pimple which would soon go away but then days later,the bump got bigger and about 50 more bumps were on the right side of his face.I had never seen anything more hideous and i advised him to go and see a dermatologist.The demartologist could not properly determine what the those bumps were and prescribed what he thought could help the situation but the outbreak got worse and spread all over his face.He had become like something out of an alien movie and that shattered his life.After this,he confined himself to his room where he kept the lights off and always had his face buried under his palms.I still did not stop being his friend and would go and check him out when i got the chance.His situation did not only affect him physically but mentally too.He started being bvery unfriendly and anti social and would sometimes tell me to leave in a harsh manner but i was never going to give up on my pal.I spoke with a physciatrist friend of mine who told me that if i could convince him that he was'nt that bad looking,i could make a break through so i paid off some desperate chick to await him at a resturant for a date and so i went to his crib and told him that theres a girl who really digs him and she wants him to come to the spur steak club to chill.At 1st he was reluctant but after convincing him that his condition was not bad at all even though it was horrible,he then decided to walk out into the light for the 1st time after a few months.The result would then be the cause of his hatred for me.the minute he stepped out of the car and walked into the mall,people kept their distance and walked away from him like he was a parasite or something.Things even got worse when comments were being made like "what kind of freak is that.that cant be human etc}.I tried to keep his mind away from that but the whole situation got out of hand when the girl i had paid to wait for him saw him coming in with me and screamed out of fear and ran out through the other exit of the shop.He stood there as everyone in the resturant stared at him in fear and awe.The obviously judgmental eyes left a very sour taste in his mouth and a new man was born,an angry deranged mutant with a piercingly physcopatic look.He grabbed me by the shirt in anger as he breathed hard fumingly and said "you did this,you took my honor,you lied to me..from today onwards...we are enemies for life..nigga,from today onwards,,watch your back" and pushed me to the ground and walked off.I tried after that to get in touch with him and apologise but nothing positive came out of that.If you think that was bad enough,well check this,someone told him off a cure for his condition in Africa.He immediately went there and came back a really changed man,not only had his charecter changed but his image had changed.He now wore a voodoo mask,something similar to the one im gonna post on the page and he totally believed that the more he wore it,his skin would be healed.poor guy,if only he knew the real truth

^^he wore something similar to this
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.. --> / icon and title --> .. --> message -->It was 8 in the morning the next day when i went downtown to a floral store i frequented anytime i wanted to buy roses for my dates.I needed to make up with Sasha for the date gone wrong and i knew "roses from heaven" which was the name of the store was the place to find the remedy to my problem.The owner Julie,an elderly white lady who had to be in her 50's knew me on a name to name basis.Infact i had been in her store so much that i could have been accredited to contributing much to her profits.She was indeed a very jovial lady with a very energetic attitude.sometimes it was hard to think that she was the age she was.I entered the rose shop scoping around for Julie,i knew if there was anyone who would know what i needed,it would be her so upon entering,i asked one of the workers there,an asian girl who was watering some of the flowers,her name was lu,i asked
"sup Lu,jULIE around today?
yea shes out in the back office,imma go get her" she responded gracefully.
i stood and jerked my head to the side admiring the asian girls ass as it jiggled on her way to the back office.The 1st thing i said to myself was {damn,why havent i tried to hit that any sooner}.
It was in no time that Julie walked out in a very uplifting mood as she greeted me with a glowing smile on her face
"heyyy Cris,whats going on"
i need your help big time"i replied humbly
ohhh another fish you trying to catch there Cris?" she asked investigatingly
"no not at all,i had already caught here but things screwed up,i need a remedy" i replied explaining the situation
"oh boy,thats a 1st dear,i wont even dare ask what happen but you have come to the right woman" she responded assuringly.
then she asked me to follow her as we went to the right isle which had the most contagious smell ever,as she picked up a bundle of roses and said "now these,no woman will be m,ad at you forever for,give em to her,she will let you out of the dog house"
i smelt them and most definately agreed with her even though i was not an expect on flowers.The price tag on them however was not funny but i knew the only way i could get through to Sasha would be to do something good and right so i thanked Julie,paid for the roses and i was on my way to the mall.Now at the mall by the door of guitar center stood the manager shane talking to some latin female.He seemed to have had an issue with her because the look on his face was'nt pleasant and his body language suggested that she might have ticked him off the wrong way.I decided i was not going to get involved so i tried to just rush in without him noticing me but before i could walk past he said
"yo Cris,you here to see Sasha?"
"yea man,got something important i gotta holla at her about" i replied quickly
"i already know what the deal is,shit all of us in there know the deal b,shes not very happy,you might wanna rethink that b"he said to me cautiongly
"nah dont worry about this g,i got this,check these flowers i got her nah mean" i responded boldly
"listen G,i know this girl,she been working here for a minute and i can tell you,she aint gonna fall for that shit" he added
"common dawg,its me,Cris,aint no woman ever defeat me before,shes no different,trust me i got this aight" i replied assuring him"
"aight man..dont say i aint warned you" he added and let me set out to do my thing

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Now here i was in the shop ready to face the fate i had put myself in.there were alot of things going through my head as far as the situation went,for one,i wondered how she would take my explanation of the situation and 2ndly,i wondered how fiery her temper was but this would all be dealt with the minute i saw her.I was a man who had dealt with many girls in his time,crazy and physcotic in the mix and to me,this girl did not seem like the type of girl to give a brother a hard time as far as making up goes.I knew all i had to do was explain my situation to her in the most respectful manner ever and hand her the roses and i would be out of the dog house.After all what woman would say no to roses from a man like me in public.Better yet,what woman would say no to roses with such an expensive price tag on them.Surely she would see that i went out of my way to make up for the situation.I must admit,the atmosphere in the shop was'nt too pleasant.Infact it was the type of Aura you felt when you knew something was wrong.most of the employees in there,especially the females gave me this disgusted look of disaproval.The ever so friendly folks in guitar center had become a mount of suspicious stares and silent gossiping whispers.But that did not bother me one bit,i had a mission and i was going to break through regardless of what anyone thought.One thing that did strike me was Sasha's charecter.it seemed to me like she was the talk active types who could not keep anything personal to herself and that bothered me a bit.I mean why how would everyone know what happened that night if she hadnt had told them but this was a flaw i was willing to overlook just based on her elegant beauty and my yearn to make her mine.In the drum machine sect of the store stood a beautiful Sasha wearing a blue top with khaki pants which fitted her very well.Her body took charge of the whole outfit as her curves displayed very inch of their consistant symetry.The deal breaker was her butt.without touching it,you could see the firm cut round and nicely curved perfection it had and her green sparkly eyes made the whole package a very spectacular bundle.i walked up to her and said
"looking preety good there today ma"
"what the hell do you want her" she responded rudely
"its like that now babygirl??" i asked in a suprised manner
"its not like anything nigga,dont you see a sister tryna get her work on here"she responded nonchalantly
"so what you saying,i aint important enough to talk to for a minute or 2" i asked investigatingly
"look nigga,you dont want me to tell you what i really think of you" she added with a grim look on her face
"ok,lets hear it,get itoff your chest,what do you think of me?" i asked awaiting a dreadful answer
"since you wanna go there,i think you nothing but a lowlife drugdealing gangbanger who beats ..less crackheads for no reason whatsover and personally,i dont wanna deal with that shit anymore,i left compton because of shit like that" she responded angrily
"so you actually think im a gangbanger,a drug dealer and a bully huh?" i asked with a validating laugh on my face
"nigga,dont act like i aint see what i seen that night,why else would you beat up a crackhead if you aint selling to him and he is owing you?"
After she said that,i realised that maybe my mission would be easier than i thought.Afterall she had it all wrong,i was not a drugdealing bully but a normal working class guy who was trying to protect himself from trouble and offcourse if i told her about Aaron,that would definately solve this drama for once and all so i said
"listen ma,i know what you saw seemed like that but i aint no drug dealer,im actually a law abiding man with a lot of respect for people,its just that night,that nigga was gonna snitch on me and i wasnt about to get killed by Aaron and his guys"
"ok,so lets say i wanna believe this shit you telling me,who is aAron?,and what does a crackhead have to do with him" she asked investigatingly
"Aaron is a deformed dude that wears a voodoo mask and has this bad habit of appearing outta nowhere to start shit with me,me and him used to be buddies till he mutated,look,lets just say we had a disagreement about something and now he has the whole eastside wanting my head on a platter".
Sasha laughed hysterically shaking her head and giving me the whole {bullshit} look and said
"wow,i really thought you would come with something better than that,..a masked man,mutated wanting a whole community to kill you..boy you watching too many movies,i cant believe that you would think im that stupid nigga"
At this point,i dreaded telling her about Aaron,after all who would have believed me,i couldnt blame her,a story about a man who wears a voodoo mask and appears out of nowhere seems far fetched but i knew it was the truth and i really wanted to start off in the right page with this girl but hopes looked dim now so i said
"you dont have to believe me ma,you live in the eastside,ask the folks around there about this"
"listen Cris,i aint no airhead dumb hoe ok,so i tell you what,how about after today,we dont talk to each other anymore,just pretend you didnt meet me in the 1st place because heres the truth,i dont like guys like you,i had an ex who was gangbanging and he always had crazy stories like what you just told be about why he does what he does,in the end,i got hurt so look,i gotta get back to work..try and get you some help ok.." and she started walking off annoyed as hell.At this point,following her to explain myself would not be a good idea and i knew with all the pride i had,that would be playing myself so i cut my losses short and walked out saying to myself {win some,lose some}

Ok,so now i knew that this situation was not a winnable one so i decided i was gonna find something useful to do with my day.Offcourse my body had a few objections as my tummy was rumbling from hunger so without wasting anytime i headed down to the 1st floor to the burger king Joint there.i Stood in a line of eight people ready to make my order patiently as i looked at the beautiful roses in my hand i had wasted my time on.An elderly white woman behind me saw them and said
"what beautiful roses those are"
"THanx" i responded emmotionless
"for someone special??" she asked entertaining her curiousity
"they were supposed to fix a situation but things got out of hand" i responded in a disapointed manner
"dont worry son,things will work out,give it time dear" she responded reassuringly
"thanx maM" i answered her with a grateful smile

The line had finally progressed and it was now my turn to order.A preety attractive latino lady attended to me from accross the counter
"what would your order be today sir" she asked gracefully
"can i get a number 6 meal" i answered
"here or to go and what type of pop would you want with that?" she asked further
"here and get me anything orange"i added
"coming right up,thall be $4.50 plus tax" she added
i quickly set the roses on the counter and pulled out my wallet and gave her a 10 dollar bill.After getting my change back,i went and sat on a chair by the outside point which was still the burger king premises.

i sat for about 3 minutes when the same girl brought my burger and fries to my table.As i was about to take a bite of the burger.i heard a voice say
"still eating unhealthy foods are ya?"
i knew who it was without a doubt,that slick silent but deranged voice had be non other than Aaron.i turned to my right and there he was sitting right by me with his mask on.
"not you again" i said in a frustrated manner
"oh yes yes its me again,whats wrong,dont wanna kick it with an old friend anymore" he said sounding horrfyingly creepy
"fuck you" i added angrily
"roses huh?i see the ace of hearts failed again,when will you learn not to undo what i have already done huh?" he asked facing my direction with his hideous mask
"you must be real proud of yourself are'nt ya you piece of shit" i added getting even more agitated with him
"oh,i cant take all the credit for that my friend,you did well making yourself look like a prick in the situation too,lets just say i set the mood and you took charge of it" he responded proudly
"you are fucking sick man,when are you gonna just butt out of my life man?" i added agressively
" when you give me what i want Cris" he added
"and what the fuck is that you sad lowlife" i kept on with demeaning statements
"your sanity,i wont stop till i take your sanity ol buddy" he responded without haste
"what are you...nuts?? you cant even control your own sanity and you want another mans sanity,i can assure you,you gonna fail"
He lowered his tone as his voice got grittier with a very creepy laugh and said
"see over there to the left...those are my boys waiting to murk you,once i nod my head,they will execute,lets see how well you play this game buddy"
and after that he nodded his head.All i saw was 6 big black guys coming at me.i quickly got up and ran the opposite direction as Aaron yelled "hey..you wasting food there buddy,what about your burger and fries?? ah well,im starving,good luck buddy