Tuesday, March 24, 2009

adventures of shifter and Waswa pt1

ok people,so you're familiar with this name,he has come up in alot of my life stories and im sure some of yall prolly wondering what kind of life he led and how i met him,yes im talking about the one and only,Cris WASWA,The one misfit who did alot of dirty work for me when i had problems with killa 4 life,now this story is dedicated to the times i spent hanging out with him,this one is filled with drugs,sex,mischief and alotta adrenaline rushing events..once again,ill stress,this is based on true events so enjoy

it all started at my boy Carter's crib,we were about 15 cats deep drinking and smoking weed having one of our infamous arguments about who was the most gangster cat in our neighbour hood. "chaos is grimey as hell mang,yo,i saw this kid knock out 3 crack heads alone," said Carl , "hahaha you said it man,crackheads..shit,anyone can knock a crackhead out,that dont make him strong" i added, "yall both tripping,we all know nightmare sic is the shit,that kid would knock you out in front of your click and still walk away untouched " Ben added "i dont know man,i mean Ben can fight but the last brawl he had with the kid from outta town last christmas kinda suggested that he might have weak points,plus he behaves like a serious bitch around chicks" i added "ahhh snap haha,i forgot about that,oh snap,this kid nearly pissed in his pants when that one chick Shay aproached him "jason added "ohhhh man,hes a bitch then" everyone added,as the argument escaladed, sly walked in,grabbed a can of beer,sat on the couch quietly watching everyone argue and said "you guys cant be serious,how can you name all those weak ass fools and forget the real king of grimey cats around here" everyone responded in anticipation "who??? and he quickly replied "i guess yall aint heard of Cris waswa huh?" everyone quickly responded "haaa yesss" ben added "awww man,that cat is crazy,thats a sicko right there,word is he got mad beef with alotta cats right now" carl agreed "yea man,that cat is fucked up,you should see his collection of guns,aint no joke mang" so i asked curiously "who is this cat,i dont think i know him" and sly replied "yea,he comes over here once a while,he prolly was here when you wasnt,he be at the mall alot pushing drugs and shit,crazy fucker that kid" so i asked "yall trying to tell me that this cat is nastier than chaos cause i doubt it" and they laughed and replied "man,Chaos is chicken feed compared to this cat" and i replied "thats crazy" and continued getting high..we kept talking as they relayed some preety horrific stories about him then after a while,the subject changed and we started talking about girl "yo i heard you fucked that Mcfaden chick Cris " sly asked "where tha fuck you hear that from man" i quickly replied "haha yo...that bitch was a virgin too,how u doing son " Carl added "man,can no one keep a secret around here huh?...anyways man,she came thru to my crib with her family ,it so happens my mom had invited them over for lunch,to cut a long story short,you all know how crazy her dad can act in public" they answered "yea yea" i continued "well he had a serious argument with his wife in ma crib,bad sight i tell you,anyways she had to endure her parents go thru that and ran into the room,i then took the initiative to follow her and found her in there crying so i played the good guy" carl interupted "man,you're so fucking slick kid" the rest agreed "yeaa,get her at her weakest points" and i continued "precisely,i started patting her on the back and telling her everything would be alright,she wasnt resisting man,so i decided my hands would do alot of the talking,so i slowly started directing my hands down her tigh's and shit" they all replied "oooooo" in excitement as i continued "next thing i know,my hands are btween her legs,she started getting real hot and started kissing up on me..kiddies,you know the rest ha!!!" Chester expressed delight strecthing his hand for a handshake "ahhhh man,you're my idol,man,that chick is hot too" sly added "yea son,you hit the jackpot with this one and she doesnt deny it either,she told my sister that yall fucked,thats how i found out " everyone exclaimed "haaaa " as i replied "thats what happens when you hit it right son,anyways i gotta run yall,ill holla back a lil later" as i scoped my watch for the time and got up ready to leave,soon afterwards,everyone else was dispersing on their ways home and shit

i got home around aproximately 8 in the night that day,took a shower,ate some food and relaxed on the couch watching the twilight zone when the phone rang
"yo what up" i said on the phone in a low tone" "yoooo Cris,whats good mang,its ya boy enzo,whats poppin " as enzo replied excitedly "shit,im good,i was with the boys smokin and shit,im exxhausted mang" i added "where at the valley of kings??" he asked "nah mang,.we was at carls Crib,we was like 15 deep asnd shit,man,you missed,we smoked some good green kid" i added "shit man,had to take my girl somewhere ya know,anyways man,what is the whole crew doin tomorow??" he asked "nothin really kid,im sure we prolly gonna be at carls crib again" and so he added "nah man,fuck that,lets swarm the mall tomorow,all of us aight,imma call them dudes and confirm shit and get back to you aight?" i replied "aight son,get back at me" and dropped the phone,offcourse he called back half an hr later and it was set,we were all to meet at the mall so my exhaustion took a toll on me and i fell asleep on the couch

the next day,i got up,took a bath,did my daily chores,went to the post office,got back home and chilled,it was around one in the afternoon when we all went to the mall,about 20 cats deep,all dressed baggy and shit,funny thing about it was that we were all wearing timb boots and hoodies cause we had planned to dress that way,i had on a lugz hoody,phatfarm pants and a nice size 11 timb boot,i had taken out my braids 2 days prior to this so my hair was bushy and shit,anyways we got to the mall looking real valiant,walking with pride attracting attention,the girls that knew us would yell our names greeting us,offcourse we would answer back,it was a really nice sunny day with some cool wind breeze,the mall was packed that day,my eyes were popping out looking at the assortment of dames coming in and out of the mall,im talking latino dames,ebony magics,white gurls with fat booty,u name it,it was truly an amazing scenery,while in there,i took the time to also check out some of the lastest sneakers out and budget for them in time to come,i spotted some seriously sick jordan snickers which i wanted,but i was kinda broke at the time so i just admired em and planned to get em at a later date,anyways we all chilled at a steak and rib resturant...got some food then started walking thru the mall again, then as we were headed into another sneaker store,some tall light skinned cat,wearing a wu wear leather jacket with zig zag braids and a scar on the side of his face walks up to us,next thing i see,carl shouts "haaaaa my main man" they start dapping,he then starts dapping everyone else then got to me and said "i dont think i know you kid,anyways since u rolling with fam,wut up??" and dapped me,afterwards carl turned to him and said "yea,thats my boy Cris,the cat i told u got a hot wu collection,yall both wu fans,yall should connect" so he turned to me and said Z"ohh shit,another shaolin brotha,yo wut up kid,the names Cris,Cris waswa,im sure my niggaz told u bout the kid,thats me g" and so it was official,i had finally met the legendary waswa so i answered "peace kid,yea no doubt,heard alotta shit man,we def gotta connect on a hip hop level" he answered "no doubt ma nigga" then he turned to everyone and said "look guys,im glad yall here,i need yall help,check it,i got beef with these 3 kids,they in the mall right now,i would have taken em out alone but i think they armed,but now that my squad is here,im sure we can pound the shit outta these kids" so carl replied "what happened man?"

and he replied "man these fuckers tried to stick me up for my cargo g,i aint having that,they tried to knock me out and shit but i was lucky to get away,but heres the plan,i want yall to be at a distance,imma go call em out then when they are about to strike,we all pounce on these bitch ass niggaz aight?" so carl turned to everyone else and asked "yo,you all down for this shit??" and the rest quickly responded "hell yea,lets get it cracking" so we all followed waswa as we headed deeper into the mall then he ran ahead of us and standing there where these 3 dark guys talking to some fine looking chicks pointing at waswa as he came towards them and said "yea bitches,i told yall it wasnt over,its bout to get crackin,who wants it?" so one of the guys who was ball headed and very dark with reddish eyes walked up and said "this nigga,? you want beef huh,aight son,imma teach you something" as he removed his jacket and started making his fists harder,he swung once and missed cris waswa,the minute he missed,the whole gang went in storming and started pouncing on the 3 cats,it was truly nasty,these guys were taking serious hits on the jaws from fists from about 15 big guys,it was brutal,from timberland boot stomps to smacks on their faces,others were goin into their pockets and taking their belongings while the rest were just beating the fuck outta them,the highlight of the day had to be the hard punch swung by waswa which cracked the dark skinned guys jaw so bad we heard it dislocate "crrrrr" as he landed flat on the floor and passed out,one of the girls that knew us came running and screamed, "yoo the cops are coming" before we knew it,everyone sprung out running,we started spreading all over the mall running,all you could see was black hoodies running at all directions of the mall,i decided to split with 3 of my buddies as they yelled "yo cris,cover ya head with the hoody so they cant get ya description"as i listened and did so,as we headed to the back off the mall,we spotted 3 cops heading our way "ohh snap" i exclaimed as we stormed back in,while the cops came running,quickly one of us split so me and the 2 other guyz ran down the steps down to the mall 2nd floor and quickly ran into a clothing shop where we quietly calmoflauged ourselves behind some clothes as we spotted the cops passing by looking for us,we stayed in there for nearly half an hr as the store manager started bugging us to either buy something or leave,with no other choice,we then precided to go out,the coast looked preety clear as we started heading towards the exit of the mall,just as we were getting there,there outside had about 4 cop cars with cops walking around taking statements from people around,so we ran back in and entered the arcade,we were cool with the guy who ran the arcade and explained the situation so he let us hide in the restroom and watched our cover..at this point,me and the 2 other guys were scared to our balls,nervous as hell i said "damn,i hope the cops dont find us man" rick replied "Nah cris,jt got our back,as long as we quiet in here we cool" so Jt came running in and said "yo check it,the cops are leaving but stay here 10 more minutes to be sure then yall can leave aight" so we thanked JT and did as he said

10 minutes later,we headed to the mall exit again and the coast was preety clear,so we ran and stormed outta there,did not even look back but kept running as some of the people screamed "oohh shit,some of em where still in there" another screamed "yea run,the pigs were gonna come back anyways" so we headed for the taxi rank and chattered a cab,as soon as we got it,we headed to the valley of kings,3 of us got there and found the other 5 there all chillin and smoking so i chilled on the sofa all swaty and shit as they said "man,that was closeee" and i replied "yall think you went thru some shit,man,we was stuck in that mall while the cops were swarming around" power added "man,lets see,8 of us are back,where are the rest of the cats?" i quickly replied "man,tyrone split while running with us too,lord knows what happened to him and the rest of those cats".. so now the mystery was at hand (WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THE CATS WE WERE WITH INVOLVED IN THIS BRAWL)

so anyways we kept asking ourselves tryna figure out what could have happened to our comrades,my main worry was that maybe the cops had caught em and they were about to snitch on us all as i complained "man,what if the pigs caught these cats,and they in jail right now,how do we know the cops arent on their way to find us right now??" Ben replied "nah man,i was out of that mall before any of yall,i peeped that mall from a distance to make sure that the cops didnt catch anyone,trust me,there was no one caught" jason quickly interupted "hold on hold on buddy,you dont know if the cops caught em away from the mall or not " Ben agreed "yea i never thought about that kid,you right,damn,this is not looking good man"as we all sat in there nervous...still bogglin our minds as to where the others where,3 hours passed by and now worries really haunted our minds as i decided i wasnt gonna go home for that night,so i quickly got on the phone,call my crib,my sister picked as i told her "yo im not coming to the crib tonite,just let the parents know aight?" she replied "hmmm ,anyways whatever,ill let em know" and we dropped,half an hr later, Carl came storming in with 3 others,he looked mad sweaty and tired as fuck,it was almost as if he had been running the whole time as i we all asked in anticipation "yo where yall been, whats goin on,son you look fucked up" Carl just replied quickly "yo,shit was wild man...im telling yall right now,we just started some serious shit,yo...the cops chased all 4 of us all the way to the library,luckily we hit the corner fast and dictched em,quickly entered the library where we took refuge for a few minutes,shit im thinking like ,aight,the cops is done with,on our way home,man,3 GM trucks drew closer,man,i had a bad feeling about that shit and one of them trucks started drawing closer,one of them cats in the truck had a fucking pistol kid,talking bout he was gonna merk us for beating up his fam,son,we ran kid,these cats been trailing us thru the whole town,we didnt wanna head over here to keep this place anonymous,feel me?" i replied "yea good thinking " Carl then looked around and said "aight then 11 dudes back? we was 20,where are the 9 others yo?" Carl replied "man,we need to worry,them cats is mad son,they tryna merk anyone that was involved in that shit..God knows what happened to them cats"..so we chilled in there,opened a few beeers and drank for nearly an hr when we heard alot of voices outside,checked outside and it was 10 of our dudes coming thru.."whew i said,they back",there was a big sigh of relief in the valley of kings as everyone started dapping each other while all relaying what happened to them in there,but wait? there was a big mystery here,one person was left,one person hadnt returned,including waswa making it 2 so now the mystery was to be unfolded,at this point,we were a bit more relaxed thinking that maybe he went home and decided not to stop by the valley,anyways we decided to chill and watch tv,drinking cracking jokes while also tryna ponder on how we would get out of the mess we were in concerning those guys in the Gm trucks who chased carl and them,discussions went on till around one late in the night. Everyone was now a bit sleepy,tired and tipsy from all the drinking,just as cats were planning on dosing off,we heard a knock on the window,everyone went quiet,Carl grabbed a bat and was like "shhhhh,everyone keep quiet" whispering as he slowly headed towards and window and said in a commanding manner "WHO THA FUCK IS it?" and we heard a whispering reply saying "psss psss,its me man,waswa,open the fucking door G" so everyone let their guards down and let him in

the man looked preety tired himself as he said "yooo what up yall" everyone proceeded to dap him,then he said "yo check it,thanx guys for everything ,shit was crazy huh?" and i replied "man,that was some wild shit,trust me,that was scary but kinda fun too" waswa then turned to me and said "yo kid,ya know,you dont even know me like that,you didnt have to involve yaself in this shit but u fought for fam man,thats real,thanx g" then dapped me ,i replied "no problem son,anytime nah mean" he then looked at everyone laughing and said "haha yall tired as fuck huh,now imagine me who lives this kinda life everyday" ben interupted "well we aint all thugged out ya know?" he then replied "good point kid" waswa then proceeded to look into the fridge for something to eat but it was kinda empty and made a remark "typical mens hangout,theres never food in the fridge" as he shook his head and added "yo anyone got some green ,im tryna get high" everyone replied "nah g,not really" he then suggested "yo my car is out there,who wanna come with me to get some green?" 3 cats got up and was like yo we coming,he then came to me and was like "yo g,lets cruise son,we gotta build on some real shit nah mean,what u say homie?" and i agreed reluctantly "a..ight but its like half 1 in the morning,where will you find that shit kid?" he quickly repsonsded with pride "nigga,i know all the spots..dont worry about it aight?"

so we all entered the car as he drove into the hood on the westside of town,real dark and very eerie,on the road were prostitutes all over the place as 4 of us cruised looking around to see if there were any dealers standing by selling some weed,as he drove,he kept saying "look at all these bitches,buncha no lives selling ass for money,they need to get jobs man,fucking sluts" and i responded "well some of them braods dont have the type of education required to get jobs ya know?" he then replied "and whos fault is that? when they are sent to school,they would rather act the fool and fuck all these niggaz and shit" i agreed rather reluctantly "i guess u got a point there"..he then drove a few more miles deeper into the hood and stopped the car to ask a prostitute on the street about some dealer he knows "yo,where marley C at?" he asked "down at the spot,ya know," she answered.. so we drove to the so called spot as he signed "damn,Marley aint here today but who tha fuck is that cat standing at his spot,yo yall stay here,ill be back aight?" as he went out and went to the cat,now the man standing out there was a tall cat,about 6'1 with dreads wearing glasses,he looked normal and from our observation,he was selling some weed to waswa,waswa then gave him money and returned to the car,he sat down for a minute and said "this nigga sounded real shaky talking to me,i dont trust him or his buisness,hold on" as he opened the sack of weed and smelt it and had a little ourburst in the car saying "i should have known,these fucker tried to sell me some wack weed,this shit wont even get a rat high,wtf kinda shit is this,hold on,ill be back" as he went out and headed to the cat again,i could see them in an argument as Rick said "man,i dont like this," i replied "yea..we better be prepared"..next thing we knew,waswa punched the guy out,he was on the ground as he started kicking the guy on the gut making him scream helplessly and shit,we got outta the car fast as waswa said "yo this fag tried to play me,...lets fuck him up" we then proceeded to kick the living daylights outta the dealer on the ground,infact i took alot of pleasure in stomping him on the face and the belly area especially, after a good 5 minutes of kicking him till he was weak,waswa then started searching his pockets,he found a few bags of weed and about 400 bucks ,he grabbed some chains,removed the man's boots as he all rushed back into the car and left the man laying there,drove out and returned to the valley of kings where we smoked up all his weed,in the corner was waswa checking out the chains and cash he had stolen from the dealer laughing saying "fucking herb,can no one rob me,im the god",what we didnt know was that we were in for some serious drama after this

anyways the next day,i woke up next to a bunch of tired ass niggaz laying all over the place,some on the couch,others on the floor,as for Waswa,HE WAS gone by the time i woke so i decided to go to the frige,found a bottle of spring water which i drank and headed home,it was around 7 in the morning,..got to the crib,knoked,my sister opened it up as i headed to my bedroom and lay flat on the bed still tired and having the after effects of smoking the previous night,infact that night,i felt so fatigued,almost as if there were a ton of bricks over my anatomy and shit,it surely was not a good feeling,to add on to that,flashbacks of the events i was involved in the previous day kept replaying in ma head,eventually the fatigue took a toll on me and i ended up sleeping again.Hours later,i woke up,checked the clock,it was around 1.30 in the afternoon,i quickly jumped off the bed,took a shower,got me a bite to eat,flipped the channels on tv,there was really nothing worth watching on there,about an hour later,i was really bored ,i took a step outside and the whole neighbour hood was quiet,infact i had never experienced such a silence in our neighbour hood,i could hear cricket noises and shit,almost as if it was a ghosttown but then it hit me that there was gonna be a carnival around the mall that day so thats where everyone prolly had gone to.Well i had the choice of going to chill at the valley of kings but i had grown tired of always being there and i needed a new experience and new scenery to be around so i wore my avirex jacket,tied my hair in a pony tail and decided to head on over to the mall to check the carnival out.It was almost as if it was an impulse,i didnt occur to me that the previous day,i was involved in a brawl at the mall and the people we attacked could probably be in the mall waiting for us to fuck around and knock us out.Anyways i quickly walked to the mall feeling a whole lot better,upon reaching there,the scenery was crazy,the place was packed to the brim,i decided i was gonna watch this one old ass man who as pretty good with magic tricks,stood there for about half an hour as he did his thing,his performance was preety amazing as i saw him flip coins and making them disapear but soon after,i got tired of him forcing one and the same trick on us so i proceeded to walk into the mall.It was a preety pleasant scenery to the eyes i must say,i walked valiantly as i saw all assortments of fine dames all over the place,infact i had never seen so many fine ass broads in one place in my life before "damn,now this is what im talking about" i thought to myself as i entered clothing shops,checked out some nice gear and secretly admire them with the intention of buying them at a later time when i had enough money to afford them,i then decided i would head over to the arcade to thank Jt for hiding us the previous day.

Just as i aproached the arcade,i saw this one tall girl with braids and hazel eyes looking at me intently,at 1st i was kinda ignoring her stares because i thought she was prolly lookin at someone else but she kept looking with a grin on her face and shit then she started aproaching me closer almost as if she was trying to make sure of my identity or something like that then to my suprise,she started screaming on top of her voice "GARETH,GARETH,ITS HIM,HE IS HERE,ONE OF THOSE GUYZ THAT ATTACKED YOU"",AS she screamed,i didnt see just the 3 dudes but about 10 more accompanying them headed towards me,at 1st instict,i started running,she tried to trip me over and was nearly successful but i gained my balance and started running as fast as i could as about 13 guys was chasing me thru the mall,everyone in the mall started stepping aside watching as these guys were sprinting after me,i qucikly got the the front side of the mall where i came in through and ran towards the road,as girls i knew kept yelling "RUN CRISSS RUNNN"..i ran without even looking back,kept pacing forwards as cars were nearly hitting me,i had never run this fast in a long time,i felt my both litterally getting fatigued from the rapid swings from my feet as my pressure raised to higher limits,i ran into a nearby shopping complex which was also packed to the brim,climbed up the stairs as i saw the guyz coming from a distance and quickly sneaked into a book store whose washroom i ran into and locked my self in the toilet and kept my mouth shut..about 15 minutes later,i heard like 3 guyz walking into the toilet,they came in sprinting and saying "Hmm,could he be in here",the other replied "yo,lets just browse thru and be out,we dont wanna loose track of that bastard" so they quickly walked in,pushed doors open and got to the door in the toilet i was in,at this point,i felt my nerves go overdrive,i was consumed by fear and my adrenaline rush was at its highest points,i knew i had to do something to get out of this mess so i decided that anything would go,the plan was to try and fake my voice and see if they would buy it so they knocked on the toilet door and said "who the fuck in here" as i replied in a fearful tone like an old man "cant u see im taking a shit boy,do you kids have any respect" and to my suprise he bought it as he replied "oh sorry,ma bad sir" and quickly commanded the rest to get out and search for me and so they all did.I took a long breath of sigh and sat there for atleast 15 minutes and slowly proceeded to get out..i checked the coast and looked down from the window and saw them headed towards the eastside of the town,i then went out of the shopping complex running towards the surburbs

quickly waking towards the surburbs on the eastside of town,i had all my senses alert,attentiv4ely watching my surroundings to make sure i wasnt being followed,paranoia had consumed my mental state for most part and i was really tired,i had never been more tired in my life,anyways like 25 minutes later,i reached the east side surburb,upon reaching there,i dawned on me why me and my family hated the place so much when we lived there and left,it was soo quiet,infact the silence was so eeerie ,you could prolly hear a pin and cricket noises,the sun rays were not doing me any good either as i strolled thru the streets of the surburb remembering some old memories,some good,some bad of when me and my family lived there."the absence of people could have been made worse because of the carnival downtown" i thought to myself as i slowly strolled down the streets catching my breath from running so much earlier, "man,id be the happiest man alive if i could get some water to drink" as a silent thought hit my brain.i must admit the place looked eerie and for a moment ,it was starting to feel like i was the only one in the place till i saw from a distance,a girl sitting on the balcony of her crib reading so i quickly headed towards her and she looked at me in fear at 1st but then eased up as i got close,i didnt quite understand that but then she was like "wut up,you look like you escaped jail" and laughed,i quickly tried to gather to small strength i had left and smiled and said "trust me,its a long ass story,im lucky to even be alive right now" then slowly sat on the balcony next to her as she replied "wow,seems like you were in a serious predicament to me" and i quickly replied "girl,you dont know the hALF,look,i walked up to you for a favor,i know u dont know me like that but could i please get a glass of water,im seriously exhausted" as i took a deep breath wiping the sweat off my forehead talking to her,she quickly responded "aight no biggie" and rushed into the crib and came out with a jar full of ice cold water and a glass to accompany it.My 1st gulp of the water went in to majectically,it was almost unexplanable,it was like the water purified my whole soul and had my anatomy reborn again,i could feel that sensual cool relaxation from the drink as she looked at me with uttermost observation smiling a bit. "whew" i said after the 3rd glass of cold water as she commented "went down well didnt it?" i replied "Girl,this is almost like being saved from a near death experience" as she chuckled and said "so whats the story,what caused you to be in such distress". Being that i had just cooled myself down,i took time and relayed the whole story,from the 1st fight at the mall to what happened in the present. "wow,that kinda reminds me of my brotha,he is always getting into such trouble,typical men behavior" so we then switched the talk to something else,she was complaining about how boring where she lived was and i took the liberty of adding that i used to live in this same surburb and i feel her pain. "we just moved here about 8 months ago,too conservative for me ughhh,ya know,i love fun places and love to be around people,this is not for me" she complained as i added my complaints about the place too

we spent about half an hr speaking without even knowing each others name and the convo was really insteresting,it was almost as if we had known each other all out lives as she took the opportunity to introduce herself "by the way,if u wondering what my name is,its Abigail" i responded "lovely name yo" my name is...." and before i could tell her my name,she responded "i already know who you are". i was suprised as i had never met her in my life before and the curiousity on my face showed as she put me out of my mistery and said "yea you were in that local talent column in the papers the other day,by the way,i enjoyed the freestyle from 2 weeks ago.Now,as you all know,our town had a talent show for local rappers to get on radio and freestyle every friday then callers would call in and give their 2 cents,i was one of the few cats who was very active on that show as i made sure every friday i was at the radio station either freestyling or submitting tracks,that ended up earning me some newspaper coverage atleast 2 times a month so i was getting a little popular and from her comment,it was becoming evident that more people were tuning in,even rich gurls who lived in surburbs lol,Anyways i responded in excitement "thats preety cool,im glad you liked my stuff,i havent had time to work on new material because of all this beef stuff but trust,in good time,it will get cracking" she slowly smiled and said "ill be looking out" as i checked my watch and realised we had spent nearly an hr talking so i told her in an unwilling manner "unfortunately,i gotta get outta here and take care of buisness,thanks for the company,really helped me ease down",she responded in an excited manner "NO NO i should be thanking you,i was bored outta my mind here and i dont do the carnival thing" we both laughed as i reached to hug her,before i could leave she said "so how does one stay in contact if i wanna talk again" ,i held my head and exlaimed "ohh shit,im such a fool,you're right,heres my number" she quickly removed her cellphone from her pocket and added my digits as she wrote hers on my arm to add later on when i got home" she she did this,i took time to observe and picture her frame properly and she was one exquisite looking girl,she looked like she was indian and black mixed with a bit of Rican,had a really nice body,real thich,caramel skinned with hair reaching near her shoulders,her eyes her hazel and wasnt lacking in the booty department either. "thanks,damn,from trouble to this,im one lucky bastard" i said as she smiled and hugged,after that,she slowly walked back into the crib as i departed thinking to myself "im the man,damn,that chick is fine haha",this was a good one for the valley of kings,i thought to myself

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