Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kayla(the Man hater)

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it all started when i went to best buy to collect a new stereo system a while back,i had gone there with my bro really excited about it until something else excited me in the store,upon entering the store,i saw this bad ass looking girl checking out some big screen hd tv,she was one of those half asian/hlaf black chicks with a banging ass body,and from the way she was dressed and all the jewelery she had on,i could tell that she was one of those high class chicks who wouldnt give you the time of the day unless yoyu flashing some money at her but man she was too hot to resist so i started debating with myself whether to go talk to her or not so i decided,fuck it,imma go try my luck and see whats popping.I walk over to the chick and im like "nice tv,you trying to cop that??" and she just gave me one of those "fuck off" looks while looking me up and down and not seeming interested. So im like "im only trying to be nice,aint no need to be like that,its not like i asked for your number or anything" and she replied rudely "yea but most of you niggaz be on that,thats all guys ever do when they try to talk to a chich,get the number,wanna fuck and leave,besides ,you couldnt handle a girl like me" so im like "you would be suprised what kind of girls i can handle" so she paused for a minute and replied in a more friendlier tone "aight,look,im just window shopping,im not tryna buy it unless you want to buy it for me?" and i replied "and go broke,sleep on the streets when i dont even know you like that" and she laughed "aight calm down nigga,im just playing" so i figured how i was gonna run game on here,since she didnt like cats just asking her for a number,i was just gonna walk away and act like i didnt even want it anyway and thats what i did,so im like "aight look,its been good chatting but i gotta run,see ya around" and got to walking,before i could get far,she is like "its rude to just start talking to a girl,not get her name and just bounce and i replied "ill do that when i get your number and we can talk one on one,right now,im in a hurry" so she gave in and gave me the number and igave her mine.i walked away thinking to myself like {fuck i need a challenge}

well needless to say,she called me later that day and we talked for about an hr,from the convo we had,she seemed so full of herself and thought she was gods gift to earth but i didnt care,all i cared about was seeing what she was working with under her clothes so we agreed that the next day we would go out for lunch and get to know each other.the next day comes amd i go over to her crib to pick her up,it was a really nice fucking place,im thinking to myself like {damn,how many cats did she use to get all this shit,well it aint gonna be me},so i sit down for a bit while she claimed she was getting ready,next thing i know,im there like nearly half an hour while she was on the phone with some other nigga,at this point,i was fucking pissed,im like "fuck this bitch,imgonna fuck her till she dies for that" and it was almost as if i never existed,she left me all alone in there for nearly close to an hour then the front door opens up and its the big girl,she had the sexiest face id ever seen,i mean,this gurl was cute but her body was big,not obese big but big boned big ansd the miute she walked in,she was like "hi" and just kept looking at me smiling the whole fucking time,im like "ah man,why do i always attract the big ones all the time",then she asked me "how long you been here,you seem pissed",i replied "an hour and im not feeling this shit",she laughed and said 'thats ma sis,she dont give a fuck,she"ll prolly forget u like the others" amd she walked away so im like "fuck it,im out",i sit for another 5 minutes,got tired,getting ready to leave,someone else walks in and its their mother "i had never seen an older lady so fucking hot in my life,im thinking like "wow,id do her" as she walked in,seen me and talked to me for a bit,she was really cool,till i left and vowed never to call that bitch again

anyways i bounce and for the next 3 days,the bitch was blowing my phone up,(her name was katie by the way) but i didnt answer,so she left messages on my shit,one went like "why you just leave like that,i was about to come talk to you,why you aint picking up,i aint gotta beg you nigga" so i just laughed it off and thought to myself "the bitch aint worth it",Anyways,its friday now and me and my boy Ruger decide to hit the liquor store up and get drunk because we were bored as fuck,so we get there and cop the liquor,on our way out,i hear a lady yelling my name "hey Cris,whats up" so i turn around and who do i see,its Katies mother so i walk up to her and im like "whats going on ma,how you doing?",shes like "ive been great,just came out to get some drinks,really aint got no plans" so i reply "yea me too,im bored as fuck" so she suggests "i tell you what,why dont i get my car over here and we can kick it,i got some liquor,we both bored,it would be entertaining" so im thinking to myself like {BINGO],so im like "lets do this",she goes and gets the car,i turn to my dude ruger tryna explain the change of plans and he is like "nah dawg,thats a fucking hot ass Milf,go do it for the team" so we dapped and i hopped into her car and we rode off to her spot

she lived a few cribs away from her daughters and her spot was elegant,the Milf(ELAINE) had mad taste,the shit was so fucking cosy,it wasnt funny,so anyways,im sitting at the dining table as she brings out all sorts of liquor,and weed,so we get to drinking,talking,drinking,talking,hour after hour,before i knew it,its like 1am and we still at it,i was drunk to my toes and i could see it in her eyes that she was wasted,i had never seen an older lady get wasted like that infront of me,so anyways she then goes to her room and brings out excacy pills and she is like,wanna try these??? so i saw that as my way to get in her panties and im like "hell yea" so we took a pill each and im like "you know,exstacy is not only a party drug but its also a sex drug",she replies "thall explain why im feeling like this"then she asks me "how u feeling right now?",i reply "girl,im horny as fuck," she replied "me too" and im like "wanna do something about it?".and the answer i wanted comes my way "common,follow me to the room"

o we get to the room,and she had like satin sheets and all the works and im like {yea,im gonna do this milf right,im gonna put my all into it,this is the time where i make my mark cause if i screw this up,the milf is gonna diss the shit outta me),she she goes into the bathroom to freshen up and comes out naked.Im there like {ohh shit,this milf ia banging,her body was smooth and coke bottle shaped as fuck},so i take charge and get to kissing on her breasts and playing with her clit and all that shit,shes like "damn boy,where you learn to handle females like that" and im like "just be calm and enjoy that shit" so after all the foreplay,i was in it like a fucking rocket,i started punding the milf harder than ive ever fucked any girl in my life,and shit made me feel good as fuck as the Milf was litterally begging me not to stop,at this point,im thinking to myself like {ah yes,another one for the record,A MILF AT THAT,im the man]so Me and the milf were going at it for hors,im talking missionary,doggy,trapezium,her giving me oral,everythingg..this was one freaky ass older lady and i loved it,so we did it for about 2 hours and shit the session was over,here i was laid in the bed with her as she was shouting all my praises and how good i was for a younger man,she kept telling me to remind her to give me her number so she can have easy access to me so im JUST laying there thinking like "JESUS Cchrist wheres a god challenge,it wasnt so hard to get her on her back,wtf" then the subject changed as we got to talking about her daughters

so she asked me how things went with Katie and i kept it real with her and told her how her daughter was full of herself and shit and i ignored her after she tried to play that shit with me at her crib,her mom just laid there and laughed and said "shes always been like that,she thinks she is the center of everything,she doesnt respect men and ive warned her that she will get burnt someday with that kinda behavior but she dont listed" so i was like "good then,i guess i wont be the next sucker" then she said "you know her sister Kayla thinks you're hot,now Kayla is a really good girl,she knows how to take care of a man,she just has'nt had the right experience and the right man to be around" so im like"yep,the nice ones always have it hard" so her mom was "SHE HASNT been happy for a while now and i want you to do me a favour please?" so im like "WHAT" and shes like "why dont i give u her number and u take her out,just once atleast,please for my sake,i just want her to be happy,i just did u a fvor,do me this favor" so i thought about it and considered my options,if i was to be in the milfs good books,i had to do this so i said.."aight,just once,ill take her out JUST ONCE"and the milf was like "seems im gonna like u more than i thought"

aight so after the session with the Milf,i head on home,she had given me Kaylas number so i decided to call her and shit, and she was all excited to hear from me,its almost as if she was expecting the call from me so we got to talking and she was asking me about her sis and i told her basically that i wasnt fucking with her sis anymore,so she was cool with that and so we planned to go out the next day for lunch.Now i only did this as a promise to her mother the Milf,only because i wanted some more good stuff from the Milf so the next day i go and i pick her up,she was wearing this nice colorful short dress and suprisingly ,she looked kinda good,she sat on the chair for a minute and God damn,she had some banging tighs and legs,let me put it like this,she was like queen latifah fat which wasnt too bad at all,anyways she go out to eat,while we in the car,we talking and shit,she was totally different from her sis,she was into alotta shit i liked,infact she had a great sense of humor and was way down to earth,we sparked a blunt in the car,got blazed then i decided to make the worst mistake of my life.Due to the fact that i have alotta stupid pride,i decided to take her to one of those resturants downtown which i had been warned about numerous times of how expensive they are but that crossed my mind,we get in there and take a seat,and shes giving me props like "ahh i see,you like to eat in style huh?" and im like "yea,yo know how i do,nothing less than quality ya know" so she laughed and was like "i hear that" so she picks up the menu and i do the same and we get to looking through em and God damn,i was starting to have a headache,the food in that fucking place was freaking expensive,i looked thru the whole menu to the desert section and nothing was sensibly cheap so i sat back literally sweating on my forehead like {why the fuck do i always stunt like this at times} and then she got to ordering.this girl was ordering enough food to feed her,myself and 2 kids and im sitting there hoping she would stop but she kept goin on and on,at this point,im thinking,{maybe shes ordering for both of us,theres no need to worry}but she kept at it,the waiter gave me the whole "oh shit,you,re fucked son" look till i couldnt take it anymore,i got up and headed to the bathroom,checked the little money i had in my pocket and realised i would have to use a credit card,i came back out and she was done ordering,the look on my face was crazy,it was almost as if i was hit by a ton of bricks but i kept it cool,then she said "your turn now Cris" and to be honest,i wanted to just ask for water and get it over with but i was like fuck it and ordered something.

when they brought the food to the table,you could see that everyone was staring at our order,i bet u,alotta peeps where like "wtf,they goonna eat the resturant straight to bankrupcy" and i was really embarassed but i told myself {well its for one day,itll be over soon" so she got to eating while we talked,.it took her less than 15 minutes to engulve that food,infact that kinda scared me to a point where i got up again and headed to the bathroom,on my way out of the bathroom, the waiter guy who served us was like "yo g,that your girl??",i replied "nah,1st date man,1st date",he laughed and said "yo for all its worth,it seems like you wasnt liking the eating man,i got one at home,they dont stop eating" so i was like "i know b,its only for today anyways nah mean" and the dude laughed harder and said "ya know what man,these big ones love food so much that they give the best head,you deserve that atleast from her for blowing your whole bank account on this resturant,let me tell you b,try that shit out,you wont forget it till you hit the grave,Fat girls eat that shit,they dont even suck it":,i looked at the cat ,dapped him and was like "good looking out nigga"

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well after the meal,we decide to get In tha car,my aim was to drive her home and get the night over with but as we were driving ,she started asking quesitons like "so what you planning to do next?",i told her blatantly "im thinking that i should drop you home ,then head to the crib for some rest" but you could see she wasnt with that so she suggested,"why dont we go to the movies or something??'.i replied "nah im not in the mood for that??",she added "what about we go kick it at my homegirls crib,lots pf weed and booze"" and she hit the jackpot with that,i was defionately trying to get drunk and wasted so we decided to hit her homegirls spot which was westside of town.we got to the surburb,headed to the gurls crib whos name was mimi,she was cool as fuck,an average looking chick with a massive sense of humour so we got to talking,it was her,kayla and 3 othr chicks in there,i was like the only nigga in there just listening to them having their little girl talk or whatever.At 1st,it felt uncomfortable as hell but after a few shots of liqour,i started mingling with everyone in there.The whole time,Kayla(the big gurl) was giving me this whole "horny" look which kinda had me tripping a little as to how the night would turn out,we drank and smoked and partied till about 10 in the night when we decided we should leave.But the way we were both wasted Mimi begged us to spend the night for our own safety so we agreed but then i realised she was also setting us up for something else.She said "theres one room left for both of you,i hope yall wouldnt mind sharin a bed?" and Kayla replied "its alright,Cris can get the bed,ill sleep on the floor",i quickly refuted "nah you take the bed,ill take the floor" so we all agreed to that and so my life and view about big girls changed from there onwards

It was like around 11,25 in the night,i was laid on the floor still awake hearing her ipod playing while she laid on the bed,that let me know she was still awake.It was kinda odd because i didnt want to say anything but knowing she was awake and staying quiet would be odd,but i kept my silence till she said "you know Cris,thats a hard floor you laying on,arent u feeling uncomfortable?",i replied "nah im straight,ive done this shit before alotta times nah mean?" ,then she replied "you dont have to lay there,you can come share this bed with me,aint nothing wrong with that,we just friends remember?" and i started thinking to m myself {oh shit,there we go again,i gotta be smart about this} so after debating in my head whether to do it or not,i finally decided to give in and said "aight,ill do it,i do need good rest for tomorow and believe me when i said,i wont violate u,im not that type of nigga nah mean?" and she replied "fine then,jump in".So i got up and laid right nexxt to her,didnt say a word and pretended to be sleep,like about half an hour later of her listening to her ipod,i started feeling her hands on my legs and shit,and next thing,she was kissing me all over the neck saying shit like "you dont have to do it if u dont wanna but im feeling a little hot right now" but being the man i am,i didnt resist and gave in,next thing you know,we kissing,touching,fucking,all the works but this wasnt like anything id ever done,this was the good shit,i had never enjoyed sex that much in my life,i started thinking to myself like "whoa,this turned out crazy for real",let me put it like this,she laid that fucking shit on me...
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well after nearly a whole night of intense sex,i laid there stunned and shit without saying a word,infact after that we didnt say nothing to each other till morning when we got in the car.While in the car,she said 'thankx for last night,i hope it doesnt ruin anything that might have been reality",i kept quiet driving and said "well see" but deep down in my mind,i kept saying to myself "whoa whoa whoa,did i do that???this could be complicated as fuck yo"and usually i never questioned my actions when it came to sex but this time,it was almost like an awakening,like some meteorite had hit me and changed my view about things,all i kept seeing was flashes of her sexy face as i drilled her and suprisingly i liked it alot.Anyways we got to her crib,hugged,then she said "you know,not everyone gets to experience what u did yesterday with me,i hope you understand what im saying??" and i didnt take that to heart,all i said was "ill call you" and left.Now usually,when i have intimate moments with females,i never call them,i always wait till they call me back and all the time,they do so the next day which always made me cocky about my ways with females and so i pulled the same game on her only this time,she didnt call the next day,neither the day after that,shit a week went and no call,then 2 weeks gone and no call and i started to feel really angry about that so i decided i was gonna call her to make her feel guilty about that and so i dialed her number.She picked the phone up and i was like "yo what up Kayla?" and for nearly a minute,no response on the phone,so i figured that she was preety pissed ,then she answered in a real rude tone and said "why you calling me,what the fuck do you want?" and i was like "whoa whoa whoa ma,why the tone,i do something wrong?",she quickly replied "ya know cris,im gonna drop this phone because im not about to play mind games with you,you know what you did wrong so bye" and before she could do it,i was like "wait ,wait ,wait,chill aight,look,ive been real busy lately.thats why i aint call earlier,common now,i still called,didnt i??" and she replied "Cris,im not one of the dumb bitches u fuck with on the regular aight,you only called to put a guilt trip on me,or check whether u still good with me and guess what nigga,you aint",i kept quiet for a second and thought "damn,shes good" and she went on "what u gotta say now nigga?" and i replied "common now ma,it aint gotta be like that,ya know" and then she said something that really shattered my whole game,she said "what do you think nigga,you think because you fucked me,i owe you something,pleasee nigga,.i dont care about that shit,you were only a good fuck to me so get a grip nigga".i was stunned,no girl had never set me straight like that before,no girl had ever made me feel like a liability before and that kinda made me respect her in a whole new level to a point where i said "aight,i apologise,my mistake aight,give me another chance to take you out and ill make it up to you,pleasee?" and she replied "ill tell you what,ill think about it and call you,i got your number"And dropped the phone on me

i sat back thinking to myself like "what the fuck just happened?did i just punkout and apologise to a female i only fucked once,i never do that,what the hell," and just decided to watch tv.A few hours later,the Milf calls me to come over to her spot and kick it and as usual,we had sex again and after that,the occasional talk as i had to tell her what was on my mind so i said "Elaine,i gotta tell you something,i hope you dont hate me for this? and she said "go on dear,im very forgiving,you would be surpised" and so i said "remember the day i took your daughter Kayla out?? and Elained replied "let me guess,you guys did it huh?" and i replied unwillingly "yea,so i guess our sessions are over huh??' and she laughed,lit up a cigarette and said "dont be silly cris,me and you are just a fling,we aint together so i aint tripping,ill tell you this thought,Kayla is one girl you dont fuck over," and i asked "why,what would she do to me?" and her mom said "My daughter is not like those ghetto drama queens who would throw shit at you or none of that,no no no,she got a better way of dealing with niggaz,shes gonna make you hate yourself,she will fuck with you mentally so i suggest you watch out with her,keep your mouth shut about us especially..ok dear" and i was like "dont worry about that i got you,she hates me right now anyway,she dropped the phone on me" and her mom replied laughing "ohh boy,you in trouble"

So after the session,i left and went home and chilled with my niggaz and shit talking about the situation.My nigga Sedgio was like "why you tripping b,common son,theres alot of bitches out there man,why you tripping over this one??i dont get it"and i replied "yo g,i know man,you know what,fuck it man,you right,i could give a fuck if she calls me again,im straight" and all the rest of the cats n0dded their heads agreeing like "yes sir..lets hit the club and go get some free pussy ".So we hopped in the car and headed out TO the club named "Creme" and we got to chilling,while there,there was this really good looking native indian chick eyeing me the whole time at the bar so i walked up to her trying to make coversation and so this is how it went ."what up beautiful?" i greeted and added "can i get you a drink or something?,she replied "hi,sure if you want to do that,im moNya and you are???,i quickly replied "Cris" and said "so whats a beauty like you doing here by yourself?" and she replied "well i just broke up with ma man today so i decided to kill some stress here",i replied "damn,he let a fine thang like you go,what a herb" and she replied "well he thought his mistress was way better than i am,you know?" so i added "well maybe i can cheer you up tonight if you let me?" and she replied "give it a shot" so we got to talking at the bar,me cracking jokes,her laughing,us getting drunk by the minute and you know how the whole pick a girl up at the club thing goes,we ended up in my crib on my bed ready to knock boots and so it happened but as i was fucking this girl,i kept seeing kaylas face and thinking about her while i was drilling this girl and loving every moment of it,when it was time to climax,i fucked around and called "KAYLA" and the girl got massively pissed,she was like "WHAT" and i said 'i didnt say nothing" and she replied Angrily "MUTHAFUCKER,YOU CALLED ME KAYLA,GET THE FUCK OFF ME NIGGA AND GO TO YOUR KAYLA,WHAT THE HELL?" and i replied "look yo,im tired,i aint trying to do this,chill out ma" and she replied "IM OUTTA HERE,ALL YOU NIGGAZ IS THE SAME..DOGSSSS" and she put her clothes on and left.it was like a nightmare,i sat back really fucked up in the head,infact i was tripping mad hard like {what the hell is going on,she is not even my ultimate type of chick,i dont even go for girls like her and now im calling her name in sex sessions,man,this aint right,i need help,maybe i should stay the fuck away from her for real} and fell off to sleep.2 weeks pass by,everything is good,my life is going on smooth,i had my occassional sex sessions with her mom and actually was on my way to recovery from thinking of her,i mean,now i was cool and shit when one afternoon while at a baskketball game,my cellphone rings and im like "Yeaa wut up,the greatest here"and the voice on the other end is like "greatest??nigga please," and my nightmare began all over again.The voice on the other end was Kayla and she sounded like she was in a better mood than last time so i decided to be all cocky with her and said "Ok,what you want,i thought you were done with me,why you calling me now,not like i give a fuck anyways " and she replied going "alright then,if we aint cool,ill leave u alone,we dont gotta talk,bye" and i stopped her quick like "whoa whoa whoa,chill,its cool aight,im just not in my correct mind lately but yea whats up?" and she replied "lets see,i said i was gonna call when im ready to let you show me you have grown up,well here it is,what do you gotta say?" and i replied in an offended manner "grown up?? what?? i aint no kid,ive been a man yo" and she replied "is that all you got??? come on nigga,come stronger than that" and i asked "why are you doing this?? and she replied with a real sarcastic laugh "doing what??" and i said "ok look,i aplogised,i waited and you still want to taunt me?" and she answered "taunt you??i aint kno i was doing that,are you feeling guilty about something??" and i replied boldly "hell no,i just wish you would stop playing around and keep it real with me and so she said "ok Cris,before you start wetting your diapers and crying,ill ease up on you nigga,pick me up tomorow at 1 sharp and maybe,just maybe you can show me the change in you,cool?" and i replied reluctantly "aii.....ght"

so the next day at 1 sharp,i was there ready to pick her up and offcourse she came out dressed up looking good as hell,i mean my whole view of her had changed,i thought she was the sexiest being i had ever seen.let me put it like this,i opened the car door for her and trust me,thats not something i do on the regular,it was like something was happening to me i couldnt understand.Anyway the mission at hand was to make sure the date went smooth and of course i had to watch my mouth because i realised that this chick was no dummy, neither was she a push over so we went to the Olive garden and got to chilling,suprisingly,this time she didnt order as much food as last time,infact this time she ate like any other normal human being and she could see the suprise in my eyes so she decided to speak and said "whats wrong,im not totalling you credit cards today,i bet you thought i was one big fat bitch who does nothing but eat all day huh?what you aint know is that i ordered all that food intentionally that day just to see what you would do and guess what?you sat there and made faces,didnt even try to say nothing,which shows me that you have no backbone,wheres the man in you nigga,i thought you were the man~!!!and i sat there stunned as hell,speechless then came up with the ultimate answer and said "well the man in me let you do it,thats whats called a gentleman" and she replied with a sarcastic laugh and said "Ha,smoooth nigga but it dont really say shit to me but i can spend all you money,make u go broke and you say that...only in America nigga"i sat there with my mouth open and shocked at her rudeness,i started cursing myself for taking her out then she said "atleast you dressed nice,you grew a little nigga,now tell me,what kind of nigga doesnt call a girl back after screwing her and exxpects her to be nice huh?? and i sat there quieet as hell and just said "aight,you made your point,ill drop you home when we done.its been good" and she replied "yea..aight nigga
ok the meal was finished and we head out to the car,this time i did't open the door for her ass. when we got in the car she started seeing that i wasnt feeling everything and i was pissed so she decided to tone things down a little and said "you wanna go out for a drink,,its on me" and i replied "im cool,i gotta get home anyway" and then she took a hard breather and said "Look Cris,i was angry at you but since you have made an effort to show me a good time,ill stop being so bitchy towards you" and i replied "look,ill do the drink thing as long as you just keep it civil aight" and she replied "cool with me" and so we drove to a bar and grill called the knockouts,and as we were driving,she said something that kinda went into my head faster than a bullet train crashing,she said "i like you Cris,but im just not sure about how you feel" so i decided to go on front mode and said "we'll see" and she laughed and said "Cris,my dad always told me,when a guy comes back a 2nd time,he likes something about you,even though we havent known each other long,the way ive been getting to you has got to mean something but we aint gotta get into that so lets go have fun aightt".so we got to the bar and of course endulged in drinking and shooting pool which she was very good at mind you,we started having fun and she eased up,infact i started liking her more because she had this care free personality i had always wanted in a woman.After everything was said and done,we sat by the bar and got into a deep conversation about relationships,life and death and future goals and even marriage and believe me when i say,everything she said to me was like an a+ paper,we had so much in common it wasnt even funny,we spent about 2 hours in there talking then we decided to take the conversation to my place where more instances happened again.WEll this is what happened,she was sitting on my couch telling me how well kept my crib is and how she may have underestimated me.i made some drinks and came and sat next to her,it didnt take even 15 minutes when we got silent with each other before our lips locked abd next thing i knew i was in it again,it felt right but at the same time,i was skeptical about alotta things,1st of all about what the fuck i was doing with her ass again,i started asking myself {why am i puting myself thru this toture again,is it worth it?do i really like her,but then again,Im Cris,i dont fall for chicks,i only slam em and thats it}but who the hell was i kidding,i was doing her and loving it,little did i know that there was more drama ahead.

so the next day,i decided to play by her rules,i called her that evening,w got together,i took her to the mall of america where i bought her roses which i usually dont do on 3rd dates,or dates with girls like her.She loved the roses and i was really digging that,infact i felt really good about myself thinking like "whew i finally broke the ice,haha i knew i was the man" smiling while walking and holding her hand.At some point,i thought to myself like "{im doing it again,im falling in deep,what has this girl done to me,i mean what the fuck,buying roses and holding hands at the mall in public,she must be crack cause im starting to get addicted..what the fuck" but then again,i thought to myself,im a player,its not gonna last long,shes just another good fuck, with benefits ,of course i wouldnt want her to know that before she crippled my feelings with her mental bullshit toture.And as usual we went back to my spot and it happened again,i fucked her and there we were laid in bed as she said "Cris,you have started something here,better make sure you gonna finish it"and then i cuddled her and gave her a decieving reply saying "dont worry baby,this aint for nothing,trust that aight" but deep down in me,i knew the next bitch that throws pussy at me would get it.but was i doubting myself.Take it like this,she was only a one day favor as a promise to her mama and now im in bed with her weeks later confused as hell about my intentions..fucking hell.Anyways for 2 weeks,we kept at it..the sex was ridiculous,in the kitchen,in the living room,in the car,anywhere we could do it,i had never met a girl that horny in my life and i had never had sex that fucking good in my life before,she had so much experience,her mom was nowhere close to her skills.Anyways,there was another problem at hand,her mom still wanted to fuck me and called me one afternoon and we got at it again,me and her mom were fucking. as usual we layed there and discussed her daughter as the mom asked "so how are things between you and Kayla??",i replied "shit,she forgave me after some brutal wordplay toture,you were right about her" and the mom laughed and said "see i told you,i know my daughter,anyways,you aint say shit about me and you right?",i quickly replied "hecks no" and she held me ,kissing me on the chest and said "good,cause you're mine anyways,ill let you play with the kids but you know where home is and kissed me,aint no one having you nigga",i laid there thinking like {whoa,MILF is getting possesive,i hope this dont blow up in ma face yo..wtf},then the milf said {so what you want me to get you when i go shopping?},i replied "whatever you think is good for me,im cool with whatever".i got home later that day after my session with the Milf tired as fuck and went to sleep and this caused some more trouble for me

aparently Kayla was calling me the whole time while i was dead asleep and of course i didnt wake up to pick up her calls so she left a nasty ass message when i woke up,it went like "ohhhh,now ou got all the fucking you wanted outta me ,.now you decide not to pick my calls up,dog ass nigga,you probably with some other bitch right now,dont speak to me anymore and dont even try with your silly ass excuses,i dont even know why i even gave you a second chance".i Sat there,really confused and said "fuck this shit,i wont even try,atleast i got the Milf and besides,we have shared alotta good times over the past month,theres no way she will let that go so easily,she is gonna call,she will be back,haha im the man",but once again,i decieved myself as 5 days went and i didnt hear a word from her.In those 5 days,i couldnt sleep,i stayed by the phone every minute hoping she would call but nothing,i couldnt believe it,i had become a desperate lil sucka so i decided to call her and she wouldnt answer non of my calls,i left her messages,apologised,begged her to atleast hear me out but nothing,she totally ignored me,Let me put it like this,i was fucking Crushed,no girl and trust me,i have been with some of the finest ,had ever crushed me like that..it was fucking unbelievable.2 months went by,i tried to forget her and everything and dedicated my time to my music and hobbies but i still couldnt shake her outta my mind.It was like being haunted by a ghost,then on afternoon,i get a call,unsuspectingly it was Katie,her older sister who i had approached in the 1st place,now Katie didnt know about me and her sister or her mama and wanted to call it truce with me and so the convo went like this "sup Cris,remember me?' and i replied "offcourse,how can i forget,you did me bogus as hell" and she replied "Cris,i know that was wrong,after you left,you made me realise that theres more to niggaz than money and all that superficial shit,basically,all im saying is that,im not the same stuck up chick you met 3 months ago,i was hoping we could kick it or something you know?" and i thought {damn,this again,im trying to forget them all but they keep coming back.one by one,but then again,she might turn out to be better and probably would help me forget her sister or even better yet,i could use her to make her sister jelous} so i answered her on the phone and said "ya know what Katie,you really didnt cross me that bad,so why dont we meet up friday and hang out",she replied excited "cool Cris,friday it is,see you then,stay cool boo",i replied "you too,see ya friday"

Well friday came through and it was time for me to go pick Katie up,to be honet,i wasnt even really into it as much because i didnt like Katie like that anymore after the 1st incident with her but due to the fact that i had alterior motives,i made it a point to pick her up and show her a good time.I didnt even dress up,i had on my timbs,a white t shirt and some old phat farm jeans which i wore around the house when i wasnt going anywhere,plus my cellphone offcourse.I got there at 1,05 to find her waiting by the door to her house,she was looking smoking hot,she had on a black and white dress with flowers paterns in the middle of it,around the belly area and its length was tigh high and to go with the dress,she wore some matching black boots with B and P engraved on them.after seeing her coming out like that,i felt really bad for not puting the same effort into my dresscode but she didnt seem to have any problem with that as she said "Hey cris,you ready??cause i cant wait" and i replied "i was born ready ma".she hopped in the car and then she got to talking and offcourse as usual,the topic was about her and how she needs this and she needs that and how money made the world go around,basically,i didnt give a fuck about what she was saying,i kept driving as she talked endlessly and all i kept doing was agreeing and disagreeing like "yea,i see,ok etc",i really could have cared less if she jumped out of the car and got hit by traffic.We headed to some italian resturant down town,and best believe this time i had come finanacially prepared for it because i knew what type of girl she was.To my suprise,she ordered cheaper food than i did and kept it really at an affordable pace,i was getting the hang of her new little change as she said "you know Cris,no nigga has ever walked out on me before and when you did that day and never picked up my calls,you made me realise that sometimes it aint all about me,i kinda owe you one for that" and i sat there and said "i was really pissed off that day,i had sworn i would never talk to you again" and she asked "so what changed your mind?",i replied "the thought of your lustrous beautiful face",she blushed and replied 'awww,you are so different from the rest,i nearly made a big mistake" and i replied "well,i try to be me,im not trying to be like any other nigga" and she added "i know,you;re easy to talk to,i feel so happy that we are trying to work this out" and i picked up the glass to toast with her and said "well,to a good future if there is btween us" and she toasted back and said "to a good future.Well,while eating and talking,i get a call and i look at the caller ID and its prince(yes,the famous singer also known as the artist,the one chappelle had an episode on),so im like "P,whats good baby,where you at man?",he replied "out here at stargate club in the V.I.P section,why dont you come through and kick it,ill let the bouncers know im expecting you" so i agreed and said "aight ,ill be there in a few",so i turned to Katie and said "i got a suprise for you,theres someone i want you to meet,we are about to go hang out with him right now" and she replied "who??one of your fellow rap dudes???" and i replied "noo,hes not a rapper but he is in the music buisness too" and she replied all excited "i heard you know alot of these famous peeps,ive never met one,it would be a great experience" so i added "ok..finish up and lets get outta here"

so we finished up with the resturant,and headed to club stargate,luckily,the bouncer was Bruce(the same cat that got me to connect with prince).He see;s me and daps me and is like {MA NIGGA,THE GRAVEYARD SHIFTER,THE BIG MAN IS WAITING,COMMON) so we follow him to the vip section and she taps me on the back and is like "oh snap,thats prince,you know him?" and i turned and said "you havent seen nothing yet".I head straight to prince and im like "what up nigga,i aint heard from your punkass in a jiffy" and he replied "yea,thats because your punkass dont call nobody,whats good man,you rolling in the dough now?",i replied laughing "nah b,im broke as ever,you need to put me on kid" and he replied laughing "you already know the dealy" and then adds "so who's the guest Cris" and i turned to Katie and said "ma bad yo,this is Katie,my date tonight,Katie,meet prince,dont worry,this punk ass nigga wont bite" and she just stood there realy start struck with a loss of words and said "Hi" and he shook her hand saying "dont worry,relax,we all peeps here,having fun" and turns to one of his guys and says "get some perion in this spot man" and yellz "THA SHIFTTTTER,MINNESOTAS FINEST HAHA".So we basically chilled with prince in the club,getting drunk till about 12 midnight,after that,we followed his entourage to his house where we chilled,got served weed,drank more,listened to his unreleased songs and listened to his encounters with other celebrities.Everything said and done,Katie got a few autographs,took a few pictures with him with the cellphone cam and offcourse i decided to take her home,me and prince dapped as he yelled "CALL ME MUTHAFUCKER" And i replied "PICK YA PHONE UP YOU BUSY GOON' and headed out.As we drove,she said "Oh my God,you made my night,all my friends will hear about this",i sat in the car proud of myself and said 'well,its been a hectic day,its time to get you home so you can rest" as she replied in a dissapointed manner saying "damn,it is late,i was hoping we could hang out a little more you know" and i added "theres many days after today,dont even trip".And so we drove to her crib,took her to the house door as she hugged me and tried to reach for the kiss but i stopped her and said "not now,ive been drinking a whole lot,my breath aint right,get you some sleep,ill see you tomorow",but deep down,i wasnt feeling her like that and i dreaded the idea of kissing her and making her think there would be anything remotely that would ever happen between us.I was glad that she enjoyed meeting Prince though,

Well,the next day,Katie called me hour after hour and i knew my plan was working,but there were points where i thought that using her might be going too far but at the end of the day,i didnt give a shit.i didnt pick her early calls till around 2 in the afternoon when i picked it up and said "hey Katie,sorry i wasnt picking earlier,had a meeting",she wasnt even mad and replied "no no no,its alright,come pick me up at Global hair saloon" and i asked curiously "wheres your car??" and she answered "ohh,i let my sister see it but she is taking time to bring it back" so i headed there,walked in and all the girls in there was whispering saying stuff like "is that him,is he the guy that took you to prince's house,oooo he good looking" and all that shit.AT that point,i figured that she had been talking about me and wanted her little salon buddies to see who i was,i wasnt tripping about that though.We hopped in the car and went out,hung out and did the usual kicking it,but as usual,the spark just wasnt there.This went on for about 3 weeks till one infamous night,it was me and her together in my room listening to music,she decided to take it upon herself to try and seduce me and shit.She started kissing on me,touching my dick and breathing all hard saying "common Cris,its been 3 weeks,if not more,common baby boy,let me see what you working with",so i decided,{fuck it,let me give her what she wants} and got to kissing her while fingerfucking her.I thought maybe hearing her moan would put me in the mood to stick her hard but it just didnt do shit for me.Instead,i started thinking about Kayla and what she could be doing at this moment.My conscience started fucking with me hard so i pulled my finger out of her coochie and kept it real with her "Listen Katie,i cant do it yo,i just aint feeling it,maybe we should give it some more time" and she looked at me stunned and said "Cris,what is it,is it me,i know it aint me cause aint no nigga can look at this and let it go,are you gay or some shit??' and i replied quick "Hell fucking no,i aint gay,im just not feeling you right now and im not gonna have sex with you,i think its best we take this shit slow".Andd she just got up,wore her coat,looked at me pissed off as fuck and said "get youself together Cris,you got issues,call me when you get it together" and walked off.I then had this crazy urge to see the Milf so i called her and offcourse,she was more than happy to entertain a visit by me.I got to her place and the occasional sex session commenced which ended in the obvious in bed discussions of her daughters.Once again,she asked "so i heard you and Kayla finally stopped talking to each other fo good huh?"i replied and said "she did it,not me,i tried everything but she wouldnt budge so fuck it,im good" and the Milf turned to me,kissed me deep and said "well maybe it was for the best,seems like you and i are stuck together and i love it,i already told you that you,re mine nigga" as i lay there thinking {OK,the milf is getting obssessed,i need to becareful},then she added "i think im starting to have feelings for you Cris" which put me in a big vacuum of fear.

Basically i spent the night there contemplating on how i was going to make the Milf understand that there cant be nothing more than a fling between us and each time i tried to think of something,it just seemed like i was reaching dead ends with a solution.Basically,i got up,got prepared,kissed the milf and headed out to my Boy tyrones Crib.Now tyrone was my good hommie who always gave me good advice anytime i had problems,the only reason why i never hung out with him much was that,he was a gun weilding crazy motherfucker who loved to start shit and i wasnt trying to catch no case around him.anyways i got to his crib and so we got to talking,while drinking a few beers and i explained the whole situation to him as he said "God damn ma nigga,you are one evil,crazy ass nigga,doing all these females like that" and i replied "man,this shit was unexpected man,i need a way out of this my nigga" and he added 'yo son,these chicks aint your typical crazy types,these are the inteligent,kill you with a tactic types and those are very twisted and dangerous,you are in boiling soup son" and i was like "common nigga,you the man with the plan,what you think i should do kid" and he replied "if this was some street beef typa thing,i would have been blasting muthafuckers for you,but this is some physcho love type of shit which niggas like me cant understand much,nigga,all i can say is this,stay away from the Katie bitch,you already aint fucking with the Kayla chick no more and as for the mama,i dont know man,threaten to tell her kids or something,thats really the best i can tell you"I thought about his plan and said "yo g,i dont think the mama cares like that man,she wouldnt give a fuck son" and Tyrone just concluded "Nigga,you're very fucked,ill tell you what,get your crew together and go rock shows outta state or something for a bit so these bitches can forget you or something" and i replied "yea,i can fuck with that plan son" and he added "but dont get it twisted nigga,i have a feeling that this shit is gonna haunt you in the near future,whatever the case kid,i got ya back,you already know". i sat there holding my head like "why the fuck did i do this shit in the 1st place

Well,i spent my night at tyrones Crib after drinking non stop and shit.It was like 8 am in the morning when tyrone woke me up saying "get up nigga,go wash your face son,we got errands to run" so im responded "whoa whoa whoa, son,what errands,i never agreed to any errands man" and he added "thats what i mean Cris,you never kick it with your boy, we been down for so fucking long man,today you gonna hang out with me,i need you to help me out with something anyways" as he pulled out a pistol from under his couch.Now seeing the pistol reminded me of why i hated hanging out with him in the 1st place,i remember the last time we hung out,i got chased by black hoody wearing muthafuckers who were dead bent on seeing us dead and i wasnt about to get into any kind of shit like that and so i said "look Ty,im not going to get into no shit with you man,why the fuck do you always gotta carry a gat with you,its not that serious b" and he replied "nigga,your enemies are bitches,mine are real life grimey niggaz,now compare and tell me what you think,besides man,you know i got your back,common b,we will be right back aight".So after long thought,i agreed to go on his so called errand.I got ready as we hopped in his truck and hit the highway as he sparked a blunt and passed it to me while saying 'yo son,this is that killah shit,this is that straight imported shit,this shit is gonna bend your mental kid,only built for jamaican links type shit ma nigga" and so i inhaled it and that shit choked the daylights outta me as i coughed hard trying to catch my breath,he laughed and added "haha,i told you that was that bomber ma nigga".Anyways i got a hang of the blunt and smoked it with him while driving till i started seeing things.That blunt was the craziest i had ever smoked,i started hearing noises and got very paranoid,everything became toooooo slow motion and my eyes were too heavy for me handle as i said "areeee weee theeereee yettt" in an echoe manner as he turned to me saying 'a few more blocks kid,a few more blocks"

Anyways,we got to the hood,the eastside.Now not everyone comes into the eastside and comes out alive but since i knew a few cats there and he was my hoodpass,everything was good.We stopped at this blue house which was fenced with barbwire as Tyrone shouted "Carlossss".A minute later,a buffed latino guy walks out and says "what up esse..you made it in time,i was about to think you wouldnt show,he is waiting inside" so ty turned to me and said "yo Cris,go to the car trunk and bring out the black bag ma nigga,lets go get this money" so i headed straight to the trunk of the truck,opened it and took the bag.It was too heavy to be something with drugs in it so i started getting curious as to what was in it as i asked Tyrone upon reaching him "yo son,you selling a nuclear weapon or some shit",he turned to me with the most proud face ever and said "Nuclear,no,weapon,yes my friend,now lets go get this money".we get in the house and its full of real life hardcore esses.They were all cool and shit but you could see they were prepared for anything as there were guns on the table,in their pants pockets etc.we sat down as Tyrone talked to another cat in there in a white suit called Tommy as he said "so,what you got for me esse?" and Tyrone replied "check that shit out" as he pulled an uzi out of the bag.Tommy was very impressed and said "very nice,very nice,what u asking for this baby right here" and Tyrone said "give me 700 bucks and we good,that shit is brand new b ,plus ill throw you some free ammo to go with that bitch".Tommy paused for a minute and said "$600,final offer" and Tyrone sat for a minute and said "aight,sold,its not like a hundred bucks will kill anyone",so they counted the cash right in his face and paid him and urged him to bring them more big guns.Basically,the transaction went well without violence and so he split the money with me and we headed to the mall

We get to the mall about 15 minutes later and split,he went into radioshack as i headed over to the timberland store to cop me some new boots.i had decided to spend $150 of the money on these tan boots with patterns on the sides and believe me when i said,them shits were raw as fuck,then headed out.I called Tyrone on his cellphone to see where he was so we could meet at the car and he told me that he was already in the car waiting so i let him know i was on my way.Just as i was walking,this talll,really dark skinned cat jumps right infront of me and says you the bitch ass nigga that fronted on my homegirl huh,you like to bully bitches nigga,well bully me now son,WHAT WHAT!!",So im standing there like "what the fuck are you talking about nigga,get the fuck out of my way b" and he stands there and says "i aint going nowhere son,Katie told me you were gonna be on some cocky shit" and i replied stunned "Katie??i aint got no beef with her man...stay outta this shit b" and dude gets louder saying "FUCK THAT NIGGA,YOU GONNA CATCH SOME HEAT TODAY SON"and so i started getting pissed off and told him"nigga,back off before it gets outta hand,"next thing i know,he pulls a bat out of his coat and hits me with it on the side of my arms numerous times and then he tries to run.I run after him holding my arm in anguish as he approached the parking lot and yelled to Tyrone in the car "Stop that bitch ass nigga,right now,get him kid".Tyrone hops out of the car wielding the pistol but the kid is far ahead and i quickly get near tyrone and say "its cool nigga,no need for that,theres gonna be cops around here ,feel me" and Tyrone replied "yo,lets get home and round up the goons,i know that bitch ass nugga"

Ok...so me and tyrone are pissed off about the whole situation.He is going on and on about what we are gonna do to that kid as he says "yo son,how is your arm b?" ,im like "It hurts nigga,that shit hurts bad man" so he adds "we gonna get you to the hospital,then after that,we gonna make this nigga bleed son,we gonna make him bleed,BITCH ASS NIGGA",sow e hop in the truck as he is on his cellphone calling the rest of our homeboys saying "yo kiLLA G,round up the boys,meet me and Cris over at his crib at 9 tonite,we got some prey to catch nigga" so Killa G,Agreed as we headed to the hospital.We get to the hospital and my doctor checks me out,gives me some pain meds and tells me not to use my arm too much.at this point,im pissed off as fuck,not only could i not use my arm like that anymore,but i had to withdraw hundreds of dollars out of my bank account to pay for medical fees and shit.SO anyways,after the whole hospital scenario,we stop by Tyrones crib as im on his couch with him heading to his room and coming out with a black bag.I ask him whats in the bag and he says "dont worry about that shit nigga,its the remedy,you rest ya arm son".SO we chill in his crib till about quater to 9 as he is walking all over the house just planning malicious ,shit saying shit like "i know that bitch ass nigga,ive been looking for a reason to murk his bitch ass and now im gonna do it,no one fucks with my niggaz"..After all was said and done,,we headed over to my crib with the 7 of our boys waiting for us as they asked "what the fuck happened to you man,whats goin on with your arm" and i replied "lets get into the crib and imma tell yall"

So in the crib,i related to them the whole thing that happened.Tyrone also added that he knew who the kid was and he knew excatly how we were gonna find him."yo,That motherfucker is CAsh,remember him??that stupid motherfucker that be selling drugs on fridays at the club,his bitch ass is always there and this friday we are gonna get this fool" aNd one of the homeboys who's name is Carl added "yea i know the kid,i cant stand his bitch ass,he thinks he is hard,yo,im down for this too".so basically the whole crew was down to get him but i didnt know excatly what we were gonna do to the kid so i asked "yo,so what we doing,whopping his ass??' and Tyrone added "shit,whoop his ass,rob him and murk that bitch ass nigga".Now,that was too extreme for me as i objected "whoa whoa,check it guys,lets beat him and rob him,i aint tryna go to jail over the fool b",and offcourse everyone agreed that there was no need to excessive punishment for the kid.Anyways,the black bag tyrone had brought had some ammo and some pistols as he started passing to the homeboys and said "take care of my bitches,we gonna scare that fucker with these".I offcourse declined the offer to have one and so we drank our night away as usual until friday

Friday came through as my arm was feeling a whole lot better from that day.tyrone called me up at the crib to get ready for the night because e were gonna take care of buisness at club crystal where the kid was always posted.So basically the whole day went normal till 7 in the evening when Tyrone came and picked me up in the truck with some of the crew while the others had another whip they were using.We got to club crystal about 10 minutes later and waited in the truck in the parking lot area with our eyes open scoping for any signs of the kid.WE sat for about an hour smoking blunts in the car and the kid still didnt show up so my patience was starting to wear out as i said "look yall,this nigga aint coming,lets bounce,he probably figured that we were gonna try to get him" but tyrone just sat there and said "chill B,he gotta get his money,he will show up" and what do you know,about 25 minutes later after that,there he was just right by the side of the club trying to sling dope and shit,So tyrone turned to Shane in the back seat and said "yo,he dont know you,go towards him and pretend to be copping some shit then stick him up and take him to the back".So shane did as he was told as Cash yelled "i got that fire,i got that shit" at shane and shane walked towards him and next thing you know,the kid is walking to the back of the club unwillingly.At that instant,we all jump out of the truck and headed to the back as shane had the gun pointed at this dude with his bitch ass begging.I showed up and said "remember me nigga,yea,you thought you had me bitch ass nigga,take this to Katie you faggot" and punched him dead in the face.The whole click added on with kicks and punches to the kid as he had no chance then tyrone said "aight son,we gonna see what you got for us in your pockets,then you,re dead".the kid started crying like a bitch saying shit like "please yo,i didnt mean to get into this,i wasnt even trying to beef,i got a kid at home to feed" as the homeboys went thru his pockets and took all his drugs and money,they also grabbed a cellphone and his id.Tyrone started mocking him saying "you got a kid at home and you sell this shit son,well guess what,we doing you a favor,get a fucking job and i wonder how proud your child will be when he finds out that daddy is a homo thug" and smacked him dead in his face.Basically,after that,i let Tyrone know that it was enough and so we bounced and left the kid there,shaking in his bones with bruises to his face

Ok so after the whole scenario,we in the truck heading home as my dudes were sharing the drugs and this kids money.i personally didnt care for that shit because i had something bigger to worry about,my arm was hurting worse and i couldnt wait to get Home.Tyrone drops me home,we dap as he says "yo son,call me up if anything pops off,aight man,we out" and so they left.I went straight to the room,laid in my bed as my arm was hurting even worse.while laying there in pain,i kept thinking of malicious ways to get back at Katie but nothing was brutal enough,i laid there tossing and turning thinking to myself like "i gotta get this bitch" and life after half an hour i fell to sleep.I woke up the next day feeling a little better and decided to chill and watch some tv when i get a call from someone.I pick the phone up and its this realy deep voiced cat saying some shit like :"YOU,RE CRIS NIGGA?" And im like "yea,what u want" and he laughed and said "TO BREAK YOU BITCH NIGGA" and i took a long breather,really getting fed up and said "LOOK SON,YOU AINT DOING SHIT,TELL KATIE IMMA GET HER AND YOUR BITCH ASS WHOEVER YOU ARE,DO YOU KNOW WHO U MESSING WITH?" and the cat replied "WE SHALL SEE NIGGA,JUDGMENT DAY IS AROUND THE CORNER FOR YOU,IM GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU NEVER MESS WITH MY kATIE AGAIN" and then he dropped the phone.After that,i sat back,rolled up a blunt and went and sat outside thinking of the situation,holding my head going like "what the fuck do these bitches want from me yo".Basically,i decided to lounge in my crib all day with a baseball bat on my lap just incase and there was no sign of danger.At around 7.25 in the evening,i get a knock on the door,i open that shit with my bat ready only to see my homie Tyrone as he rebuked me saying "put that shit away nigga,you need some steel in this bitch,a bat aint gonna do shit" and he walked in.As usual we dapped as he said "get dressed nigga,you need to relieve yourself of the stress,we going to the club son".Offcourse i liked the idea so i wore my timbs,rocked some phat farm jeans and one of my very priced possessions,my jacob watch which cost me $4000.offcourse i only wore that to special occasions

anyways we head to the club and its live and popping in there,me and Tyrone head straight to a bunch of college girls who were sitting in a circle chatting and having fun.once he got to em,the whole mood changed,they were all over us like magnet,we bought em drinks,chatted it up,i had these girls doing some wild shit,i made 2 of em kiss each other as tyrone turned to me and said"we got em son,they coming home with us nigga,all 6 of em",i replied "yo son,we gon fuck all 6 of em?',he answered "hell yea,pick your fav 3,ill pic mine,these girls is freaks,theyll let us do em all".I laughed deviously,shook hands with tyrone and said "shit nigga,its on" and so we started spitting game at em as i said "damn ladies,its really fun talking to ya,ill really have a hard time sleeping tonite if i didnt let you entertain me in the comfort of my home" so one of the girls asked "so you invite us all to your crib".i replied "hell yea,theres plenty of room too,i live in a mansion,so you dont have to worry about shit",the minute they heard that,they were down like gravity as we kept talking further.WE sat there drinking on till about an hour after that when this huge,fucking tall monster of a guy walking,real light skinned with a rasta like beard.I mean he was so perculiar,theres no way you wouldnt notice him.He stood at the door talking to the bouncers and it seemed like he was asking them questions,next thing i know,the bouncers look our way and point our direction.At that instant,i knew something was wrong as i turned to Tyrone and said "yo son,that dude over there has come for us b,i can feel it".tyrone turned to me and said "common son,dont ruin the moment kid,these chicks is feeling us man,stop being paranoid,we dont even know that nigga"and he turned back to talking to the girls.I sat there slowly observing the giant as he proceeded to go sit at the bar watching us from the corner of his eye and shit.i tapped Tyrone on his back again and said "look son,this nigga been eyeing us the whole time,im telling you,something aint right man,we gotta watch him yo" and Tyrone replied "Look Cris,chill man,we about to have a fucking 6 some here man,enjoy the moment" and i replied hysterically "fuck the pussy man,look,ill prove it to you,im gonna get up and head to the toilet,watch what he will do" and so i got up and headed towards the mens room.I got in there,waited for aboutn 4 minutes when Tyrone rushed in and said "yo son,you were right,we gotta get the fuck outta here kid,we cant fight that big ass nigga,none of us will win B".I added "theres a problem ma nigga" and he asked "what?",i replied "i think he is down with the bouncers at the main door".Tyrone held his head saying "Shit we fucked,lets try and walk outta here in the crowd and see what happens".so tyrone opened the door and next thing i knew,i saw a huge knuckle land across his face as he fell flat on the floor",i yelled "OH SHIT" as everyone started running around frantic and scared as hell.Tyrone decided to get up and try and punch this guy but the giant of a man headbutted him so hard ,he passed out then he turned to me and said "its judgement day son,its judgment day".I knew at that point that i was a dead man,i knew i couldnt run because the bouncers stood there and watched like nothing was wrong,people were running around while others watched from a distance so my only choice was too try my luck and fight him.

I threw a left hook at him as he ducked and punched me dead in the face,i fell right to the floor dazed as fuck,for about a minute i couldnt see a single thing.blood was oozing outta my nose bad too as i tried to get up.He kicked me with his black timbs right on my ribs so hard i fell like a sack of beans back on the floor screaming in pain.He then proceeded to pull me by my braids and slammed my head against the wall.at this point,i was gone,i was weak,i couldnt even breathe or think,i couldnt even move as he kept punching me all over the body then when i was on the floor,he proceeded to kick the living shit outta me.I had given up all bloody as he yelled "GET UP TOUGH GUY,GET UP".he then takes my hand and removes my jacob watch,laughs and kicks me hard on my ribs again.One woman from the side of the club kept yelling,someone call the cops,someone do something,that monster is gonna kill them".I laid there totalled,i didnt even thinking of moving,hell i was too weak too,my ribs were so battered up it wasnt even funny as i remembered what my dad used to tell me when i used to weight lift with him "even giants can fall if you know where to hit em",so i tried to gain strength and got up,before i could swing "he punched me dead in my stomach".i thought i was going to die,i couldnt even breathe,i stood there gasping for air and fell back down,then next thing i heard was "AAHHHHHHHH" as the giant yelled.i look and my nigga Tyrone has stabbed him in the leg with a broken bottle.The giant starts holding his leg in pain as tyrone helped me up and we headed for the exit with the help of the peeps in the club.we were able to make it to the truck as tyrone reached for his pistol at the bottom of his car seat and said to me "ill be back nigga",i tried to talk him out of it but he wasnt hearing me.About a minute later after his departure,i hear {pa pa pa pa pa,bang bang bang".Im like "ohh shit,gunshots" as i started the car in fear,i saw people running helter skelter out of the club and to my amazement,tyrone runs at the car,jumps in and shouts "DRIVE NIGGA,THEY SHOOTING AT US",so i stepped on it as everywhere was littered with gun sound and shit {pa pa bang bang}.i was terrified as fuck as i yelled at Tyrone "DID U SHOOT ANYONE NIGGA",HE REPLIED "FUCK NO,THEY WERE IN THERE WAITING,I SHOT THE PLACE UP THOUGH NIGGA",all i could do is yell "FUCK"

iT was late as fuck as we were driving frantically on the freeway looking thru the car mirrors to see if we were being followed.Every car that passed us was suspect as hell as Tyrone said to me "listen up kid,that nigga meant buisness,we cant stay in our cribs tonite,lets go crash and Carl and Carltons crib".Now Carl and carlton were my boys since i can remember,they were twins who were very well to do,they had money,women,shit,their crib was like a fucking palace,,infact one of my successful buisness endevours was with theM so we drove straight to the surburbs of minnetonka whwre we headed straight to the twins Crib. we head out,ring the bell,they open the door shocked saying shit like "what the fuck nigga,you look like frankenstein,what the fuck happened to yall".,All i said was "we gotta crash nigga,some cats tried to kill us tonite b" so Carl replied "you already know nigga,this is home to you,get in the bathroom and take care of those wounds,God damn".So I headed to the bathroom and i couldnt believe it,my whole face was swollen,my nose was broken and i was a very pissed man.After i freshened up,we sat down as the twins said "Cris,you already know what to do right?" and i replied "fuck yea,im gonna get that bitch and that nigga".but Carl said "nah son,this is way outta your league,its time to call your dad b,he will take care of this shit fast" and i replied "nah,i dont want pops involved in this",Carlton added "yo Cris,these guys mean buisness,you dad has money and he has done alot for alotta crooks in the hood,you know they would kill for that nigga,remember that guy your dad always calls when shit like this goes down,whats his name again?" and i replied "JOHN JOHN" and he added "yess him,thats the kind off reinforcements you gotta bring into this now,that nigga is a beast,he got no heart,i promise you,he will take care of that giant".i asked them "what about that bitch Katie"??,Carl added "dont worry about her,we got that,theres this really thristty dyke bitch we know who will pin her down and do things to her she will never forget,but 1st things 1st nigga,i think you should call your dad,he has influence in this city,he will fix this bullshit in no time nigga" but i declined the offer and said "nah fuck that,i aint calling my dad,i dont want to always run to him when i got issues,anyways 1st thing tomorow,yall gotta take me home to go get my id and social security card,all my important shit basically" and so the twins agreed.We chilled a few more hours watching sports and getting high then i went to sleep.

The next day at about 9 in the morning,we headed straight to my crib.i tried to unlock the door only to find the door was already opened,and so i walked in.i nearly fainted when i saw the state my crib was in.someone had come in there and fucked the whole place up,magazines,papers were everywhere,i ran into my room and my whole timbaland boot collection was gone,my jewelery was gone,my hdtv was gone,they left only the normal one,my x360 takeN.Let me put it like this,everything that was off value to me was gone.At this point,a deadly rage overcame me,i had never been that angry in my life,my eyes were tearing up as i started punching the walls yelling 'IM GONNA FUCKING KILL THAT BITCH".The twins tried everything to calm me down but i wasnt hearing it,i headed out,hopped in their car and told them, "we are going straight to katies crib" and so we did.We got there a few minutes later as Kayla was sitting outside saying "Hmm,what u doing here".i walked past her and walked into the house and headed straight for Katies room door but it was locked.Out of rage,i started kicking the door trying to break it as Kayla ran and stood infront of me saying "WHOA WHOA CRIS,WHAT THE HELL,YOU BETTER GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE NIGGA BEFORE I CALL THE COPS,WHATS GOIN ON WITH YOU,IVE NEVER SEEN U LIKE THIS BEFORE",i didnt know how bad my anger was till i grabbed Kayla by the neck and slammed her against the wall as my niggaz were like "whoa whoa,chill son,thats a gurl,a gurl u like man" and i said to her 'BITCH,GET OUTTA MY WAY OR ILL FUCK U UP",She started trembling in fear and said "Cris,what happened,why you doing this to me,i thought you loved me?" and i let go of her neck and told her "Tell your sister,ill be back for her,i want her soul,tell that bitch im going to kill her" and Kayla stood there with a very amazed look on her face and said "Cris,dont hurt her,please,you dont even love her like that,i know its me you like so lets talk about this,please,whatever my sister did,ill see to it that we work this out"I looked at Kayla and said "just relay the message" and walked out.

So we head back to the twins crib as im sitting there telling them how im gonna rip the bitch to pieces.The twins say to me "calm down cris,you know who is behind this,you gonna get all your shit back B" but i wasnt hearing it.carl then added "sit down and take a breather nigga,we got this b". so i took his advice and chilled when my cellphone rang 10 minutes later.i Pick it up and all i hear is "Cris,its dad,im on the next flight there,i hear someone tried to shoot you,ill be there soon to help you with this problem,meet me at the airport tomorow at 3 pm alright:" and i replied reluctantly "a...l ri,,,ght" and dropped the phone,Got up pissed and yelled "WHO THA FUCK CALLED MY DAD "And carl got up and said "im not gonna let u do anything stupid,i did it son,i called your old man,its time to let the OG take care of buisness" and i added "yo..this was my buisness,you had no right to call ma dad,wat the fuk man" and he replied "i have every right to help ma homeboy out and save him from problems ya know".So we argued and argued but at the end of the day,i knew my dad was coming and i had no other choice but to go get him at the airport and shit.And so i did the next day,At 3 my dad arrived as i drove him to his house and shit.he rested for about and hour and told me to call all my niggaz to the crib because he wanted to have a talk with us about the situation and so i did so.I called tyrone and everyone else who came a few minutes later and here we were discussing in the loungue with my dad.

So my dad asked "whats the situation here cris",i tried to tell him the whole story from the begining but he stopped me and said "i didnt come here to hear that,i wanna know who has a problem,what the problem is and why the problem has become what it is" so i cut the story short and told him.He sat down quiet for a moment and said "so the culprit in question is a girl??" ,i replied "yes pops a girl",he added "i see,well,we have options here,i can make a few calls and repay the favor or we can come to an agreement which will benefit both you and her and all parties involved" and i replied quick "i say we hurt her the way she has done me,look at my face dad" and my dad asked me "Cris,do you really want to hurt a female the same way that guy did to you??i mean i just want to know,i got 2 days here,i can have that taken care off or you want to follow my idea>>" and so i asked pops "ok,whats your idea?" and he replied "its simple really,i call her to meet us and she tells us where that guy is,ill have John john handle him ,then you get your things back,think of it"and i said "but pops i want that girl to suffer" as all my niggaz agreed "yes sir,thats what we want".mY pops got up and said "give me her number right now" and so i did and he called saying "Hello,is this Katie clyde" and she replied,then he said "Ok,this is Mr sokuu,Cris's dad,i believe you and my son have some unfinished buisness which i want to settle,it would be in your best interest to come and meet us at a neutral spot" and she spoke and he replied "trust me,im the last guy you want to disobey,im not here for ping pong,do you and your family a favour and show up to 1650 marion street,ill be waiting for you,the its house 1267,"then i think she told him she was at work because he then proceeded to say "listen little girl,your job wont matter by the time my patience wears thin,if you got enough time to plan hits on my son,you have time to meet me here,dont keep me waiting..i have 2 days here" and he dropped the phone,turned to us and said "she will be here,she knows who i am and trust me,she knows that in this city,no one disrespects me or my family,she will be here".me and my dudes sat laughing and said "haha...pops did it again"

Well like my pops said,she was going to come because it didnt take long when i saw her car parking outside.i started locking my fists and grining my teeth when my dad said "Boy,theres no need for that,dont loose the little bit of manhood you got left in you,now go take a seat" and so i did.She walked in and you could see the shock in her face when she realised who my dad really was.she said stuff like "its really an honor meeting you,you have helped alotta people in this community including my cousin and i apreciate that" and my dad said "im sure you do,so i take it you know that im not a very playful man either" and she replied "ive heard you dont respond well to disrespect" and my dad agreed "thats right,you want some cofee or anything?" and i was thinking to myself like wtf,why is he offering her anything,he then turns to me and says "Cris,go make our guest some cofee and serve her,make it hot".i stood up very reluctantly and went to make it as i heard them talking.mY Dad said "i believe an associate of yours has some things that belong to my son,especially his dignity" and she replied "i didnt mean for all that to happen sir,i only wanted him to threaten Cris,thats all,i love cris,i wouldnt want that to happen" and my dad said "spare me the dramatic speech little girl,you have 24 hours to make sure all his stuff is put back,take this" as he gave her the keys to my house and said "in 24 hours,that house must be clean with all his possesions returned,i am going to see how much damaged has been caused which you will pay for",she sat stunned and said "but sir" and he stopped her and said "i dont answer questions,you do,now i take it you are enjoying life and have a good job here,for your sake ,do what i tell you,im not a very patient man",then she said "but i dont really make much money" and my dad said "thats not my problem",then i served her the tea as she blew the smoke outta the cup because it was hot then my dad said "thats some hot tea aint it",she said "yes sir it is",he replied "you know i didnt offer you tea because im a nice guy,i dont even like you although i dont know you,i just wanted you to feel the sensation of disobeying me,if in 24 hours,my sons house is not back to normal,your life is going to be hotter than that tea,trust me,you think you got henchmen,i have armies,i can have the whole minnesota destroy you in no time.."and then my dad said "take the tea from her and enjoy it son and as for you little lady,you can leave now".as she got up amazed at how my dad treated her and left as fast as she could.He lit a cigarette,sat down and said "she will lead us to the big price,the one who rearranged your face,give me the phone,im calling John jOHN"

so of course my dad got on the phone with John JOhn and in no time the man was in the crib, as my dad told us to excuse them while they talk in private.IT didnt even take long when i saw john John walk out of the house.He had that infamous {im going to kill someone } look on his face and from his body language,i could tell that he was game for whatever my dad told him. After John left,my dad then called us all into the living room and said "take a seat guys,we have to talk",so we sat there anticipating what my dad would say and so he said to Tyrone "so Ty,ive known you since you were a kid,i used to sit you down and try to tell you about the world and how much opportunity there is out there" and Tyrone replied comfortable "yea sir,i used to remember those days,funny how times travells sir" and my dad replied "yes indeed it is,its also funny how i havent heard you talk of a job,talk of raising money to feed your daughter,or infact its funny how you havent dont a single thing with your life" and Tyrone responded "well sir its kinda hard for me out here" and my dad added "is that all you have to say Tyrone,you know,you have no excuse,ive offered you a job,my son has offered you a job and a better chance out and you still fucking up,you are like one of my kids and i have something for you son" and Tyrone replied "what sir" and my dad added "ive already worked out a job for you with one of my buisness partners,you start monday next week,you work your way to the top like any other person and you will do it or like i told John John,if you quit this one..he is coming for you,let me put it like this son,John John is now your guardian,so do yourself a favor and straighten up".Tyrone sat there stunned,he couldnt believe it,his life was over like that,oh boy,the worst thing to ever happen to him had just happened,he was about to work and this time,he had no choice,so he got up and said "thank you sir" with a very disapointed look on his face and dapped us all and walked out>.As he was heading out the door ,he said to me "yo son,im not cut out for this shit ,wtf,those fucking twins had to call you pops man,FUCK!!"and so he headed out.I stayed back as my dad started telling me how disapointed in me he was over my choice in women and he told me "Cris,next time i come here,i want to see a better acting daughter in law,someone with class,someone with respect,not those little girls you,re dealing with" and i replied "aight pops,whatever you say".After our little talk,about 25 minutes later,John John calls my dad as my dad said "so you did as i said??",then john answered and my dad said "very well,my job here is done,i owe you one John",then turned to me and said "go to your house Cris,im sure you will find all your things returned back to you,dont worry about being attacked,ive taken care of that".I couldnt believe it,i hopped in my car fast and headed home to find my house clean,everything back in place,most of my stuff was back and my jacob watch was on the bed with a note that said "Cris,im sorry,i didnt mean for this to happen,i only told him to scare you,not beat you up and steal from you,anyways there is your stuff,i hope we can still talk..Love you,katie".i quickly tore the note up and took a long breath.my anger slowly died down.but one thing i did wonder was what happened to the giant.After this whole scenario,i never heard of him again,all my dad could say was "He was taken good care off son"

It was 3 days after my dad left back to LA,when i got a call from Tyrone who had actually taken the job seriously and told me to meet him at the mall because it was lunch time so i did so,I decided to go there about 15 minutes earlier to do some window shopping and budget for the next clothing item i was going to buy.Standing in the footlocker store,all i heard was "Cris" and i turned and went "OH shit,Cassandra" as she walked towards me and we hugged.Now the history with cassandra was that we used to date years ago when we were younger then her dad got a job out of town and they left,Cassandra was a real fucking chick,a down girl who i actually had very strong feelings for,infact if she hadnt left town,i think we would have been married by now,she had a caramel complection with really glowy brown eyes and long braids to her soulders with a really thick body,her greatest assets were her boobs,she had nice roung big ones and seeing her looking that hot drove me crazy as i said "damn babygirl,its been like what,a lightyear?" and she replied "yea i know,look at you Cris,all grown and shit" and i replied "fuck that,look at you,you,re slamming,what are you doing back in town?",she replied "ill tell you that if we hang out later tonite,thats if you're not busy".But i had forgotten that she wasnt my girl anymore and she might have had a man or whatever so i got real close to her,grabbed her by the hips,stuck my toungue in her mouth and said "you got it".she kissed back,then pulled back and said "Cris,look on my finger" and my life came tumbling down on me as i saw a ring on her finger and said "No way" And she replied "yep,ive been engaged for 4 months now,i shouldnt have let you do that but whatever,now you know" and i said "you let me do that because that ring dont mean shit to you" and she replied "Cris,it is what it is,ok" and i added "oh yea,you could have stopped the kiss the minute i did it,but you were into it" and she rebuked me "Cris,enough boy,i told you,im getting married,nothing is gonna happen btween us so get that through your head right now",so i asked her "so you love that nigga more than you ever loved me",she replied in an uncomfortable manner "none of that really matters" and i said "to me it does,you know you,re mine,whoever this cat is will not marry you unless i allow it",then she turned to me and said in a little louder tone "Cris,i had come here to hoepfully invite you and some family to my wedding but i see that its not going to be possible,you are going to cause trouble" and i added "excatly,because deep down,you are going to question your motives seeing me in the church or whatever,i wont even have to say a word and you will be having mad doubts,tell me cassandra,look me in the eye and say you dont love me even after all these years" and she stood right at my face and tried but couldnt. All i could tell her was "enough said,i tell you what,maybe you are marrying for the wrong reasons,heres my card,show up tonite if you believe in us,ill wait for you at 8,only for 15 minutes,if you dont show up,ill take it ,you chose whoever you,re marrying and i wont even bother you,trust me" so she had a sarcastic smile and said "ill take your card cris,but chances are i wont show up,im going thru with this marriage" and kissed me on the cheek while saying "ill see ya before i go back" and started walking away.i stood there to see her reaction as she walked out and i loved it,she kept turning back to look at me the whole way,almost as if she wanted to come back..At that point,all i could say in my head is "fuck those bitches,my true love is back home"

That evening,i got home and got prepared,cleaned up the whole house and cooked up a storm.she was definately someone special for me to be doing all that and this was all around 7.then the time of results came,It was 8 as i quietly anticipated her,5 minutes later and she didnt show,i started getting real disapointed as i got up saying "ah fuck it,it wasnt meant to be",about 2 minutes after saying that,the door bell rang,i thought it was one of my homeboys so i walked to the door reluctantly and to my amazement,there she was standing there looking sexy as fuck.She was wearing a patterned dressed,a blue and black one and had done her her and all that shit.i stood there breathless as she said "am i still invited?" and i quickly let her in.She walked through my house saying "wow cris,look at how big your spot is,must cost you a fortune to keep this up huh?" and i said "money aint shit to me,i own a company".she sat down saying "ohh do you now?" and i replied "yea,i merged with my dad,we getting this money together,by the way,you,re looking great tonight".She smiled with a blush and SAID "thanx Cris" and added "so you thought i wasnt gonna show up huh?" and i replied "yea i actually was starting to get pissed off,you want a drink?" and she replied "sure,after you serve me,come sit by me,lets catch up" and so i headed straight to the bar in the house,got her a drink and camped right next to her as she said "you know Cris,it was hard coming here for me but i had to follow my heart,something is right about this,maybe i will get closure from this" and i said "ok,i understand but i got a question" as she said "shoot" and i said "does he treat u right?i mean if he treats you great and has no flaws,i wont persue shit tonite,ill just let us talk as friends".she put the glass down,put her hands on my face and said "that muthafucker cant even fuck me right,and i suspect he got someone on the side,if he was the best man ever Cris,i wouldnt have come here tonite,dont you think my showing up means something?" and i replied with a devious smile "yea i hear that beautiful,well you,re home now,you,re right next to the man who understands you and knows excatly how to handle you" and she got closer sticking her toungue out as we kissed for nearly 2 minutes as i fondled her breasts and touched her tighs thinking to myself {jack fucking pot}.She started getting hot whispering in my ear saying shit like "Cris,i never stopped thinking of you,its you i want,you have the power to stop this wedding and i want you to do it" and i replied as my finger went up her privates "oh i know how to stop it alright,ive already started" as the moment got really hotter.I didnt even know when i was up in her on my couch as she kept yelling "yes yes Cris,dont stop,after tonite theres no turning back".ill be honest,i fucked her like i was going to kill her,i guess i was trying to compensate for all the years we had'nt been together and we did it For most part of the night till around 3 in the morning when we stopped as she fell to sleep on my chest.This move was going to prove to be quite fatal as you will find out as the story goes.

The next day,we woke up as she was still laid on my chest saying "you should have been the one to put that ring on my finger" and i replied "everything happens for a reason,maybe thats why God made us meet again" and she smiled kissing me saying "yea and i love it".I asked her "so what about your fiance,what are we going to do about that",she got up,sat on the side of the couch pushing her hair to the back and said "we are not married yet,he has no claims to me,ill let him make a mistake and end it,then she turned to me and said "So cris,i know someone like you cant be without a woman,so do you have a girl too?" and i replied "not at the moment" and then proceeded to relay the story of the sisters and she said "well Cris,thats some crazy shit but i aint tripping,i got a man,and you got a girl you aint completely done with yet,i tell you what,lets see how these relationships end up then we can decide on us" and i replied "for you,i can wait baby".So we kissed as she started walking towards the shower saying "ill be waiting" as she gave me that horny look and headed in".Needless to say,i followed her in and as usual,we fucked again,WE got out,got dressed and went out to eat.So me and her started doing it for days basically,fuck,talk and go out and it was fun,it felt right and i was loving every single moment of it.2 weeks had passed and me and Cassandra drew closer than ever,closer than any other girl had ever been to me,she was different,i told her my inner most feelings and kept it real with her,it was almost as if the equation was complete and i didnt have to decieve or lie to her about anything but trouble wasnt too far away as one good afternoon as we were eating at chillis,The milf pops up.i was praying and hoping hard that she didnt see me but she did and walked straight to the table where me and cassandra were sitting.Her 1st reaction after seeing cassandra was "who is this?'" and i replied "hey Elaine,meet cassandra,cassandra,meet my friend elaine" and as cassandra gestured to shake her hand,she didnt even try to meet her half way as she said "so Cris,i want to see you tonite,its been a while,are you avoiding me?",i looked at cassandra and looked back at Elaine and said "i dont know about today,im really busy with alotta stuff and im not avoiding you,i just got alotta work stressing me out lately" and she looked dead at cassandra,looked back to me and said "hm,im sure you were nigga" and i said "dont worry,after im done with cassandra,ill call you so we can discuss things" and Elaine replied mean mugging cassandra "you better do that,know your priorities nigga,ill be waiting" and turned to cassandra mugging harder and said "nice meeting you,atleast i know what Cris special friend looks like" and walked away.Cassandra turned to me and said "whats her problem?",i replied and said "dont mind her,shes nothing but a disgruntled client,you know how the nature of my job is" But i could see cassandra wasnt buying it

OK,so after the encounter with the milf,i quickly drove cassanda to her mothers house where she was living for the meantime then headed home to call the Milf.I was nervous as hell because deep down i knew she had a problem with Cassandra and shit.Anyways i laid on my bed and dialed her number.she didnt pick it up the 1st time so i took a long breath thinking to myself {ah well,i tried,im off the hook} but a minute later,my phone was rang.i picked it up and was like "what up ma,whats good" and she replied in a rude tone "dont whats good me,so you dont call me no more huh??why,is it that little fluzy you were with earlier??" and i replied shocked "whoa whoa whoa,chill out ma,whats all this?" and she replied in a more agressive tone "ill tell you what all this is,you fuck me and make me have feelings for you then you wanna duck and run off with some younger childish bitch,not me nigga,you met the wrong bitch to do that shit with nigga".i kept quiet for a minute,i knew at this point that my relationship with the milf had become a dangerous thing and its either i was gonna end it or i was gonna be in a worse predicament than i already was so i said "Elaine,when we 1st started doing this,we agreed that this was purely sexual,you told me we were a secret and nothing more would come out of this,so why are you doing this now?" and she replied louder "WHAT??NIGGA,YOU DONT GET IT DO YOU,IM INLOVE WITH YOU,WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO,FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET,IT DONT WORK LIKE THAT".At this point,i knew i was fucked,i knew i had gotten myself into some crazy shit so i said in the most suttle manner "maybe we should stop fucking because this is getting too complicated for me,and you and i know your daughters and no one can know about what we have been doing?".Next thing i know,she laughs on the phone and says "BOY,YOU THINK I GIVE A FUCK WHO KNOWS,DIDNT U JUST HEAR THAT I WANT TO BE WITH YOU,FUCK EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE" and all i could say was "HOLY SHIT" and she added "YEA HOLY SHIT AND KEEP THIS IN MIND NIGGA,I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT" then dropped the phone on me.At this point,i could feel a massive headache coming my way as i laid in the bed thinking {damn,the truth is im really inlove with kayla and my feelings for cassandra aint over yet and now this,i gotta get real with myself,i gotta choose who i want and fight for it to happen or im fucked,these ladies are gonna rip my heart out..FUCK"}.After like 15 minutes of thinking,i decided to pay my boy Anthony a visit to talk to him about the situation.Now anthony was like the older brother i never had,he was about 5 years older than me and wise as hell,this guy gave the best advice a man could get and i knew if i wanted a way out of this situation,i could get it through him,all one had to do was get him stoned on some good weed and he would just prophesize away.So offcourse,i went to his crib with a dime bag of weed and we got to talking as he said "God damn,what a fucking love triangle,thats not healthy for any man son" and i replied 'excatly so what do you think i should do nigga?",he replied "ma nigga,its simple,the mama has gone crazy,theres no stopping her so let her do what she has too,the real deal here is to work on one of the 2,it seems tho that you might be inlove with this Kayla chick more than you are willing to accept,either way my nigga,its btween Kayla and cassandra,once you decide which one of them you want to be with,you will be in luck" but then i asked "but we still have the problem with the mama?" and Anthony replied "thats excatly why you gotta work things out with one of the ladies and keep it real with them,if they are really feeling you like you say they are,they will forgive you son,they always do".Me and Anthony got to drinking,getting high as i decided that maybe he was right,maybe i needed to spend time with these 2 girls and see whats popping and so that was my aim.

I spent the night at his crib and the next day decided to call Kayla while he sat there to coach me on how to get things right with her.he said "call her son,be yourself,she will forgive you,you both love each other my nigga,it works like that" and so i dialed her number.She picked it up after 4 rings and said "wussup Cris,i do something wrong again??" and i replied "actually no,i was just calling you to aplogise for last time,i shouldnt have done that,ma bad" and she replied "its ok,now i know why you were like that the other day,my sister was bogus as hell for that,i wish you hadnt put your hands on me though" and i replied "i know but listen,i want to make it up to you" and she replied "theres no need to cris,i got the picture,ill leave you alone from now even though it hurts me to probably see you go,i just dont want to be a nuisance in your life anymore" and i replied "whoa whoa whoa,chill with that,i want us to go out for lunch if you free,please,i realise that theres alotta unfinished buisness between me and you Kayla" and she asked "Like what?" and i replied "So are you telling me that you dont feel empty since we stopped being together?" and she replied "Listen cris,i love you but you are too much for me,one minute,its like ,lets be together,the next minute,you are all over my sister,i cant deal with that,you,re hurting my feelings" and i replied "Listen,the thing with your sister wasnt real,i never even touched her" and Kayla replied "common Cris,who you fooling,im preety sure you fucked my sister,you know what hurts worse,the thought that you shared what was special between us with her" and i replied more agressively "GIRL LISTEN,I DIDNT FUCK HER,i just couldnt betray you like that,you gotta believe me,ask her if you want to,i dont care,thats why she sent them niggaz after me in the 1st place,i rejected her",then Kayla added "fair enough,lets say i believe you,i got another question and it goes like this "who is your dad???tell me the truth,i heard alot about him and it seems you are not who you say you are,how much money do you reallly have cris?what do you do for a living cris?" and i replied "your sister told you about my dad huh?,fine,he is who your sis says he is and you right,im a little more wealthier than most people,im sorry i lied and said im a struggling cat and finally,i own a company with my dad and sell my beats on the side,now you have it".She replied "you didnt have to lie to me about your financial status Cris,i dont care how much you got or dont got,and believe me,im not stupid,no normal struggling cat can drive a dodger charger thats customized so i knew you lied for the jump,finally,i dont want to hurt your feelings but there is a little problem at hand" and i said "what is it?" and she said "i really love you and would love to make up but i heard from the grapevine that you have someone else so i kinda went on and did me",so i asked in a little disapointed mode "what do you mean did you?" and she replied "ill tell you what,come get me tomorow at 2 and you will find out"
Well the next day,i got ready to go meet her and find out why me and her couldnt make up and shit.For the 1st time in a long time,i was dressed up to the brim,i had on camo from top to bottom with a white t shirt and some tan timbs.i was a man on a mission and my mission was to work my way back into her good side and so i got to her house.i rang the door bell as she let me in and shit. we hugged as i asked "i hope your crazy ass sister aint here?" and she replied 'nooo,your dad scared that girl so bad she had to take a week off outta town,that man is some kind of Don or something huh?" and i replied "nah ,pops just knows all kinds of people to take care of buisness when needed,anyways,are u readY?" And she replied "well Cris,i wanted you to come here because i want you to meet someone" so i went who??" and she yelled "JAMES,COME MEET A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE" and at the point,my life was near over,this preety ricky buffed looking cat walked out of her room,kissed her and turned to me and said "wussup,im JAMES,whats cracking son".AT this point,alot of shit was going through my head,i wanted to kill something,my girl was taken,fuck and i couldnt believe me,i couldnt say anything either because it was mostly my fault as i stood there stunned.The cat then tries to come and shake hands with me but i said "i dont shake hands hommie,aight people,im out" and James said "whoa son,why you gotta leave so early,chill with us and have a drink,baby,serve our guests" and i mugged him hard and said "yo kid,keep your drink,it was good,i turned to Kayla and said "well,that answers my question,i guess this is it" and walked out.As i walked out,i felt my heart pounding hard,i was angry,i was hurt,but most importantly,i was inlove,i had just realised that she had a hold on my soul,i had just found out for the 1st time what it meant to have feelings for someone and realise you cant have them,then it all dawned on me like an awakening.For years,i had been doing the same thing to girls,leading them on and dumping em,and now it happened to me as i walked into my car ready to bounce,she ran fast to the drivers window and said "Cris,please,i really have to talk to you about us and our situation" and i replied "Kayla,its alright,im happy for you,be with your man and have a great life,ill survive" and she replied "Cris,you dont get it do you??" and i replied "oh i get it all right,i dont mean shit to you,i never did" and she answered 'thats not true,you know me better than that,please,we gotta talk alone,dont shut me off and i concluded "Kayla,we had our chance and we took other avenues,i guess it wasnt meant to be".She looked at me for a minute in silence and just walked back into her crib tearing up>I just didnt care anymore,i drove off and headed home.{Damn,i cant live like this,}i thought to myself as i sat down drinking myself senseless to bed.later that night,Cassandra showed up and was trying hard to get me to bang her but i wasnt really in the mood,i explained to her that i had a bad day and she understood so she cooked up something and we spent the night together in my crib.Offcourse the next day,she got up and ran off to run her errands which i was cool with,to be honest,i didnt even care anymore what she did,reality had struck me too hard to even maintain and shit

anyways ..all i could do was sit down the whole day watching tv when the phone rang again around 4 in the afternoon,i pick it up and its Kayla again saying "dont drop the phone please,we have to talk" and im like "damn,wtf,are you trying to toture me or some shit,i already told you,keep that nigga,be happy with him" and she replied "do you really mean that Cris???" and i replied "why would you ask me some dumb shit like that?" and she replied "because i really need to know whats going on with you,you are not speaking your mind Cris,thats a problem for me" and i said "well,when i really wanted to,look what you did,you took my heart and stomped it".she paused for a second and said nothing then said "look,i met him when you supposedly was with my sister,i didnt think you still wanted me,especially after how mean i was to you" and i replied 'well good for yall",then she said in a suttle manner "common Cris ,be fair" and i asked her "tell me this Kayla,do u love that nigga?" and she kept quiet and changed the subject saying "anyways Cris,listen,why dont we double date,you and whoever,me and him,maybe that can help this situation" and i replied "you must be smoking woman" and she added "i know what im doing,just do this for me please,i just want you to chat with him a few times and you will see that he is a good man,ill let you know if your new girl is good enough for you too" and i replied "ya know what,fuck it,imma show up," and she replied "Good,trust me,this is for a good reason" and i just mumbled "yea whatever",then she ended the convo by saying "you know Cris,the one thing i noticed you lack was your will to fight for what you want,keep that thought in mind,ill see you tomorow at 2,come with your girl to Chillis,chow" and dropped the phone.Well,i knew i had a problem here.i Tried to sleep that whole night but couldnt,the whole situation was haunting me so i decided i was going to call the one person who could solve this problem for me,i picked the phone up,1st thing in the morning and called pops

well i called my pops while he was at a board meeting as he answered "im in a meeting right now Cris,make it snappy or call me back in half an hour.so i opted to call him later as i assured him that what i needed him for wasnt to bail me out of trouble but it was some help i need.I waited for half an hour then hit him up as he said "so Cris,whats the problem now,you know i really didnt apreciate you making me take time out of my schedule to come out there and take care of your petty female problems"" and i added "nah nah pops,this is different,,i actually need a favour that can help me in the long run" so my dad went "im listening" as i told him "listen pops,i need you to get some information about someone for me" and so my pops asked "what type of info,good or bad,2ndly who is the guy in question".I answered "i want you to gather as much dirt as you can on this kid,right now,all i know is that his name is James and he is messing with a good friend of mine,its very imperative that i do something about him" so my dad went on to say "ok,i cant work with just that,go get some more info on him,where he works,where he stays,his full name etc and ill have what you need within a week".So basically that was that as we proceeded to discuss other matters like our buisness and such.Anyways the next day i called Cassandra up t o come with me to chillis for the double date,she was more than happy to do it as we met at my house around 1.45 and drove there.We got there at 2.05 as Kayla and James sat there patiently awaiting us.to be honest,i wasnt feeling the whole thing,my main idea was to get it over with and move on with my life.So basically what happened was,when we got there,James got up trying to shake my hands saying "ahhhh,yall made it,we were getting scared that yall dont wanna kick it,wut up hommie?" and i stood there,looked at him and nodded my head without shaking his hand back.As for Kayla and cassandra,they didnt say a word to each other as Cassandra took a sit and grabbed the menu to browse through,we all followed the same pattern and grabbed the books.For about 5 minutes,it was odd silence,it was preety clear that 2 people on each side did not like each other,Kayla had her eyes on me as i James observed suspiciously but didnt say a word.another 5 minutes passed and we were silent till James broke the silence and said "so Cris,i heard you rap hommie?ya know,i do a lil something something,maybe we can work together sometime" and i responded with a {what tha fuck} look on my face and said "listen hommie,i dont just work with anyone that asks me,i dedicated alot of my years to the game,id be damned if some no talent gets on a track with me" and he replied "nah son,i got some skills yo,i do ma thang man,we should hit the studio sometime",so i asked him "how long u been rapping b?" and he replied "shit i just started" and i added "and you want to get on a track with me,do you know how long ive been doing this?" and he got smart with me and said "o...k mr high and mighty rapper,no one is worthy to work with you but you aint even platinum" and i replied pissed "WHAT THE FUCK NIGGA".Kayla realised that it was going to get grimey and intervened saying "guys,guys,chill out,we came to eat in peace here" as cassandra added "shit,Speak your mind cris,i feel you".After hearing this,Kayla turned to cassandra and said "so i see you got a ring on your finger" and gave her the evil eye as cassandra responded "yea ,so whats wrong with that?",Kayla responded "nothing as long as its not another nigga that put it on your hand and you,re here with Cris acting all inlove and shit"

cassandra got more defensive saying "you dont know my situation girl,id suggest we dont go there" as i tried to make facial expressions at Kayla to stop but she still kept going at it as she said "why not?that looks like an engagement ring,i know you certainly didnt get it from Cris" and cassandra asked "how do you know Cris didnt give it to me?" and Kayla replied "because his heart dont belong to you" as James and cassandra turned to look at me with a very suspicious look.

I sat there and acted like i didnt know anything as cassandra defended her stand saying "Me and cris have a history,tha fuck you know about that?"

I sat there and acted like i didnt know anything as cassandra defended her stand saying "Me and Cris have a history,tha fuck you know about that?" and kayla replied "oh yea,If you and him had a history,how come he does'nt seem to be all inlove with you,2ndly i know him better than you,he is not just gonna put a ring on your finger after a few weeks of hanging out" and i intervened "listen ladies,we came to eat and know each other,theres no need to argue here,listen Kayla,i grew up with cassandra,our relationship is really complicated and i would really love it if we talk about something else.BuT kAYLA did'nt comply and added "excatly,we came here to know each other,i want to know everything about her,i got questions and i wanted them answered,i dont see why you are all defensive about things,if she loves you and has nothing to hide,she wont be so mad but then again ..." and Cassandra budged in pissed "LISTEN GIRL,my life aint none of your business,why do you care what me and Cris do anyway,you got a man,worry about that,you need to also put your nigga in check,he has been checking me out since we got in here" and Kayla turned to James saying "oh you are huh?" and he replied defending himself "nah,it aint even like that".Basically the arguments went on as i decided to keep quiet for a minute as the girls went ranting on.After i got tired of watching the stupid squabble,i excused myself from the table by telling them i was going outside for air and that id be back and so i did.I got outside,stood for about 5 minutes observing everything when James walked out too and said "crazy shit going on in there nigga huh?" and i looked back at him with a {leave me tha fuck alone } look on my face and kept quiet.Then he went on to add "ya know hommie,i dont know what the fuck is going on man but i aint here to be your enemy nah mean,i was only trying to be cool with ya being that i heard alot about you with the music and the ladies and such" and i replied "well they forgot to tell you,i dont just fuck with anyone nigga,i dont know you son,you could be a snitch,a fed,a faggot,but thats not even the case,the situation here is i dont trust you,and when i got a bad feeling about peeps,i usually dont mess with em".Jame laughed and defended himself " A snitch,fed?faggot,nah nigga,im just like you son,i love the bitches nigga,i roll with thugs and shit,yo check it,nigga,i got bitches man,theres no way i could ever be a faggot" and so i decided to play him to get some info by saying with a lil smile "ohhh word,shit you speaking my language now nigga" as he continued incriminating himself "hell yea son,Kayla aint the only one kid,i gets mine ,feel me,thats how niggaz get down,you already know the memo ma nigga" and reached out for a high 5 as i responded positively saying "word word,they be thinking they got us on lock,but we running the game feel me",he 23 replied excitedly "SHIT DONT HATE THE PLAYER,HATE THE GAME SON".So i continued to ask him what he did for a living,where he usually hangs out at and what his full name was>He gladly gave me all the information thinking it was all good,what he didnt know was that i was actually tricking him into giving me information so that i can nail him once and for all.We walked back into the resturant still talking with laughs on our face,my smiles were pretencious but i could give a fuck less as the girls just sat there in dead silence not saying a word to each other.Once we got to the table,we called it a day and decided to go to each others respective homes.

While in the car,Cassandra was quiet and had this suspicious look on her face as she kept saying "hmmm,something aint right here Cris" and i turned to her and said "dont worry about nothing ma,lets just get home" but she kept asking me "Cris,whats going on between you and that girl,i thought you all were just friends?" and i replied "listen Cassandra,i told you everything and you said you would be cool with shit,whats this now?" and she added "i thought i would until that bitch disrespected me and im not having that,why the fuck does she care that i got a ring or im with you,dont she got a man?" and i replied "you saw him,didnt you?" and she asked "and how the fuck did yall start off on the wrong note,go outside and come back all friends and shit,something aint right here" and i replied "just chill cassandra,i got this" so basically the coversation ended there with a huge silence till i dropped her home and headed on home myself.The next day,i got a call from James,he wanted to hang out and was wondering if i was free.It was really difficult for me to accept the offer till my bad evil conscience got the best of me,i thought to myself like {hmm,it wouldnt be bad at all hanging with this pussy ass nigga,imma take him into the hood and scare the shit out of him,ill have my goons make him piss in his pants} and so i agreed to hang out.I drove into his neighbourhood which was a quiet surburb 45 minutes away from my house as he hopped in the car with a blunt saying "yo son,check this shit out,this is that bomb digidy,some of my jamaican peeps imported this for me,wanna hit it",so i looked at it suspiciously asking "this shit aint laced,is it?" and he replied "nah kid,i dont play that shit nigga",so i puffed on as i came to the realisation that his prognosis of the weed was right.It was some of the best weed i had smoked in a long time and in no time,i was blazed as fuck as we drove towards the eastside as he asked me "yo Cris,where we going man" and i responded "gotta run some errands kid,wont be too long".16 minutes later aproximately,we were deep in the hood as i could see the sour look of fear on his face.He kept saying "im gonna be safe right,you got my back right?" and i replied "shit,its all black peeps here like us kid,what you got to be afraid off nigga.WE finally reached my boy Ruger's spot as James withnessed a bunch of cats,about 15 of them just chilling in the garage of the crib with guns tucked in their pants,some wearing bandanas,ak 47,s on the ground randomly and thats when he started freaking out.I turned to him and said "HOME SWEET HOME SUNSHINE,common,lets meet the boys" As he suggested "why dont i just sit in the car while you go and take care of business" and i replied "ohhh nooo nigga,they aint gonna like that,you dont wanna get murked son,get out" so he hopped out and followed me as i could feel him shaking outta fear.i knew that was going to be a good day

We walked towards one of the homeboys who went by the name of Cody as he said "what up youngblood,whats good ma nigga"as i responded "shit,im chillin yo,where Ruger at" and he replied "right in there son,been a minute " and dapped me then turned to look at James as the other dudes were staring at him with bloody eyes and giving him a very dangerous aura and asked me "who the fuck is that nigga,he dont belong here" and i replied "shit,that nigga just hopped in the whip son" and they asked "he coo with you?" and i replied "i just met this nigga,i dont even know if i can trust him" and James turned to me -pleading outta fear "yo Cris,dont say that man,please,im not the enemy yo,ill give you anything man,ill give you money,weed,please claim me" and i responded "son,you told me,you good with the hood,so why you freaking out,if you got hoodsmarts like you claim you do,you will be able to handle my boys right,basically,its up to you to talk them out of beating the shit out of you and taking your stuff,you will be lucky if they dont kill you son" and he looked at me shocked and said "man,you can't be that heartless?i aint never do anything wrong to you man,why you gotta set me up like that" and i replied talking at my boys "YO,THIS NIGGA THINKS I SET HIM UP HAHAHA"and they responded laughing along with me while one of my boys Charles said "haha what a bitch ass nigga,where the fuck did he think you were going,disneyland"? and i replied "yea nigga,these phoney ass niggaz wanna be down but cant handle the heat,make him at home ma niggaz,gotta go holla at Ruger" and proceeded to walk in.Ruger was more than pleased to see me as he dapped me and said "Nigga,where you been man,we got alotta fire here son,making the paper,fucking hot bitches and shit" and i sat down and took a long breather saying "ma nigga,its been crazy man,had alotta shit to deal with,you know how that go" and he responded "fa sho ma nig,so whats new,hows your pops,he need any favors lately" and i replied "shit,he good,he was in town a few weeks back,helping me out with some shit".ruger replied "yup,no one fucks with pops",then he got up and observed what was going on in the garage and said "yo,whos that chicken bait getting robbed out there nigga,you know him?" and i replied "some pussy who thinks he hard,he wanted the hood experience so i brought him here" so Ruger turned to me with a devious smile saying "you mind if i play with our new little toy ma nigga" and i replied "shit feel free,i could careless",so Ruger yelled "BRING THAT PUSSY ASS NIGGA IN HERE" and so they did as i realised that they had taken his jewelery,shoes and his shirt,and smacked him up a little.Ruger sat down right next to James and asked him "what the fuck are you doing in my turf nigga?",James replied in a scared almost crying like tone "i came here with cris,i thought we were cool man,i didnt know he was headed here" and Ruger turned to me laughing immitating him "i came here with Cris,hahaha where do you find these idiots Cris" and i replied "shit,they stick on you like magnets".So ruger pulled out a knife from his pockets as James started crying like a bitch saying "OHH SHIT,PLEASE DONT KILL ME MAN,TAKE ANYTHING,DONT KILL ME MAN"and ruger laughed and looked at me saying "yo,do you see this guy??all that muscle on him for nothing,i should cut al his abs out,what you think Cris?" and i replied "that would be splendid nigga" as Ruger started sliding the knife down his neck but not poking him as he looked at me saying "Son,fuck it,lets shoot this nigga" and the whole room agreed.AT the point,James broke down and cried louder "PLEASE PLEASE,SOMEONE HELP ME,THEY TRYING TO KILL ME ,PLEASE PLEASE,ILL GIVE YOU ANYTHING,I GOT MONEY,ANYTHING" And i added "my niggaz dont need your stupid money nigga,shut the fuck up before i cut you myself" as he said to me in a pleading manner "cris,i never did shit to you,why man? why?" and i replied "shut the fuck up numbnuts"

Basically me and Ruger and the guys taunted him for nearly an hour till i feared his heart was going to stop on him so i said "Ruger,theres no need to kill this pussy,let it go,let him find his way home,half naked" and everyone agreed so ruger turned to him and said "Son,there is the door,you got a second to be outta here,or i will let you race with bullets,idf i ever see your punkass in my hood again,i am going to murk you with no questions nigga,is that clear" so he replied hysterically "yes yes,thank you thank you,you are so kind" and ran off like a bitch.We sat back and laughed,drank and smoked as i relayed my story and how James got into the picture.Ruger replied "you ma nigga Cris,i got you son,anytime a bitch wanna play that shit with you,you know where to find us son"and i replied "no doubt b" .it was like around 5 in the afternoon and we were slowly getting bored as Ruger said "yo son,lets walk to the liquor store,we might meet a few big booty bitches and bring them home " and i replied "haha,now we talking" so i wore my shoes as we walked down the street smoking a blunt.It was just me and Ruger as we reached the liquor store about 10 minutes later,copped some henny and posted as Ruger saw this girl he liked and approached her.He and the girl were sharing laughs and exchanging numbers and this took a good 15 minutes approximately when a truck parked at the far end of the liquor store,the 1st guy the walked out of it looked familiar but i couldnt quite get a good view of him,as 6 other cats walked out of the truck too.These dudes looked like they were no joke either as my intuition started getting real strong.Then they started walking towards the door closer to us as i got a better glance of the 1st guy,only to realise that it was the 1st guy we beat down and robbed at club crystal.Our eyes locked as we recognised each other and he turned to his guys and pointed at me saying "thats that bitch ass nigga".i turned to Ruger and yelled "RUN NIGGA,RUN" And proceeded to sprint out of there.Next thing i know,they started chasing me and ruger down the street.
Here i was running my ass off at a speed i wasnt even accustomed to in my life.Me and Ruger split as the chase began,i did'nt even pay attention to where he went as all that was on my mind was to get the fuck away from these cats without getting hurt and so that was the mission at Hand.2 of the bigger guys chased after me as one of them kept yelling "YEA RUN ALL U WANT NIGGA,WE GONNA GET YOU KID,WE GONNA GET YOU".It was crazy,i had never been this close to getting owned by my enemy before,i ran and ran puting all my strength into it as the 2 guys kept chasing after me.After a while of running,i thought they would give up and let me go but these guys were preety serious about catching me so i knew i couldnt stop or id be a dead man.My big advantage was that i knew the neiighborhood very well so i used that to my advantage as i ran deeper into the residential area of the neighbourhood.I went as far as jumping over the fence of one of the cribs hoping i would lose the enemy as an old man sitting on the porch yelled at me in anger "GET OFF MY PROPERTY BEFORE I CALL THE COPS YOU LIL FUCKER" And i proceeded to run not minding him.Slowly i was getting tired and my speed was getting slower but i knew i had to go,they were a little distance behind me as i reached a road intersection with incoming traffic,i did not even waste time and took the gamble of running across the road before the traffic passed,it was actuallly a narrow gamble that could have cost me my life but luckily i crossed safely leaving the two knuckleheads stuck on the other side waiting for the traffic to cross,and the best part of it was that there were alot of cars passing so that bought me some time as i ran further into the projects not looking back,sweating and panting like a dog.i Ran about a block away till i reached this project apartment building.i got there panting as hell as the old man who was standing at the entrance of the apartment building asked me "hey son,whats wrong,you look like you seen a ghost or something" and i replied "yo,i gotta hide sir,some cats is tryna kill me,on some real shit,they should be on their way right now,they have been chasing me from the liquor store" and he replied "damn,i can see from how wet from sweat you are that you must have been running hard,what did you do to these guys if you dont mind me asking~?" and i replied "sir,listen,i cant explain now,can i atleast go in and chill for a minute till im sure these guys are off my tail" and he opened the door and replied "be my guest son" and walked in with me as we went up to the third floor which had a window showing the outside of the building from a distance.I slowly peeped through the window to see if the guys were drawing close but no sign of them.To be honest i was starting to get relaxed when the old man said "ohh boy,i think those are your guys".i slowly hid by the side of the wall and peeped through the window and it was them from a distance coming towards the apartment complex.I yelled "OHH SHIT.im fucked man,fuck fuck fuck,i gotta get the hell outta here man" as i held my head in worry.The old man reached into his pockets and removed a bunch of keys and said ,"see the third door down this hallway,the laundry room,open it with this key and lock yourself in there,ill see what i can do for you ".I couldnt even speak,i was so grateful to the old man,all i could say was "oh man,thanx,i really apreciate it" and ran into the laundry room and locked it up".I sat in there quiet for about 5 minutes trying to catch my breath.i did not hear anything for a while then i heard multiple footsteps walking in the hallway as one voice said "yo son,i know this nigga is in here somewhere,i can feel that shit",the other replied "i dont know man,i hope we are not wasting time here son".They walked through the whole hallway tip toeing at times to hear what was going on till they stopped and started talking

One of them said "yo fam,i got a plan,chances are,this nigga got his cellphone with him,im gonna call the cellphone and where ever we hear a ring,thats the crib we storming into" and the other replied "nigga,thats genius,but theres a problem g,we dont got that busta's number and what if he aint here.Minute i heard that,i reached into my jeans pockets and grabbed my cellphone with the quickness and changed the profile to silent.So at this point,all the cellphone could so is vibrate without a sound so i was safe.i sat quiet in the Laundry room as the one guy said "dont worry cuz,we gonna call ol girl and get his digits,hol on" and so he did as he said "yea,we spotted that bitch ass nigga,he ran off but i think we got him trapped somewhere here,anyways,whats his number,we wanna get this nigga qyick,we will let you know how it went" and so he added "aight,good looking out ma,we gonna get his bitchass for you" and ended the phone call.He then turned to his homeboy and said "aight,lets test this plan out" as they dialed my number.My cellphone started vibrating as the data read {blocked number}.i ignored it and then it dawned on me,[Wait a minute,someone who knew me gave them my number,someone who has a vendetta with me at that,whoever it was is someone who i was cool with once and is now betraying me,who the fuck could it be} as i sat there disapointed and disillusioned wrecking my mind trying to figure out who the female on the phone was.

Well they kept calling and calling till one of them said "look man,this cat aint here,lets bounce,we are bound to catch up with his bitch ass soon,common kid" as the other replied "aight,but i still think he somewhere around here but whatever,we gonna get him yo" and they proceeded walking out of the hallway as he yelled "WE GONNA GET YOU NIGGA,WE GONNA GET YOU".I made sure i stayed in that laundry room quiet as fuck for nearly 5 minutes till i heard a knock on the laundry room door.i was scared as fuck,My heart started pumping fast thinking to myself {ohh shit,they got me now} but to my suprise,it was the old man as he said "its alright now son,you can come out" and i replied "you sure they are gone?" and he replied "im positive,i made sure about that".So i came out and shook the old man's hands and said "man,i owe you one,you dont know how much stress you have saved me from" and the old man replied "yea,those guys are no joke,i heard some of the things they were saying about you,and believe me,they wanted to put a few bullets in your flesh,infact i spotted a gun on one of them" and i took a long breath and said "man,you are a saint yo,anything you ever need,dont hesitate,be it money,a job,whatever,i got you".So the old man said "well maybe theres something you can help me with son" and i replied "what,anything man,ask" and he said "you said you could help with jobs right?" and i replied "yea,i own a company,im always looking to hire new help nah mean,gotta spread the wealth" and he replied "good to know because my daughter needs a job bad,shes sent in applications but no one is hiring her,maybe you could place her somewhere" and i replied "oh,that wont be a problem".i removed a card from my jean back pocket and gave it to him saying "yo,heres my card,my number and adress to my workplace,send her in,let her tell my secretary who sent her and ill see what i can do for you sir".The old man was so happy and replied "that would be splendid young man,by the way,im Jeremy,Jeremy davis and you are?" and i replied "Crispin Sokuu" and he paused,looked at me for a minute and said "as in the great Larry's son?" and i replied "the one and only.The old man took a long breath and said "you know,i was worried about you for a minute with those guys but knowing who your dad is,they need to be worrying more,everyone knows your dad has the craziest bodyguard in this town man" and i replied "you mean John John" and he replied "thats the one,i hope you utilize him" and i thought to myself and realised that he had just given me a great idea and so i replied "you right,John john is our family bodyguard,offcourse he can help me take care of these fools,i think its time i gave him a call,good looking out on the suggestion".so the old man replied "no problem,need a ride back home?".I replied "without a doubt yea" and so he dropped me back to my crib.

I got home tired and musty as hell,I didnt even waste time to go into the bathroom as i sat in my jacuzzi thinking hard and relaxing.I picked up my phone and looked through my saved numbers to call one of my old flames or better yet bootycalls to come and relax me for the night.i scrolled down and saw my favourite out of all of them,Shante as i called her.She picked up saying "who this?",i replied "who else" and she responded with an attitude "hmm Cris,what the hell,nigga,why you calling me now,i aint heard from you in months" and i replied "relax baby,relax will you,ive been busy,in and out of the country,its hectic trying to run a business,you of all people should know that better than anyone " and she replied "you could have atleast texed me or something,anyways whats up",i replied "nothing beautiful,what you doing tonite?",she replied "nada papi,i was gonna watch some dvd's and go to bed,aint got no plans really",so i suggested "why dont you bring the dvd's over here tonite and keep me company while we drink some henny,we got alotta catching up to do" and she replied "sounds good papi,what time you want me to come through",i replied "make it 7 this evening,gotta take care of some other business real quick aight babygirl" and she replied "aight papi,better be home when i arrive" and i replied "shit,who wouldnt,for a nice sexy fine thang like you" and she laughed saying "you always got the words dont you,anyways see you tonite pa" and i replied "aight beautiful see ya" and so i dropped the phone and sat back in the water.Then it dawned on me to call John John as i picked the phone and dialed his number.He picked up and answered "Cris,having problems?" and i replied "serious ones,had to run nearly a block from these knuckleheads tryna get me" and he replied "ok,so what do you want me to do sir" and i replied "1st of all,my dad shouldnt know about this,2ndly i want you to come through tomorow morning,come with all your tools,theres someone who i think we should pay a visit",John replied "copy that,any other problems you need solved?",i replied "actually yea,check on my boy ruger,im sure you know his spot,he too was chased,i havent heard from him since,make sure he is aight and call me back,if i dont pick it up,leave a message",so John replied "got that,im on it" and i added "good stuff john,i know i can always trust you,you will be rewarded well for this my friend" and he replied "your dad is the boss,im only following orders,your family has been good to me" and so i replied "good to see you know where your loyalty lies b,take care of these assigments and lets get these bitchasses" and so he replied "aight im on it" and dropped the phone. At this point,i knew the war was about to begin full swing
After the phone call with John john,i called Tyrone and told him to also meet me in the crib the next day with all our homeboys,the whole freaking squad and so he agreed to do so.I finished,went to the kitchen,made me something to eat,then went to the living room and watched tv till i feel asleep.i woke up later in the night to very soft wet licks to my chest.i opened my eyes and it was Shante kissing me all over as i said "hey sweetness,how did you get in",She replied "you forgot to lock your door,anyways i brought some food" and i replied "cool" as we kissed passionately for a minute.Then she whispered in my ear "want a massage baby?" ,i replied "fuck yea,i need one,you would'nt even begin to know how much i need one" and so she said "lay on the couch papi" and started slowly rubbing her soft hands on my back.I wont lie,it was the greatest feeling ever as she licked the from the back of my neck down to my waist and said "i missed u papi",i replied as i turned to look at her beautiful green eyes "i missed you too ma".Looking at her was like looking at a human picasso,she was one of those rare beautiful mixed big bootied girls you would love to have.mY favourite feature about her was her hair as i slowly swept my hands through it and kissed her toungue to toungue and said "thank you for coming Shante,i needed this" and she replied "we just started,you dont even know whats install for you",and then commanded me to go to the room and lay on the bed and so i did.about 5 minutes later,she walked in smelling like roses with nothing but her thongs on.I laid there thinking to myself {God damn Cris,you did it again,you hit the jackpot kid}as she slowly crawled up on the bed and kissed me further as i fondled her from breasts to her privates.she started moaning in intense heat and before we knew it,We were knocking boots.like i said,she was my favourite bootycall to call and i still maintain that because the whole night was a night of nothing but intense sex.She was the type of girl to please a man anyway he wanted,she was experienced and she was a challenge and thats what i loved about fucking her.She made having sex an art,she made it beautiful and very satisfying and i have to say,that night,i was very satisfied and relaxed.After doing our deed,we laid in the bed as she asked me what i had been up to all these months.I kept it real with her and told her my whole ordeal with the 3 ladies,Shante replied "and tomorrow,you are going to interrogate one of them?" and i replied "yes,i suspect she set me up,im gonna show her not to fuck with me" and Shante replied "i wanna come,im your ride or die chick,i wanna be there to taunt this bitch for you" and i said "i dont want you involved Shante,we dealing with some evil kinda peeps here ma" and Shante added "Cris,im your home girl,i got your back,im coming,like it or not",so i told her "fine,dont jump her unless i give the order" and she replied "aight,i got that,we need to put these hoes in their place,do they even know who and what they are dealing with?" and i replied "well now they are about to find out,im going to make an example outta one of them,she better be prepared" and Shante added "see why you need to stop messing with these chickenheads and get with a real bitch thall have ya back" and i replied "lemme guess,that real chick is you" and she said "why not" and i replied "we are both business peeps,a relationship between us would ruin our friendship,besides,you are a news anchor,you in the public eye,i dont need none of that" and she replied "whatever you say nigga,one day,we gonna hook up for me,but yea,lets keep it sexual for now".i agreed and we went on for another round of fucking

well,the next morning around 7 in the morning,i woke up,took a shower while Shante laid there looking all sexy and shit.i made us both some breakfast as i awaited John john and tyrone with the rest of the gang.It did'nt take long because by 8 John John showed up looking really prepared carrying a black duffel bag.He walked in with a "you ready to get this over with" look as i said "what up John the killer",he nodded his head positively and headed to the fridge for a can of pop,went into the living room to take a seat saying "so whats the situation here kid".I quickly replied as i sat on the seat across from him in my bathrobe "i think one of these chicks i have been messing with set me up,i am not too concerned with the chicks too much though,i want those fools that chased me around the hood yesterday".John added "thats good and all but i think the women need to be dealt with too" and i replied "thats true but i am going to personally deal with them,i got a game plan" so John John asked "so what are we going to do today?", I replied "we going to Kayla's house,for some reason,i believe she is the one that set me up,i know Katie could'nt do it because she is not even in town at the moment so shes the main suspect,what makes things more validating is the fact that we are not in good terms with each other right now" and John replied "fine by me,you already know whats good".So we sat there basically brainstorming through different plans when Tyrone and 6 of our boys walked in clearly in a really happy mood.I guess that was a result of the fact that 3 of them were holding vodka bottles while Tyrone was smoking a blunt as he walked in saying "maa nigga,time for some action,ive been dying to get some shit cracking for a minute now" and the rest of the cats agreed with very determined looks on their face".Everyone took a seat as Shante walked out of the room looking sleepy saying "Hi guys". Everyone replied back as they were checking her out,you could clearly see in their eyes that they had lustrous thoughts as tyrone turned to me saying "whoa,who is that??Damn son" and i replied "someone you all should not be touching " in a joking manner.Shane,one of the guys added "damn kid,you need to let us in on the secret" as the whole room agreed.All i had to say was "its all about your game kid,all about your game,keep it real and have confidence my niggaz".John John cut the convo short and said "lets get to business",so i went on to say "ok guys,heres the deal,i thin Kayla has been fucking with me lately,them niggaz that chased me must have some kinda connection to her,heres whats gonna happen,i want 3 of you to hit the streets and find out what you can about them niggaz,me,John john and Tyrone are going to pay Kayla a little visit,a very unexpected one at that,and this time im taking no prisoners,so dont worry about me showing her any mercy". So the guys replied "seems like a good plan" and i replied "good to see we are on the same page guys,whatever you find out,call me up,this is a team effort,i want us to send a message to these guys one by one" and so everyone agreed and John john added "i have alotta experience with these type of things,whatever i say goes,dont you fools go doing anything i havent told you to do and we will be good" and we all agreed "yea without a doubt" as i added "im making John IN Charge of this,i trust him with situations like this so roll with him and lets get this cracking,this aint about me anymore,its about those fags coming into our neighbourhood and thinking they run shit".Tyrone stood up pissed and added "fuck these niggaz,they aint running shit in my turf"

So we did everything as planned.The 3 of our boys hit the streets while me,John and Tyrone drove over to Kayla's house. In the car,John said to me "i was with your boy ruger,he is alright,he was able to loose those fools",i replied "good job man,nice work,what else did he say".john answered "he said he preety much knows who one of those fools was and he and his team are also looking to break these cats".I sat back saying "nicee,they done fucked up now,i love it,they got the whole squad after em now,that should make for an easy kill for me".John turned back to me in the back seat of the car and said "we should find them 1st and make them suffer before Ruger gets to them,thats better revenge",I agreed as we drove further on and got to Kayla's crib.I Rang the bell to the door and guess who opens the door with healing scars on his face,yes,it was James as i looked to my boys Tyrone and john and said "well well well,talk about everything working out for the better,look at who is here" as we all walked in.He was scared as hell as he said "look man,i dont want no trouble B,you made your point yesterday and believe me,i aint trying to cross you".I walked in without paying attention to what he was saying and asked him "where is Kayla nigga?",he quickly replied "in the bathroom taking a bath,well if you wanna talk to her,ill leave nah mean" and i turned to John with mug on my face "John,watch that nigga,if he dares move,break his legs" and then i said to Tyrone "yo Ty,watch the coast,go outside and make sure everything's good,im going in",then i turned to James and said "your faggot ass still dont get it do you?ill be back to show you why you touching what does'nt belong to you".He sat there with a puppy dog face looking all scared and said "yo please man,i aint even trying to beef with you,all you gotta do is tell me what you dont approve off and im out" and i laughed looking at John and said "can you believe this chimp of a guy?,someone find his balls?" as i proceeded to go into the bathroom".She was in the shower singing to herself as i slowly opened the door and closed it gently so she would'nt know that i was in there.But i guess her intuition was strong as she yelled through the shower curtain "James,i told you i dont want you coming in here when im showering,you can try all you want but i aint doing nothing till i am ready so keep trying nigga" but i kept quiet.She kept on showering as she said "you think that quietness will turn me on or something nigga,you are better off going back to the living room".I then decided to say something 'well its good to see you not letting that fag get it on the regular like that",She jumped in fear and said "WTF,CRIS???WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE UNANNOUNCED",I replied with a sarcastic smile "what, whats wrong,suprised to see me still walking?

She replied quickly "nigga,you in my bathroom while im having a shower,offcourse im suprised" and i replied "oh come of it,you forget,ive seen you naked numerous times,dont even act like im a stranger" and she replied "what??my boyfriend is out there,does he know you in here?",I replied "what do you think?" and she mumbled to herself "what a pussy ass nigga",I replied "very good analysis of the fag baby".She walked out of the shower butt naked as i walked towards her and started rubbing on her tigh's passionately as she said "Cris,please stop,my man is out there" and i replied "fuck that faggot ass nigga,you know who the fuck you belong too",then she said in a silent manner "but Cris,not now,not here,common" as i asked "Why kayla,why did u do that to me yesterday.i trusted you more than anyone else" and Kayla replied "what the hell are you talking about,i aint do shit to you yesterday,i did'nt even see you yesterday".i took a long breath and said "listen Kayla,we gonna do this again and this time,i better get a better answer,why did you send those cats after me yesterday" and she looked at me shockingly stunned and said "huh?send who? i dont know what you are talking about,i was at home all day yesterday".So i decided to let her know the deal as i said "listen,my bodyguard John john is here,right now he is very hungry and wants to break your boyfriends bones in the living room,do that wimp a favour and just tell me where i can find those guys,i aint even mad at you like that anymore,i want those pussie's though".Kayla replied "Cris,what you are doing is illegal,you are threatning me and James and if you dont stop this right now,ill call the cops".I laughed and said "Kayla,you call the cops on us,we will be out tomorrow,you of all people should know we got cops too,where do you think some of my fathers wealth goes,besides,i got a lawyer that will chew you and spit you out in any court case,so the way i see it,you lose" and she replied "Cris,dont get arrogant with me,i do admit that i have been a little disapointed with you lately but believe me when i say i would never send no one after you,i been told you that i love you,i meant it,i wouldnt wanna see you get hurt and thats the honest to God truth",so i asked her "so you are telling me that,you did'nt give 2 guys my number yesterday to get me" and she replied "hell no,you can check my phone,Cris,you know alotta people,why would you pin point me,besides,my sister got your number,my mom got your number too" and just as she said that,it Hit me hard as i thought {wait a fucking minute,she is right,the Milf has my number and she is very disgruntled right now,it all added up,ohh shit,the milf set me up}.So as she kept explaining herself i stopped her and said "Kayla,enough,i believe you,sorry i accused you,just had to be sure because everyone seems to be pissed off at me these days",she stood there teary eyed and said "but me of all people Cris,i thought you knew me better than that",i quickly replied as i wiped the tears of her face "sorry,ill make it up to you" and kissed her as she responded back to my kiss willingly.She stopped me after a while and said "although he is a wimp,he is my boyfriend,i think we should stop,ill call you later",i agreed and walked out of the bathroom as i said to John"its allright,everything is cool,the fag can go,common,lets be out,i got the answers i needed".I then turned to James and said "i know theres something very fishy about you fag boy,but imma put it like this,if i hear that you touched Kayla in any way,sexually,violently,me and John will come for your ass son,you hear that",he sat there and said "i think its her choice who she wants to be with" and i replied raising my hand like i was going to slap him as he ducked and said "try me son,try me" and proceeded to walk out with JOhn john

After the situation at Kayla's house,me and John John got into a conversation outside while heading to the car.I said to him "listen John,you and Tyrone go and see how far the others have gone as far as finding out where those fags are,i have some personal business to take care off". SO we agreed as they dropped me home at my spot and i hopped in my car and headed straight to the Milf's house.To be honest,the whole time i was pondering on what i would do to her,i kept saying to myself "hmm,should i use the calm approach on her or should i get agressive,whatever the case,i gotta make that bitch pay".Then it dawned on me "ah snap,i gotta call pops and give him the little info i have on this james dude and nail him once and for all and so i did as he answered the phone saying "So,you have the information,you know i am a busy man,dont have much time" and i answered "yea,this guys name is James Johnson,he currently lives in oakdale,benson street house 1157,and he told me he works at the Bally fitness center downt0wn" and my dad replied "well,thats all i need,by the way,why are you so hell bent on getting dirt on this guy",i replied "well lets just say,one of my homegir'ls is in danger of being burnt by him and i aint gonna go for that",so my dad replied "well,i can understand your concern son,ill fax you whatever information you need so be on the look out".I thanked my pops as we ended the call as i thought to myself {this could get no easier yo}.I reached Elaines house about 15 minutes later and headed straight to the door as i knocked and knocked but no answer.i stood for about a minute wondering what was going on as there was total silence in the house and knocked harder on the door but no reply.i then utilized the door bell numerous times and still no answer.I decided to go to the back door and knock and no answer.At this point,2 things were going though my mind,its either she really was'nt there or she was trying to avoid me because she knew i knew what she had done.I then started yelling "Elaine,i know you're in there,open the door,right now",and still no answer.I pulled out my cellphone and called her and it went straight to voicemail.So at this point,i knew something was wrong.i then decided to call Kayla as she picked the phone up saying "Cris,what now,i hope we are not getting into it again" and i quickly replied "no no no ma,i actually need some information from you" as she replied "go on" and i asked "say,tell me,where is your mom at,ive been trying to get in touch with here,we have some business deals to discuss",Kayla responded "wow,you did'nt know huh? and i asked "didnt know what?" and she replied "my mom took a short vacation out of state,she said she needed some time to herself to cool off".At this point,i had confirmation that she was behind everything,i mean if she was'nt,why would she take a vacation just when i was attacked,so i said to Kayla "wow,she could have atleast let me know",kayla replied "yea i know,thats unlike her,thats very unethical of her",so i asked "you know if i can reach her through any number or better yet,you know where she is?",kAYla replied "no not at all Cris,she would'nt say,she said she does'nt want anyone bothering her,she said she needed total peace and quiet so im sorry,i really dont know".I thought to myself {fuck,imma have to wait till she returns but she aint getting away so easy though"}" so i then said to Kayla 'so when are we gonna have our overdue talk?" and she replied "i can be over there tonight if thats good for you",i quickly replied "fine by me,ill see you then"

Anyways the disapointment of not being able to catch Eliane and doing to her what i had in mind really had me pissed so i decided to head on home and chill for the day.i got home about 15 minutes later after stopping by one of these fast food take out resturants to get me some food.I quickly listened to my messages and it was from the secretary at my business which went like this "Sir,some lady by the name of chanelle came here to see you,she said you had an appointment with her or something,just letting you know incase it is important so call back and let me know".I sat down wondering who it was but i couldnt quite figure who wanted to see me at my work place so i just disregarded it with the hopes of going to worok the next day and taking care of business.I sat down,ate my food while watching wrestling on pay per view when the phone rang.I picked it up and it was Kayla as she said "so whats up,what you doing right now?",i replied "nothing,just relaxing,tryna get my mind right",she added "so does that mean i can come over so we can have this talk?" and i replied "sure why not,ill be here,i really dont got no plans tonite" so she replied anxiously 'aight Cris,ill be there in a few" and dropped the phone.It didnt take her no more than 10 minutes and she was there as we hugged when she walked in and took a seat.I went to the bar in the house and said "what u wanna drink?" and she replied "nothing too strong,wine is cool" so i poured her some red wine as i came and sat next to her and said "SOOO" and she replied smiling "soooo what???" and i added "so whats the business at hand ma?" and she replied "well,we need to get alot of things straight here,dont u agree?" and i replied "most definately,listen im sorry about earlier,ive just really been paranoid about alotta things,im going thru alotta shit" and she replied "but Cris,you accused me of trying to set you up,do u know how that hurts?" and i replied "well Kayla,im sorry,i cant apologise enough but i can try to make it up to ya nah mean" and she took a long breath and said "ok Cris,give it a shot" and i asked her "ok,where do you wanna go eat tonite?" and she replied "well there is this new spot they just opened next to the old kinko's downtown,ive been dying to see what they got,i heard they cook up some splendid food",so i agreed and we were off.as we drove we talked about a lot of things and how we could reconcile our differences,she was also very apologetic about her behavior and expressed how she wanted us to take it slow,she asked me one perculiar question in the car though as she said "so what happened to cassandra,i dont see u with her much lately" and i replied "i dont know,she stopped calling or trying to come around so i could give a fuck less" and she laughed and replied "you so mean,i never liked that bitch anyways,she tryflin". So as we were talking,my cellphone rang as i picked up and it was my pops as he said "Son,are you at home right now?" i replied "no,why?" and he replied "
well,i sent you a fax with some information that might help you with that character you have been asking about".I was very happy to hear that as i said "wow,good stuff pops,any juicy stuff i can use" and my dad replied "wait till you read it,your boy is far from a saint but listen,i have to go,your mother and i got plans so take care of business aight" so i said "alright pops thanx" as we both dropped the phone"

Kayla looked at me with suspicion as she said "what was all that about" and i replied "nothing anyone should be worrying about,just some personal business" and she replied "aight Cris,dont be getting yourself into no bad drama" and i replied "nah,its nothing like that.Now my gas tank was running low so i had to refill so i explained to her that we had to go to the nearest gas station first so i could get some gas or we would'nt be able to make it back home fast and she was cool with that so we drove a few blocks away to the nearest Bp station.About a few meters away as i was driving towards the gas pump,i saw a very familiar looking figure walking with a female from a distance but i couldnt quite get a clear view of him,so i drove closer as i kept saying "i cant be this muthafucker".kayla turned to me and said "what??is something wrong Cris",as i kept talking to myself silently "hmmm,let me see your face duke,common ,let me see your face" and kayla kept saying "ok,you,re scaring me now,whats going on".So the man turns to kiss his girl while they were walking and i yell "BINGO" in the car as i recognised him as one of the guys that chased me.I quickly turned to Kayla and said "wait in here,dont move and inch,ill be back" as i got out of the car,opened the back door under the seat and pulled out a metal bat.I then took out my card,filled the gas tank up and then proceeded to quickly sneak up on him from behind.Just as i got close enough,i said "remember me you bitch ass nigga" as he turned and tried to reach for his pockets but it was too late for him.I hit him dead on the back with the bat as he screamed "AHHHHHHH" and i proceeded to clubber him all over the body with the bat". His girl got scared and started screaming as she ran off somebody help,my boyfriend is getting attacked".I continued beating him up everywhere as i said "who is the bitch now nigga,who is getting punked now nigga,you tell your other faggot ass niggaz ,im coming for them too and spat on his face as he laid there,body swollen and parts of his head bleeding.i quickly ran back into the car and sped away as Kayla looked at me stunned and shocked saying "oh my god,oh my god,oh my god,you tried to kill someone,oh my god,i cant fuck with you no more,take me home" as i kept yelling "GIRL CHILL,I DID THAT FOR A REASON YO,CHILL" ,but she kept saying louder "TAKE ME HOME CRIS,ITS COOL,WE DONT GOTTA GO OUT" and i replied angrier "WHAT THA FUCK,THAT NIGGA TRIED TO KILL ME,I WAS ONLY TAKING REVENGE" And she replied "WELL GOOD FUCKING LUCK WITH YOUR REVENGE NIGGA,TAKE ME HOME NOW,IM SERIOUS CRIS,TAKE ME HOME AND FORGET YOU EVER KNEW ME",so out of anger i yelled "FUCK IT AND FUCK YOU,YOU WANNA GO HOME,ILL TAKE YOU HOME,YOU IS NOT A DOWN CHICK ANYWAYS",as i turned the car around and drove her home,the whole time we were headed there,i was silent as she kept saying in a low tone "damn damn damn,you think you know someone then they turn out to be beastly on you"

So basically i go to her crib as she quickly sprinted out of the car trembling from fear.i couldnt believe it,she was actually scared of me as she yelled from her house door "IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU CRIS,ITS BEST WE JUST STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER",i yelled back "WHATEVER" and drove away.I got home with mixed emmotions,1st of all,i was happy that i had beaten down one of those punks but i was also unhappy that Kayla was unhappy about my actions" so i took a big bottle of vodka,sat down as i read the fax my dad had sent me about James and got to drinking.Reading that fax revealed alot about James and i had just got the information i needed to nail him once and for all,what i found out was trully good amo to deal with him for good.Basically,from what i read,Kayla was being punked by this fool and there was no way in hell,she would be down with him after i make him tell her himself what he has been doing".after that,i drank aND drank till i passed out on the couch dead drunk.I woke up the next day with a huge hangover but i remembered that i had to go to my company to see about this lady that wanted to see me so i got dressed and headed to work.i got there around 11 in the morning as my secretary Latoya said "well sir,she said you spoke with one of her family members about a job,she also left a number so you can get intouch with her".So i quickly walked into my office and called her as i said "this is Crispin sokuu,i understand you wanted to see me the other day about a job",and the most beautiful voice ive heard in a long time answers "yes sir,i was wondering if it was possible to come in another time" and i replied "well,why dont you show up now,im free to talk to ya",so she replied excitedly "ok sir,im on my way,thank you".now from the way she sounded on the phone,i could tell that she was desperate for the job so i awaited her as she showed up half an hour later approximately.My secretary walked in saying "someone here for you sir" as i replied "send her in,im expecting her",and so she did.The minute she walked in,my jaw nearly dropped,i rubbed my eyes just to see if i was dreaming or not but i was'nt.What walked in was what i call extreme eye candy,this girl was flawlessly hot from the top to bottom.she was chocolate brown with natural long hair to her back and a very nicely figured coke bottle shaped body.Her lips were all juicy and shit and she was thick preety much everywhere it mattered on a woman.She had on a babyphat jean top and jeans with a white shirt inside.I could'nt help myself as she walked in and said "God damn," as she asked "anything wrong sir,by the way,my name is channelle".i offered her a sit fast after a handshake and said "chanelle,please,take a seat" as she sat down with her legs crossed.i could see the thickness of her tigh's even when she was wearing jeans as i said "so channelle,what can i do for you today".She replied "you met my dad some days back,he runs the woodride apartments,he told me you had a job for me" and i asked "yea,your dad,now i remember,he cool as hell,he helped me out when i was truly in need",she replied "yea i heard" then continued to ask "can i ask u a question,if u dont mind sir?" and i replied "go right ahead beautiful" as i tried to slowly flirt with her,she asked "why would someone with all this like you be getting chased by no life losers,i mean you got money and im sure a nice car and house and prolly a nice looking lady at home right" and i replied "its complicated and no,i dont have a lady at home".She replied "maybe you need a down chick to help you stay on a good level" as she smiled looking me dead in the eyes.I replied back "well if things work out,maybe ill have one sooner than you think" as i looked at her winking.She smiled back and said "i bet you say that to all the gurls that work here" and i replied "honestly,im hardly in here,im the boss,i only come here when i feel like ".She replied "oohhh,so can the boss hire me today?" and i replied "depends on what you willing to do" and she replied "ive been out of a job for a minute,anything will work for me" so i told her "ok,i need a personal assistant,someone i can count on more than my secretary to run errands for me,its very demanding and needs alot of loyalty,you think you can handle that?" ,she replied "i was born ready" so i called in the secretary and told her to show channelle around as i said to her "stay loyal to me,alot will come your way".Channelle smiled back and said "dont worry,i will,good luck finding the right girl,maybe she's real close" and winked at me.I pulled out the fax out of my pockets and called John John as i said "John,i have a job for you man".He replied "whats that" as i said "heres an adress,hampton street,3466,house 1421,go and see a lady called Danishe and see if you can have her meet me as soon as possible.John replied "im on it" and dropped the phone.
well..that whole day went uneventful afterwards so i basically went home,spent most of the time in my backyard basketball court just hooping my stress away.SO the next morning after a good nights rest,John John calls me and is like "i had the chance to talk to Danishe,she agreed to meet you today in the afternoon around one,so if its cool with you,ill confirm things and bring her to your house",i replied "yea,thall be great John,once again,good work man" as he replied "anything for the boss" and dropped the phone.I waited till 1 when she arrived with John looking very anxious and very curious as to why i wanted to see her.She was quite a nice looking chick,caramel skinned with braids and about 5,4" in height.i quickly offered her a seat as John John Stood at the far corner of the living room looking at her intently,i didnt understand why he kept looking but as this story goes on,you will find out.Anyways i greeted her "Hi,welcome to my house,you may not know me but im Cris,me and you have a mutual friend",she replied "hmm,who could it be,i dont fuck with alotta people these days you know,so many peeps have burnt me before",so i turned to take my dads fax he sent me,read it and asked her "tell me,whats your relationship with James like?",she quickly frowned with a touch of anger and said "James,you mean the loser dead beat who has just gotten me pregnant and vanished,do you know how hard i have been looking for him,i mean,look at me,im pregnant and with no money,ive been struggling to make ends meet while he is running the streets".I sat there really pitying her as she relayed her story and said "i know excatly where he is and what he has been up to,i called you here because we have a common interest,we want James to grow up and be a man,dont you agree?",she replied "shit,hell yea,so where is that bastard,i want him now",i quickly interupted "relax,relax ma,everything in sequence all right,you,re pregnant,i dont want you to stress too much,anyways,just so you know,that nigga left you for another chick who doe'snt know about you and im sure you didnt know about her either huh".She sat there looking stunned and shocked as she said "what???,so you telling me that these past few months,while he has been coming into my house and sleeping with me,he has been fucking another bitch?",i quickly replied with a sympathetic face "im afraid so and i could'nt stand to see it go on further",so she asked "how did you find out about me?",i replied boldly "i got eyes everywhere my dear,and together,we can make an example out of this deadbeat loser",she totally agreed as our convo went on about how we were gonna give him the surprise of his life then when everything was said and done and she was about to leave,i ran into my room quickly and got money out of the safe and gave it to her as i said "i know this aint much,but take this,take care of yourself,ill see you tomorow so we can get this over with ok?",she took the money as she looked at me in amazement and said "God bless you,you are truly a savior,ill see you tomorow indeed,thank you Cris",then she proceeded to walk out heading for her car.

As she was walking out,i turned to John and said "good work my man,once again,we did it" and John turned to me with a smile on his face for the 1st time in so many months since i started knowing him and said "Cris,that chick got me wondering",i paused stunned because i had never heard John talk about females before,infact,everyone wondered if he liked women at all and now this as he said "yo,what would you say about me trying to take her out,you know,show her a good time and shit",i looked at him with approval and said "shit,go for it John,hell,marry her for all i care,its time you got a woman in your life man" and then i proceeded to add "you do know she is pregnant right?" and he replied "that dont bother me man,i just wanna know her,the minute i saw her,i knew it was her ive been looking for all these years".I looked at him smiling and said "wow,my nigga,you finally cracked huh,finally seen something you like,i tell you what John,why dont u go after her,ask her to a date and ill pay,wherever u want nigga".John quickly replied "man,id truly apreciate that boss,thank you" as i chased him out jokingly "get outta here and find that chick nigga".he quickly rushed out.About 15 minutes later,i get a call from ruger as he said "yo son,come down to the base kid,right now,we caught some big fish nigga,right now",so i quickly wore my jacket and headed straight to the hood

When i got there,Ruger was standing at the door mad excited as hell as he said "yo son,remember those fags that chased after us the other day,well me and my niggaz found one of em tryna sling drugs in our backyard",i asked "good work nigga,where is he?",Ruger quickly replied "in there son,scared like a bitch,me and the niggaz totured his punk ass,he aint want it son,he aint want it",so i walked in and saw a badly bruised dude laying on the floor with his hands tied to his back and his feet tied too.I quickly ordered one of the goons "yo,untie this nigga",so he obliged and quickly did as i say as i sat down and looked the captive in his eye and said "remember me kid?" and he replied "how can i forget nigga,you can run son" and i replied "you caused me alotta trouble that day and i dont apreciate that kid,right now,my niggaz wanna make you history so if u want to get out of this,im the man to work with,im the only sane cat in here" and the captive replied "listen nigga,look at my hands,see them scars,they are bullethole scars nigga,i know pain,i been in these streets all my life,what yall niggaz is doing aint scaring me,kill me if you want,i dont care,nigga,i got 3 kids,and i gotta eat,i only did that to make money to feed my seeds nigga,im stuck here doing crazy shit like chase wealthy niggaz like you just to eat son".His story hit me deep as i looked at his hands to confirm that he really did infact have bullethole scars on them and said "o...k,lets say i dont want to hurt you,give me something to work with thatll make me feel better about letting you go" and he replied "listen nigga,i got something you will all profit from,im tired of working for niggaz that dont got my back,if i let you in on the secret,i gotta get a cut son,ill even go with you and handle this shit",so i asked "before we get into all that,who sent you after me kid",he replied "listen G,i dont know who the brain behind this operation was,i take orders from Marco,the light skinned cat we was with,once we get the job done,i get paid and forget the whole ordeal,thats how it works in my world,so if you trying to know who sent Marco,you gonna have to find that nigga and get that info outta him,me personally,im tired of Marco and all those bitch ass niggaz not paying up and treating me like a slave,like i said,if you let me get a cut,ill tell yall niggaz where we can get a good killing son".So i called Ruger to the corner and said "i believe this nigga,he sounds sincere,lets take him to the other room and hear what he has to offer",so Ruger agreed and ordered him into the other room and he did as he was told without a problem.

When we got in there,we locked the door so now,it was just me,him and Ruger as i said "ok big boy,heres your chance to escape hells kitchen,what you got for me b?",he quickly answered "1st of all,call me Capo,2ndly,Marco got a friend called Jose,he just moved into town,one of the big timers man,they planning to take over most territories in town,including yours and shit,last week over in their house,a huge load of cargo came through,im talking enough to feed all the goons in this house for months,basically,what im saying here is,if we can steal that shit,we split it 3 ways nigga and im good,i know their routine and i know that sundays are good days to go and rob these niggaz,they are hardly ever there and shit",so Ruger quickly intervened "how can we trust you nigga,how do we know you aint trying to set us up",he quickly replied "what do i gotta lose,take it like this,if you get caught or whatever,my ass is on the line so thats like setting myself up basically,listen man,im tryna eat,we work as a team,we get paid,its on yall".So Ruger called me to the side and said 'yo man,this looks like a sweet deal,i said we get those bitch ass niggaz for they shit",i quickly replied "nah g,you go ahead,take one of ya niggax,im not doing this shit" and Ruger said "why not man,for old times sake g,i know you already got money butdo it for ya boy,i dont trust none of those niggaz like i trrust you b,i know you would never snitch on me,thats why we gotta go in together,none of those niggaz gotta know shit nah mean",i replied "i dont know man...." and he added "you owe me son,ive had ya back too many times,just this one favor kid,we go in and out like that,Bam,its over,me and you used to do shit like this all the time when growing up,what happened man?" and i replied "i became a successful man who has a reputation,i get caught,my whole life will go down the drain b" and he replied "i understand kid,but u know i got your back,we aint gonna let none of that go down,trust me",So i thought about it after long persuasion from him and agreed to do it as i turned to capo and said "congratulations ,you a free man,get yourself taken care off,call us sunday when you ready to go in,if we find out that you fucking with us,we will murk you kid,no question".Capo quickly said "dont worry,im a man of my word,we bout to make some good money,i see you guys are a tight unit,ive always wanted to work with cats who knew what they were doing and shit,and Cris,sorry about the other time,i was only doing my job b".I quickly replied "dont worry kid,you turned out to be realer than m0st,i can respect that".

After he left,me and Ruger sat back discussing how things would do,we definately agreed on wearing masks so our identities could be hidden,we also agreed to keep a close eye on capo since we did'nt know him and shit.Basically after that,i headed home,called Shante,the news anchor lady as she arrived around 9 in the night,brought some food and dvd's,we chilled and fucked.The next morning, John knocks on the door as i woke up to open the door for him.He had come with Danishe as he had a big smile on his face,you could clearly see that the 2 liked each other as i said "jOHN,dont g soft on me now nigga,i need you",i offered Danishe a seat and told them i was going in to prepare so we could embark on our mission.Shante walked out as Danishe said 'hey,i know you,you that girl on tv that reads the news".Shante responded "yea,thats me,channel 5,how u doing girl",she replied "im good,its nice seeing you in person,you so beautiful",Shante replied "thank you mami,gotta go get ready,have work to do" as she headed to the bathroom".I got dressed,walked out and said "you ready?",Danishe replied "yes ,lets get this over with shall we".So we headed out as i drove straight to Kayla's house and shit.The whole ride was comical as John the tough guy mellowed and was talking all sexy to her,complimenting her on everything,at some points,he would say "anyone ever tell u that u got a wonderful smile".she just gigilled and blushed all the way as i laugh in my head saying to myself "and i thought i got weakened".Anyways we got to Kayla's house as i parked a few miles away from the house and said to Danishe "he is in there with the new lover,go ahead and do what u gotta do ma,thats good closure",so she took a breather and said "wish me luck",i smiled back at her and said 'we got your back ma,go handle ya buisness",so she hopped out of the car and headed straight to the front door of the house.WE sat and observed from the car as James himself opened the door to see the shock of his life.We couldnt hear much as we were a distance away but things got heated as Danishe started yelling calling him a bitch nigga and a loser,offcourse Kayla walked out to see what was going on and realised that James was playing her and joined in on the name calling.Shit got so bad that James couldnt take it anymore and decided to manhandle Danishe,he grabbed her by the hands in an attempt to throw her to the ground but John wasnt having it.Before i knew it,he was out of the car,he headed straight to James and socked him dead in the face.it was the hardest punch i had ever seen John administer as James fell flat on his head out cold.John then proceeded to take Danishe by the hand and brought her to the car as we drove away.She started tearing up from emmotions as John held her in the car and told her he would have her back.I turned to her and said "Danishe,good job,once you give birth to the baby,.see me about a job,we gonna improve your life,my mAn John wants to give u the world,dont u John" and John looked at me all embarassed and shit and said 'well,what he meant was,id be honored to take u out again".i interupted again saying "just admit it JOhn,u inlove cuz,you aint never knock a nigga out over a lady before",John replied rebuking me "shut up nigga haha".Anyways i drove Danishe home and got to her spot about 10 minutes later as she walked out of the car and said to me 'thanks for everything",i replied "no problem",then she turned to John and said "its gonna be real boring in there alone,you wanna come listen to some music with me?",i quickly turned to John winking and whispering "say yesss" and so he did,so he hopped out of the car as they both went into her crib,i automatically knew something was gonna go down as i drove home laughing to myself.

after that,nothing eventful happened until sunday around 2 in the afternoon when capo called me asking "are u ready for this shit cause im on my way to pick you up,i got your boy ruger in the car with me",i quickly replied "yea nigga,show up",so about 8 minutes later,they arrived as i hopped into the car dressed all black with a clown mask in my hands then the conversation about the robbery started as Capo said "aight niggaz,check it,we gonna scope these niggaz from a distance and make sure the coast is clear,once that happens,we go in,i know that house very well,i mean in and out so we wont have to much problems,stick with me and we home free".I asked "how well guarded is it?" and he replied "they got some pitbulls at the back,usually some crazy ass ese's watching the front but like i said before,all of them be gone,i dont know where and why but they be gone so we go in there and we good,it shouldnt take long b",so i agreed and said,aight man,lets get this shit over with.We drove into a big surburb called Oakcrest.It was definately one of those places you walk in and you know multimillionaires were all over the place.Some of those houses were absurdly huge and the whole neighborhood was quiet as hell,really eerie too as we reached a huge white mansion and parked at a distance from it as Capo said "Thats it cuz,see the gate,those are the 2 main watchers,once those guys leave,you know its safe to go in there,so heres the plan,we wait here in the car until they bounce" and so we did.We sat in the car just smoking blunt after blunt for nearly half an hour as Ruger said "yo cuz,you sure these niggaz is gonna leave?",i added "yea,do u think these cats would just leave knowing they got cargo like that in there?" and Capo agreed boldly "patience ma niggaz,patience,".So we waited another 15 minutes with our heads slanted down watching as Capo said "yo stay down b,one of them is walking this way"At this point,i was scared to my pants as i went "ohh shit man,now we toast",but then Capo said "aight chill,he turned back".Ruger suggested "man,i say we go in there blasting niggaz and shit and take that loot son",i added "we will not be blasting shit today",then capo said "niceee,they are about to leave now" as 2 trucks sprinted out of the gate heading north from us.The 2 watchers locked the mansion gate and headed into their own car and drove off.After being sure that they were gone,Capo turned to me and Ruger and said "its time to get paid niggaz,lets do this"

so me,Capo and Ruger headed straight to the gate of the mansion to find they had locked the gates with a padlock.I turned to Capo and said "ah just great,any good ideas smart guy?" and Capo smiled saying "relax g,relax,i knew shit like this was gonna go down,im gonna pick the lock son,hold up" and so he did as i kept saying "hurry nigga,i dont trust this neighbourhood".About a minute later,he said "bingo,got it,lets go niggaz" so we headed in as he said,"im gonna lock the gate back up just incase they return so they wont suspect shit" and me and Ruger both agreed with the plan so we proceeded to the house door as he picked that door open too and viola,we were in the promised land.Upon entering the mansion,i was amazed,i had never seen a house more well furnished than that,the floors were all marble and the furniture was made of expensive oak.There were expensive paintings and statues everywhere as i said "holy shit,what a nice fucking house",Ruger turned to me and said "i know kid,i always thought you had a nice crib but God damn,this cat takes the cup yo" as Capo turned to us and said "enough of the talk,you Cris,go upstairs and check every room,look for a big suitcase,a black one at that,you Ruger,you are more into the combat side of things,so watch the coast,make sure we are safe in here while i check this side and the basement",so we all agreed to the plan as i headed on upstairs.The crib was huge as i walked through the corridor and opened the 1st out of 5 doors that were down that corridor.i went through that room and it was the easiest because there was'nt much in it.just a few unpacked boxes and shit so i ,headed to the 2nd which looked like it was the guests room,i went through everything,and to my amazement,under the bed was a plastic bag stacked with money,i took that and pocketed it then went into the 3rd room which looked like childs room,at 1st i didnt want to search it because i thought,who would put a stash of illegal shit but then something told me to open the closet and there were big suitcases in it so i started opening them one by one,one by one then the one that was at the every back of the closet was the winning prize as i dragged it out,and ran downstairs and yelled "yooo,we got it niggaz",Ruger quickly ran up and dragged it down,opened it and said,thats it",Ruger added "holy shit,look at all those dope bags,thats money for days yo" and Capo quickly suggested "lets bounce before they return b,or we in shit" so we headed out as he picked the locks open again as Ruger dragged the suitcase into the car.In no time,we started the car and rushed out of that neighbourhood and headed straight to Ruger's house.

One you got to Rugers crib,we opened the suitcase and started counting the bags of dope and shit.Me and Ruger then discussed btween ourselves if we should share the loot equally and i agreed saying "yo,this kid was atleast honest,he risked himself to go in that mansion with us,this is the least we can do nah mean" so after a long and hard thought about the issue,Ruger agreed and so we told Capo we would give him a fare share.He was amazed and very excited as he said "yo,yall some real niggaz for sho man,i did'nt even think id get anything b,but yo,thanx yall" and i added "hold on though,you gotta stay low profile with this shit for a minute,dont go spending like a pop star until the heat dies out,also keep us posted on how things turn out with the ese's aight" and he agreed as we helped him get his share of the loot and in no time he was out.I personally did not have any need for the dope but i took my share and bagged it up because i knew excatly who would have good use for it.After everything was said and done,me and Ruger chilled to a blunt as i said "you know fam,everything went good son,infact,that was almost too easy yo,its a shame that i alienated that chick Kayla the other night" and Ruger said "yea,i been meaning to talk to you about that night son,i heard you beat that piece of shit down nigga",i replied "yea and lost a chick i was trying to make up with,but fuck it man,its over,im gonna go on with my life and do me",so Ruger asked me "so who is this infamous chick you keep talking about,knowledge ya boy son" and i replied "her name is Kayla,from around ma way kid" and Ruger asked "i know about 4 Kayla's around your way son,more info" and i replied "i doubt you know this one,Kayla lamont,thats her name son" and he replied kinda stunned "hold up,Kayla lamont,as in the Kayla Lamont that lives in woodbridge,kinda light skinned,mother's name Elaine,got a hot sister too called Katie?" and i replied "yea,thats excatly the one son,how you know her b?" and he replied "holy shit son,i went to school with that chick b,mannnnn,you must have balls fucking with her son,ill tell u that" and so out of curiosity i asked "what you mean kid,what do u know that i need to know?" and he asked "has she kept it real with you about herself and what she is about?" and i replied "well i guess i know everything i need to know,atleast thats what she says and Ruger asked further "did she also keep it real about being mentally unstable and very violent towards niggaz who play her?" and i replied a little suprised "whoa whoa whoa son,hold up,what are you talking about here,violent? how,mentally unstable??what are u talking about g?" and Ruger smiled,lit up a cigarette and said "aight son,you my nigga,i usually dont like interfering in peoples personal matters but you gotta know this b,heres goes,like i said,i went to school with her,she was one of the cuter chicks in high school ya know,but very weird,never talked to no one kid,not even the girls in school and alotta niggaz was trying to get at her and shit,remember black boy sosa?",i replied "yea black boy sosa,the cat with the big scar across his face from back in the day,he left town without saying a word b" and Ruger continued "yea nigga,you know how he got that scar right?" and i replied "nah son,anytime we asked him about that shit,he would'nt respond and was very defensive about the shit,i heard he got mentally fucked up and bounced and shit" and so Ruger continued "well,im getting to that kid"

so he continued "well like i said,niggaz wanted to fuck her in high school but she was weird as fuck so one day black boy sosa was with me in the hall way with a whole lot of other niggaz and shit,you already know how cocky he was and shit,well he turns to me and tells me that he was gonna break her down and get with her and so he cornered her in the hallway tryna spit game at her but to no avail and then when she was walking away,he touched her on her butt and tried to grab her breasts from behind and this chick snapped kid,i have never seen a chick look that evil in my life,the whole quiet shy chick thing was gone,she kept saying she was gonna kill that nigga and shit and he took that shit for a joke as we walked away" so i asked "what happened then?",Ruger replied "aight man,we in class the next day when this nigga runs into the classroom all bloody as fuck,sliced across the face and parts of his chest were kinda like stabbed and shit,we asked him like who did it and he was like,that fucking bitch Kayla,she cut me up son,so they called school authorities,she was kicked out of the school and sent to Juvenile prison for a while,when she got out,the crazyness continued,she would call that nigga and leave creepy messages talking about how she was gonna cut him up and eat his guts piece by piece,then there was the big rocks going through his window and shit,his car getting smashed up but he couldnt build a case against her because he had no evidence so she kept at it every chance she could get" so i asked "what sent him off though?" and Ruger replied "thats the good part my friend,thats the good part,he walked out one day and heard gunshots everywhere,he ducked like a bitch and ran back into his crib when she called the cellphone and told that nigga he was lucky he aiming was'nt good enough,after that,he and his parents decided that he had to leave the city after long arguments with them and elaine who is equally as mentally fucked up as her daughter and shit",i sat down shocked at what Ruger had just told me but then he added "thats not all my friend,he started developing a bad rash on his body which started deforming him and shit,when taken to the doctor,he was told that he had taken some kind of drug that reacted badly with his skin,and guess who our number one suspect was?your crazy new girlfriend,listen Cris,whoever you wanna fuck with is your choice,but knowing that she has been to a mental institute twice,got buffed niggaz scared to their pants of her,you might wanna watch out kid".So i sat there and really smoked that blunt hard trying to think of instances which might have suggested that she was crazy and the 1st thing that came to mind were the phonecall stunts and shit but then i hit me as i said "well guess what ma nigga?" and he replied what?",i said "well,we broke up,shes scared of me,she doesnt want anything to do with me so im safe haha" and Ruger just laughed sarcastically and said "fam,not to burst your bubble,but thats how she plays,shes gonna be calling you soon,trust me,dare not mess with her son..for your own good".Once again,i was shattered

After the revealing discussion between me and Ruger,the shock that overcame me made me decide that i needed some fun in my life,i had already made up my mind that i was done messing with that Kayla chick for good so i headed over to the one guy i took the dope for in the 1st place and that was my homeboy Guidah.Guidah was a jamaican immigrant who was a hardcore drug dealer and don out here.he was dark skinned with very natty dreds and smoked half the day away.He basically ran alotta spots and was one of the most feared cats in the state.I knew him for a few years through John John and since then,we became the tightest buddies ever.Anyways i got to his crib and walked into a party going on.The whole spot was full of some of the hottest Jamaican chicks i had ever seen as he said to me {in jamaican accent}"watagwan man,mi niggaz the original shotta Cris" and i replied "yo,whats popping son,i got some shit for ya,lets go into the bed room" and so we headed to the room and i opened the bag full of dope and said "merry christmas ma nigga,all yours son" and he turned to me and said {jamaican accent}"Jah be praised man,THIS BE THE ORIGINAL BOMBACLOT MAN,"and i replied "like that shit son" and he replied {jamaican accent}"ME LOVE THIS SHIT MAN,YOU BE ORIGINAL SHOTTA MAN,THE TRUE GUNGSTAR IN THIS SHIT MAN,ME NAM MAKE YOU HAPPY TONITE MY SHOTTA" As he dapped me and said {JAMAICAN ACCENT} "FOLLOW THE ORIGINAL GUNGSTARR MAN" as we headed to the living room where everything was popping as he yelled (jamaican accent) "KIKI,BEATRICE,COME HIERE AND MAKE MI SHOTTA HERE A HAPPY MAN MAN" And so these 2 hot bodied brown skin jamaican chicks came and sat next to me,one of em decided to sit on my lap while caressing my face while the other touched me calmy on my body as guidah said {jamaican accent}"this be the tha life of true shottas man,we nam play that sufferation thiang no mo man,enjoy yam punani while me light that true bombaclot spliff man".SO i sat there being entertained by these hot chicks as they whispered hot things in my hear like "what you want daddy,we got it for you" and shit like that then Guidah turned to me and said {jamaican accent} "See this spliff man,this be tha original bombaclot man,spliff this and see the Mavel of Jah man,take,smoke that originiieal herb man" and so i took a few puffs of that weed as i coughed and choked and he said {jamaican accent} "me tell u man,me deal with thi rill thing man" and i replied "holy shit,thats that good shit yo" and he added "Yah man,original herbb from Jah".I continued having fun with the chicks as we played the whole dirty talk whisper game then my cellphone rang,i picked it up and was like "hello hello, whos this" and she replied "its me,Kayla,whats up" and i replied "i thought u dont fuck with me no more,why u calling me",just as i said that,the jamaican chicks laughed,at what i dont know but she heard it and said "who are those???" and i replied "nobody," and she said "look Cris,im sorry i snapped but i found out why u did why u did that night,so i understand,listen,you think we could meet up again and hang out",i replied "listen Kayla,i dont think so yo,i think its best we dont fuck with each other no more,you were right" and she replied sounding shocked "you aint never turned me down no more,whats going on,are u fucking those girls with you right now or something?" and i replied "thats none of your buisness Kayla,just dont call me anymore aight,its best for both of us".After i said that,she kept quiet for a minute and said "ok nigga,you wanna play like that?fine" and dropped the phone on me.After that,i started getting high than a mutherfucker,everything was echoing and shit,i could even stay composed as i turned to the chicks and started kissing em on their necks and lips and shit.

All i can remember is Guidah saying [JAMAICAN ACCENT}"take mi shotta in theire and make him happy ladies" as they pulled me by my hands and took me into the guestroom and me ripping both the chicks clothes off in a horny moment and shit.Thats about as much as i remember as i woke up the next day in a king sized bed with 2 foxy chicks laying right next to me butt naked.I got up,realised i was naked too still feeling a little high,i went into the bathroom which was by the room to wash my face up as the chicks woke up greeting me saying "hi daddy",i replied "hey" holding my head and shit.I asked them "did we ...?" and they nodded positively and all i could say to myself was {damn son,you sure dont play}.I was feeling like being a little naughty so i said "i wanna see you chicks kiss each other,common,do it for me" and so they obeyed my command so i jumped into the bed and joined in the kissing,next thing i knew,2 lips were cleaning my knob as i thought to myself {thank you God},then my phone rang again as i picked it up and said "why you calling me again?" and Kayla replied "i was hoping you would be back to your senses this morning" and i replied "listen,i cant deal with u right now,im busy" as one of the chicks added "yeaaa honey,he busy" and Kayla replied "ohh really huh?its like that,you the mack now nigga arent you?do you know what happens to macks like you?" and i replied "right nowww,i dont care or wanna know" then turned to the girls and said "damn,yall sure are licking that shit good" and Kayla heard that and went "UGHHHHH" And dropped the phone

BAsically after that,i went into the living room looking for Guidah but he wasnt there so i decided i was gonna go home,rest and hopefully take care of some errands at a later time.So i went back to the room,kissed the girls,let em know i was leaving as they gave me their numbers and after that i was out.I headed straight home and by this time it was around 12 noon.Got in,took a shower and decided to flip through the cable channels to see if there was anything watchable on tv.After browsing through and finding nothing of interest,i decided to go outside and chill by the pool and enjoy the sunshine and so i did.As i lay there,my cellphone rang,i picked it up and it was Shante as she said "hey boo,what ya doing",i replied "nothing ma,just chilling and a little tired,im by the pool right now at the crib",she replied "oooo sounds good,ill be there a lil later in the evening so expect me hun ok?" and i replied "good deal,bring some tasties along will you" and she replied "anything for you babe,lemme get back to work,ill see you later" and so we dropped the phone after our bye's and ended the conversation.I laid basking in the sun enjoying the quiet and the beautiful harmoney from birds swinging across the sky when i was overcome by this eerie feeling.At 1st i didnt really take myself too seriously as i said mentally {common man,stop being so paranoid}but then after a while,something did'nt feel right,i felt like i was being watched so i got up and went into the crib.I slowly started walking around paranoid as hell opening each and every door in my house to make sure someone had'nt come in.I went to the main door and turned the knob and realised it was open.Now was the debate with myself about whether i left it open or not as i was still a little dazed from last night,after a while,i dismissed the idea of someone entering my crib and just decided to lay on the couch and get some rest. For some reason i was feeling very tired and still a little high from that weed.I quickly fell asleep and woke up around 7 in the evening.Everything was dark outside at this point and as i was just tryna rub my eyes opened,i heard something move outside so i turned at an impulse to look at the window and headed straight for it.i tried to scope outside to spot any intruders but i didnt catch a glace of anyone so i headed to my room,laid on the bed and started reading a book.Now i wear glasses when i read and so i put em on and kinda saw a reflection of something moving across the window from my room.At this point,my fears had been confirmed,someone was watching me,but for what ,i didnt know so i played off like i did'nt notice anything and went on reading,There was clearly eyes looking through my window so i got up and the eyes disapeared fast and went down straight to the basement and got a baseball bat which i held behind my back.NOW in the corridor before you enter the main living room is the light switch box which i opened and shut down all the lights in the house and slowly tip toed into the living room,peeping slowly Through the blinders to see who was outside and all i could see was a shadow heading towards the main entrance door so i slowly tip toed to the main entrance door with the bat ready to strike when i heard the person at the door breathing hard and gigling a little.All i could say to myself in silence was "open the door,slowlyyyy open that door and let me nail you" but to my suprise,all i heard was foot steps running back like "tatatatat" and i looked quick through the blinders and this hooded person was running out the main gate.

At this point,i did'nt feel safe at all,alot of things were going through my mind as i thought to myself,"who could it be,".There were definately alot of suspicions as i thought "maybe the ese's have found out what we did and they wanna start by pouncing on me,or maybe its Kayla going crazy like Ruger told me".At this point,i knew i had to get out of there so i grabbed my car keys and headed straight to the garage and offcourse the destination was my dad's cabin as i drove out of the gate quickly but as i was going,not even a few miles from my house,i could see the same hooded figure from my rear view mirror standing right beside my house watching me drive away."Holy shit",I said to myself as that was the creepiest thing i had ever experienced in my life.I quickly grabbed my cellphone and called Shante,she picked up saying "hey boo,whats up",as i replied "dont u dare go to my crib,something aint right there,meet me at my pops cabin aight,ill explain later",so she agreed and dropped the phone as i drove towards tghe cabin looking all directions to make sure i was'nt being followed.This was crazy to me as i kept saying to myself {fuck yo,maybe its the freaking ese's,nah man,it couldnt be,no one saw us,could it be Kayla,i mean now i know she is capable of some crazy shit like that,whatever the case,i gotta get the fuck outta here and so i drove on and called John John as i said "John,go check on my crib,make sure everything is alright there and get at me at my pops cabin aight?" and so John replied "im at it,ill see you there" and so the drama was set to begin,infact,little did i know that the true drama was about to pop off

I got to the cabin and chilled drinking some beers till later that night when Shante arrived and asked me why i wanted her to come here instead of my crib and so i explained everything.She was freaked out and said "whoa,you know who that was??" and i replied "nah yo,shit was crazy as fuck tho" and she added "why dont u come and live with me till everything is sorted out" and i replied "nah,im cool,this is a perfect spot for me nah mean",then all off a sudden she started getting mad saying ":why dont you ever wanna be with me exclusively,why dont you ever show as much interest in me as you do these other chicks,you cant even front,this whole time,im the only one thats been down with you to the end" and thinking about it made me realise that she had a point so i gave her a worthwhile kiss and said "listen Shante,ive made alotta fucking mistakes with my life and women in general,i just dont want you caught up with all the bullshit,i promise you,when everything is taken care off,me and you will persue this on a more deeper level,right now,i need you to just have my back while i deal with these fools,you already know,you got a good spot in my heart ma" ,so after hearing that,she mellowed down and said "aiight,i guess you right,want something to eat,i brought some food" and i replied "no,im good,twlight zone is coming on,you know i love that show to death,come watch it with me" and so we sat down cuddling each other watching it.About an hr and a half later,there was a knock on the door,i had already known who it was so i opened it at will as John walked in saying "aight,sorry i took so long,i had to get danishe something but yea,i went to your spot,everything looks ok from what ive gathered right now,i suggest you stay here a few days though,and if theres something i need to know,i think now is the best time to tell me so i can know how to deal with this situation".So i took him into the kitchen area and explained the whole robbery situation with the ese's and what i had heard about Kayla. JOhn then added "ok,1st of all,the robbery was the dumbest thing you could have ever done in your life,if those guys caught you,you would have been laying with the daises right now,but good news is,situations like this can b dealt with without all the violence ,that is if it was the ese's coming after you earlier in the evening,bad news my friend is,if it was that crazy chick,then thats a whole different ball game which im not too skilled at,i can take out a nigga fast but a chick,i dont do chicks but that doesnt mean we can find a way out of this,my advice is stay here,when you think everything is safe,you can return home" so i agreed 'aight man,good looking out,say hi to Danishe,i see you scored with her huh",John laughed and said "every man gets his wish once a lifetime".sO WE Dapped as he headed out and i returned to chilling on the couch with Shante.

The next morning Shante left early because of work so i got up and started lifting weights to get my mind of things a bit.Just as i was doing that,my phone rang and it was a blocked number but i picked it up regardless to see who it was and it was Kayla again saying "so.....whats new?" and i replied "listen up,i dont apreciate u playing games with me Kayla,what the fuck were you trying to pull last night?" and she replied "me,last night??hmmm i dont know what you talking about nigga" and i replied "listen,im not a child,dont try to play mind games with me and shit,you know what you did yo and next time,you wont be so lucky to get away" and she kept on denying "what are you talking about Negro,hanging with those jamaicans got your head crazy huh?" and i thought to myself {how did she know i was hanging out with my jamaican buddies} so i replied "how the hell did you know i was kicking it with my Guidah?" and she laughed and said "Cris cris cris,trust me,i find out whatever i need to know" and so i added "oh yea,so you are following me and shit huh You Bitch" and she replied "whoa negro,follow you,me?...no but you need to watch that tone of voice with me,i have all the time in the world to make you hate yourself for that" and i replied "well guess what,you dont know who you fucking with,i think i might have to show you why most cats dont mess with me around here" and she laughed again and replied "save it Cris,you can have all the goons you want,if i want to nail you,i will nail you,by the way,you bodyguard John John doesnt scare me if thats you you think you can depend on,take a look at yourself Cris,sit down and think about who you are,you are the worst kind of man in society,you think that you can flash your money and looks at women and use them,well guess what,not this dime nigga,if i do react,im going to be doing it for all the chicks who's hearts you have crushed with your lies,consider me a real woman ready to make a real man out of you..no one fucks me and rejects me Cris,they just dont nigga".So at this point,i knew she was a disgruntled chick ready to strike back and so i asked "be straight with me then,since you wanna get me,were you the person at my crib last night?",she replied "you have many enemies dont you?why dont you break it down to the one who has the most beef with you and you have the answer..." and dropped the phone

At this point,i was really confused because she clearly had denied being the one that came to my crib the previous night.What made things worse was the fact that i didnt know what the ese's were thinking so i decided to call capo and ask him as he said "yo,these cats is mad,they said they gonna killa any suspects,right now,your name has'nt come up,common,lets be real,you already making money but your boy tyrone is a big suspect in their books man,i dont know",so i replied "just keep ya mouth shut,ill see what to do about this" and dropped the phone.I spent a whole week at my dads cabin doing nothing but drinking and having pool parties with girls in the neighbourhood.It was the life man,i was enjoying every moment of it.imagine girls in bikinis all around your pool with a few homeboys just partying it up with no worries but that was the denial i was in,i had worries and no matter how many parties we had.It wasnt gonna change that.Offcourse,the parties would end atleast half an hour before Shante showed up to bring me some food because i did'nt want her getting jelous and shit.So everything went well for the week,uninventful till saturday that day.I had decided that i had had enough and wanted to go back to my crib so thats what i did,i hopped into the car and headed straight home.Looked around 1st to see if there was anything suspicious but nothing.My neighbour jack,who was a resident dj at the kmoj rock radio station i town,a really cool blonde elderly white guy greeted me from across his fence "Hey cris,whats going on,you havent been home in ages,everything alright?" and i replied "what you doin now?wanna come in for some beers caue i gotta break this down to you?",he looked back at his yard all scary and said 'the wife is in there,you know how she bitches alot but yea,ill stop by for a minute" and so we headed into my crib as we talked.I told him the whole story as he said "whoa,thats just intense dude,thats crazy,you know,a few nights ago,i saw a person the same description loitering around your yard smoking,i didnt think nothing of it because she had the body figure of a girl and i thought it was maybe one of your usually one night stands taking a break or something.."and i stopped him there for a second and asked "whoa wait a minute Jack,are you sure it was a woman?",Jack replied "i know a females shape when i see one and that was definately a female,even though she was trying to hide it by wearing a hood sweater and dressing baggy",so i replied "hmmm,aight Jack,be on the look out for me,anytime you home,watch my spot aight..call me when you see anything suspicious b,cause theres some crazy shit goin on here and i dont like it" and so Jack agreed and added "i gotta run home before the wife starts bitching again,hey ,get me some good herb man,i need it bad with all that stress in my house dude" and so i agreed as he walked out checking the coast to see if his wife was looking for him

Anyways i sat back on my couch saying to myself "home sweet home",turned the tv on and started flipping through channels as usual.After a while,i got bored with that and decided to head to Gamestop at the mall to buy me a new game.I got there,picked up some dope rpg game and headed back to the crib.When i got back home,there was a package sitting right by my door with a note.I carefully picked up the note as it read "Crispin,im sorry if i stopped talking to you for a minute,i had to sit down and think about alot of things going on in my life,sleeping with you when i had a fiance was'nt fair to you or him so i decided to go back and soul search,i hope we can still remain friends because fact is,i still love you but circumstances are bad now..i decided to make you a little something as some kind of apology,its a chocolate cake i baked for ya before leaving,i hope you enjoy it and ill call you one of these days when im ready..love you..cassandra".So i took in the box with the cake saying to myself "ohh now you write me,cant even call,ah well,whatever,atleast she made me a cake" and so with excitement,i opened the box,got a knife,sliced the cake up and got to eating.After about a minute,my tummy started feeling really achy,infact the pain was really sharp as i yelled "ahhh shit ,what the hell",then next thing i knew,the pain started going through my whole body as my nose started bleeding bad.I held my tummy literally crying for help as the pain got worse and worse.I tried to walk to the phone but i was too weak so i fell on the ground flat as my vision started blurring up.Basically,at this point,i couldnt see well as everything looked blurr and my pain was killing me.i laid on the floor breathing hard trying to bear the toture.I had never in my life experieced such pain before.it was so bad that i could'nt even open my mouth to say a word,my whole body was numb so bad that i just laid there groaning from the pain.Then after like 15 minutes of this,a figure walked into my living room,all i could hear were footsteps slowly walking around,the footsteps 1st went into my room,then toured all my other rooms then slowly walked into the living room.At this point,i was scared to death because i didnt know who it was,all i knew was this person was not right because of the aura i was feeling from their presence.MY vision was so blurr that even when i tried to see who it was,i just could'nt get a good glance of them as the person who clearly was a female said a few words .all i heard was "look,at at at at...you you you..now now now" as my hearing too had gone crazy,everything was echoing as i laid there scared to death.Then this figure slowly walked into the kitchen and came right at me and i could feel some cold metal object around my neck as i kept praying hard in my mind {God if you,re real,save me now please}.The person slowly paced the metal object across my neck like she was gonna stick it in but didnt quite do that and walked out.The good thing was she did'nt hurt or stab me but my greatest concern of the moment was to get help.i Had been weakened by whatever was in that cake and from the way my body was taking it,if i didnt get help,the consequences were going to be dire.

Well,i laid there gasping for breath,literally holding my tummy suffering,not only was this thing poisoning me,it was also knocking me out as i was slowly passing out.Fighting the effects was out of the question as it finally took an effect on me and i passed out.It was about and hour later when i woke up still dizzy as hell on the floor with blood on my shirt from my nose bleeds.i Tried standing up but i was too weak and fell back on the ground.The house phone was just a few crawls close so i decided to crawl my way to the phone and grabbed it.1st person that came to mind was John was i dialed his number and said in a very weak desperate tone "he..l...ll...p meeee".minute he heard that,John knew something was wrong and quickly said "Cris Cris,where are you man,let me know something,whats wrong",i quickly replied "at home" and dropped the phone and laid back down on the floor.I had never been this weak in my life,i literally didnt have control of my body.I was basically a zombie at this point as i thought to myself {why,why me".About some minutes later,John ran in and was like "oh man,what happened here" and quickly dragged me towards the couch and said "im goin to get some paper bags in the kitchen,try to breath through your mouth" and so he ran as i did what he said then he returned with a paper bag and said "breathe through this man" and so i did as he said then he asked "what happened here,.whats going on,is it your hypertension case again?" and i just pointed at the cake on the table so he went,tasted the cake a little and said "holy lord,you have been poisoned" and added "wait here,i know excatly what to do,this is not a malicious poison,because if it was,you would have been dead by now so this can be helped,ill be back,hold on kid".He quickly ran into the kitchen as i heard him mixing up some stuff in there then minutes later,he came out and held be towards the bathroom and gave me a cup and said "drink this,all of it" and so i tried to.It was some of the most bitter stuff i had ever ingested as he said "veryyy good now you gonna puke preety bad so stay by the toilet".And just like he said,everything in my system came out like a rocket,i was puking and puking minute after minute till i could puke no more.After all that,i started feeling way better as he helped me to my bed and called my doctor.

The doctor showed up very fast and did his routine tests.I was so out of it that i couldnt even hear much of what was said,all i know was that he said i was poisoned and that whoever did it knows alot about medicines.He then suggested that i rest and gave me some medicine to take to get the whole thing out of my system.John then called Shante who came there and was very worried,infact she was tearing up as i laid there weak,i tried to say something but i couldnt even utter a word as John said "who did this man,try and give me a sign Cris" but i just could'nt.I passed out again and woke up some hours later to my crib full of all my buddies discussing and shit.All i could hear was "lets find out who did this,and murk em,period".3 days passed as i laid there helpless and sleep then i woke up to my dad sitting right by my bed saying "Cris,son,you are awake,dont try to strain yourself too hard" as i looked at him with a weary face then he said "Cris,its very imperative that you let me know who did this to you,i have made arrangements for this to be taken care off as soon as we get the information on the culprit,this is not acceptable son but i will let you rest and get better",Then he added "oh by the way,on my way here,i met this really nice girl who says she is a friend of yours,she is in the kitchen right now preparing you something".I slept there not too worried as i thought maybe it was Shante but then to my shock,it was her,Kayla,as she walked towards my room with a plate of hot soup and said "hey boo" with a very vicous smile on her face and said to my dad "awww he looks so helpless,who could have done this to him" and looked back at me with a very revealing smile on her face and gave my dad the plate of soup and said "this should do the trick,im sure this will make him feel very much better ,wont it cris??".At this point,i was scared to death as i knew it was her that had poisoned me,but i couldnt even open my mouth as i tried to speak but my dad kept saying "boy,stop stressing yourself and get some rest",she stood right behind him giving me an evil smile and said "aww Cris,dont be afraid to eat what will help you in the long run,dont you know my recipes are infectious?" and winked at me.At this point,i knew she had done it from her code language as she started caressing my face saying "dont worry boo boo,mama is gonna take good care of you".My dad's phone rang as he went into the living room to take the call,she slowly closed the door and turned to me with the craziest frown on her face and said whispering "you better eat that soup nigga,or im gonna have to find other ways of letting you enjoy my tasties,by the way,its not good to eat things you dont know about,especially if its with a note from a bitch you aint heard from in a minute,did you honestly think that bitch was gonna take time to bake a cake for your punkass,where are your goons now nigga?,wheres everybody Cris???...thats right,they aint here,its you and me now nigga and i just started,anyways,im gonna get going before anyone who knows me walks in here but best believe ill be checking up on you nigga,best believe that" as i looked at her fearful of what she would do next. She walked towards the door and said one more time "eat that soup nigga" and all i could hear was her telling my dad she had to go but to make sure no matter what that i drank that soup>My heart was pumping hard as i laid there in fear

My dad tried everything to get me to drink the soup but i refused so he gave up and left it alone.John John walked in a few hours later with Danishe as she looked at me saying "who did this Cris,who?is it that bitch James was fucking with?" and so my dad turned to her and said "1st of all young lady,i wont tolerate that kind of language around me,secondly,who is the lady you speak off?" and Danishe replied "oh sorry sir,you must be Cris dad,i apologise,im John's girlfriend" and my dad replied "well if you want to involve yourself with my affiliate,you have to be of orderly conduct,now what were you saying about some female?" and Danishe replied "yes,the girl that took my man was also seeing Cris,i heard alot about her and her ways,i believe she did this" and so dad asked "whats her name and where does she live" and Danishe replied "Kayla" and my dad stopped her before she could say anything "wait a minute,a kayla thats a little big boned,kinda light skinned with long hair?" and Danishe replied "ohh you already know that devil" and my dad took the soup and said "she was just here,she made this for him to take".John quickly grabbed the soup and said "whoa whoa,this girl is really pushing it" and then my dad asked "so do you have proof that she did it,maybe she didnt pull this one off" and Danishe replied "maybe you,re right sir,but she sure as hell would be my number one suspect" but then John added "in crispin's case,its hard to tell because he had a situation a few weeks ago when these guys chased and were trying to kill him,the way i see it,it could have been them getting back to him" so my dad asked John "and did you take the neccesary steps regarding the situation?",John replied "Cris beat up one,ruger caught the other,i just got word yesterday where to find the other 3".My dad then told John,call all of Crispin's street buddies in here,we need to have a talk.

So John did as my dad said and Ruger and his boys showed up,Gudah and his boys showed up and tyrone and his click showed up so it was a full house as some of them stood by my bed and my dad said "you see this??this is the work of a very malicious person,John JOhn and i believe the 3 guys left have something to do with this,so ill tell you what guys,i have a very good reward for any of you who treATs this matter the way it should be treated,we have all the information you need to find these knuckleheads,do something useful with your lives and return the favor,you have 24 hours to deliver results" so all the guys replied "aight,we got it sir" and headed out on the mission to get them"After they left,my dad called John aside and said "ok John,those guys sometimes can be sloppy with their work and i really dont want any excuses after this so heres the deal,go in after them and make sure the job is throughly done..make sure none of those 3 can walk and report back to me".John agreed and left on the mission but i laid there helpless feeling like saying to them {yo,those are not who we looking for right now} but i couldnt,all i could think to myself was "oh boy,those guys are in big trouble)
Well basically after that,all i know is that John came back later that night and informed my dad that their mission had went well.He was mad impressed and felt that his work was done so 2 days later of being there,he bid me farewell to go back to La to take care of business and so i was on my own again.At this point,i was slowly recovering as i woke up next to Shante looking at me and saying "hey bIg guy,how you feeling",i replied in a sickly manner "a....whole lot better",then she added "thats good to hear babyboy,you were poisoned",i replied "yea i know,the person that poisoned me was in here with my dad" and Shante replied in awe "WHAT?",who was it and why would they have the odasity to show up here after what they did?" and i replied "Shante,i need some rest,ill explain more later please",so Shante understood and let me get some sleep.I have to admit,it was some of the best sleep ever as i woke up about 4 hours later to John just walking around the room and shit.He turned to me and said "ah good,you woke man,i got good news for ya " and i replied "whats that man" and he went "when ya dad was here,he let us take care of those fools that poisoned ya,you ssafe now,they wont be bothering you for a minute",i asked "did they actually say that they poisoned me?",John replied "hell no,we did'nt give them the chance to ma man" and so i burst his bubble and said "the person who poisoned me is still at large and it wasnt those niggaz,it was a female,i could'nt see her properly but i think it was kayla,she showed up here when my dad was here and was sounding very crazy".John puased for a minute and said "nahhh man,no way,i dont think that chick is that smart and viscious to pull of something like that,whoever did this knew what they were doing" and i replied "trust me,this chick is crazy man,and to be honest,im very afraid in this crib,i get this crazy feeling that she is watching me every inch of the way,we gotta get me outta here",so John replied "well,if thats how you feel,i suggest u get some more rest,when u feeling better,ill make arrangements to get you the fuck outta here" and so we agreed to that.I fell back to sleep some minutes later as John and Shante had to leave due to outside obligations but they took neccesary steps to make sure my house was safe but i guess that wasnt enough because i woke up some hours later and Shante was walking around in my room whistling christian songs and shit.I opened my eyes slowly as she came close to me and said "awwww booo,you finally awake,ive been hoping you would be", and i replied "listen Kayla,this has gone far enough,please,im weak,i cant do shit,i think you have proven you point.She laughed and said "Cris,you did'nt drink my soup,that greatly offends me boo,now imma have to take further steps to show you how serious i am" and i replied "what u gonna do to me that has'nt been done to me yet",she frowned and said "you still breathing ,arent you?" and i paused in awe as she turned around,walked towards the window and started talking to herself saying shit like "Kayla,what should we do to him,do you think he deserves our mercy,the lord has sent me to fulfil the prophecy",then she started speaking in toungues in a language i didnt understand.At this point,i was freaked out,i had never seen nothing like that,this whole time,i thought she was normal but now i was seeing her crazyness.

She turned to me and started screaming "THE DEVIL WILL BE SLAYED TODAY,BY THE POWER OF THE MOST MIGHTY ONE" and i just laid there and said "what are u talkiing about Kayla?",then she paused,frowned,looked at me with the most sadistic face ever and said "who is Kayla?,WHO THE FUCK IS KAYLA,ARE U SEEING SOMEONE ELSE NIGGA?" and i replied "kayla,stop playing,you know you are Kayla" and she got angrier yelling "WHO THA FUCK IS KAYLA NIGGA" and from the sincerity on her face,i realised that she was serious so i said "Kayla is a close friend of mine,no one to worry about",then she calmed down and said "Good because she dont wanna end up like you nigga".At this point,i was freaked out,this girl was just walking around the bedroom with a screwdriver in her hand,hair all messed up talking to herself saying things like "who wants to help me,is it you the devil or you the most high son of the lord,who wants to help me".I laid there and prayed that she doe'snt snap then she said "i know,ill just burn this nigga" and headed to the kitchen.Once she went in there,i struggled hard to find some strength in me and headed to the door and shut it fast and locked it as she ran towards it tryna prevent me from doing it.Luckily for me,it shut at the nick of time as i sat by the door taking a long breather and thanking God.All i could hear on the other side of the door was "OPEN THE DOOR,OPEN THAT FUCKING DOOR NIGGA,ACCEPT YOUR FATE,DONT GET KILLED NIGGA" Then she started banging on the door as i heard {BOO BOO BOO}.This was the creepiest day of my life as i heard her panting and breathing hard then all of a sudden,everything got silent.I decided i was gonna sit by the door and not open it and so i did and next thing i knew,A huge rock came in dangling through my bedroom window shaterring the glass into pieces.I ducked quick for cover,got up again and ran towards the door to open it only to walk into my living room tore up.The door was open wide and from what i realised,she had ran off.I quickly got hold of my cellphone and called John.

John came as soon as i called him and was shocked at the state of the house as i said "believe me now??",John looked at me in amazement and said "whoa,this broad has lost it,are you sure it was her?" and he replied "dawg,i just experienced the craziest thing ever,she didnt even know who she was,she was actually going to kill me b",so John said "alright,get your important things,we getting out of this house man,ill have someone come and take care of your window and shit".So i got up,althought i was kinda weak,went through my stuff in the bedroom and took all my important documents,opened my safe and out all my money in a duffel bag and when i was done i told John "aight,lets bounce",but John said,"hold on kid,ive been doing this shit for too long,we aint just gonna bounce,we gotta sweep this place fast so follow me and watch and learn".so the 1st thing he did was check under every couch in the house and he was pulling out dope bags and shit and then he said "is this yours?",i replied "fuck no" and he added "excatly,she planted those here,lets go on" and so we went through my room again as he searched every inch of the room pulling out small quantities of drugs in little bags and saying "dont trust malicious people like her,she clearly came here for a reason,lets go on" and so i followed him as we headed into the basement and the search went on and i saw something shinny on the table in the basement and it was a gun,a loaded one at that and he said "i know you dont fuck with guns so i take it this aint yours either huh" and i replied in awe "whoa,what was this bitch up to you",then we headed into my crib office and he turned to me and said "give me all the passwords you use on this computer" and so i did and when he turned it on,he started going through the folders and the stuff he found left me shocked,there was loads of child porn on the computer as he said "yep,i thought so,this chick was trying to set you up,basically we gotta disconnect this pc and get rod rid of this cpu because if she calls the cops,they aint gonna hear no excuses,they sending you to jail for child porn,illegal firearm possesion and drugs possesion,basically this chick was trying to get you and get you bad.So we disconnected the cpu quickly and headed into John's car as we drove away heading to my dads cabin.I sat in the car shocked as hell thinking to myself "whoa,this chick is nuts yo,i never knew she would turn out to be like this",John turned to me and said "this girl is clearly alotta steps ahead of us,i see how she is playing her game,ive dealt with her types before,basically,we gotta play her at her own game Cris" so i asked "so what do we do man",he replied "its simple,we let her know we know whats she's up to by being very attentive.

It took us a few minutes to get to my dads cabin as John John said "ok,we have to check this place out too,follow me".We got in the cabin as he touched the couches and felt them and said "yup,someone has been here kid,the couch feels warm,stick by me" and so i followed him into the bathroom as he said "you smell that?" and i replied "yea man,",he added "women love to polish up,they have a great obsession with the bathroom and shit,she was in here,you can tell from the smell of the perfume",i was amazed at how good John was at what he was doing as i said "wow,i would never have figured that man",he added "the scent is still fairly strong which suggests that she is either close or she was here not too long ago",so i said "why dont we see if we can follow her and shit",he replied "from what you told me in the car,she has really gone nuts,i suggest we stay away for now,until i can figure out what we do next,all i know is this,you can't stay here either,she knows about this spot",then he proceeded to ask "who else have you brought to this spot?" and i replied "ohh shit,she knows about Shante",so John said "call her right now" and so i did as he asked and she picked up.I was so relieved as i said "Shante,u alright?",she replied "yea im good",i added "stay in your crib babe,whatever you do,watch out,that bitch tried to get me again and we suspect she knows about you so watch out".Shante replied "shit i hear that but she dare not mess with me,ill break that bitch" and so i added "fair enough,watch out though,ill meet you at your spot in a few".So me and John headed straight to Shante's house as we met her there and talked about the whole situation.She was preety worried about me and suggested we get a hotel together but John suggested that i live with him for my own safety and so i agreed to that.Shante decided to go live at her sister's crib for a minute.I was over at John's house for about a week just chilling and having fun then on the weekend ,he decided to throw a party and invited all our friends and some chicks around the way.So the party was on as i was now fully recovered and was trying to get back to my old groove.The weird thing about the party was that there was this dark skinned nice looking chick that was in my face the whole time and basically throwing herself at me and shit.At one point,she was sitting right by me basically trying to seduce me and shit saying "so what u on tonite?" and i replied "shit,what u on tonite?" and she replied "having fun with you",so basically the who whisper game went on then she took me to the room.The minute i got in there,she was taking off her blouse and shit but i started getting flashbacks of what had happened with the previous chicks i had dealt with and a really gory fear overcame me so i said to her "listen ma,im sorry,i cant do it" and she came closer to me and tried to touch me on my privates but something kept telling me not to do it as i said "yo,ive just been through alot,im not fully recovered,i cant do it,sorry yo,i suggest we just party and shit nah mean".once i said that,she kinda got pissed and said "whatever nigga,im outta here,this party sucked anyways" and walked out rapidly.I walked right out too as she headed out the main door and left.John came to me,dragged me to the room and yelled "DID YOU JUST FUCK THAT GIRL CRIS?",I replied "what if i did,whats the problem with that man?" and he replied holding his head "man....tell me you did'nt touch that chick,please tell me you didnt do it" and i asked "why whats wrong with her?" and he replied "Cris,that girl has HIV,she is known to be infected with that shit,and if you just fucked her,im sorry duke,you,re fucked,infact,i dont get it,she usually lets niggaz know before doing that,why would she keep that from you?".I was amzed and shocked,infact i was terrifed at how i missed death by an inch and said "holy shit John,i nearly fucked her,something stopped me yo" and John took a long breather and said "oh God,thank God man,she was trying to kill you man,why would she not tell you",then it hit me "whoa wait John,u onto something here,lets get that bitch and question her man".And so we headed out as my cellphone rang and it was Kayla saying "i underestimated you nigga,im suprised you did'nt fuck the present i sent you like the dog you are" and i screamed on the phone "I SWEAR BITCH,IM GONNA GET YOU,WATCH ME,ITS NOT OVER" and she laughed and said "oh really,do you see how easy it is for me to take you out cris??that girl was down to give you some diesease that would have ate u up in no time you bitch nigga,net time,ill get you" and dropped the phone.John turned to me and said "ok dude,this has gone far enough,tomorow,we head to her spot"

o the next day,early morning,me and John got up and drove to her crib.We reached there and knocked but no answer,i then decided to go to the back door and knock and see if we would get a response but no answer.i started yelling "BITCH,IF U IN THERE,GET OUT,WE KNOW U IN THERE,GET OUT NOW"but there was no answer.A kid who aparently lived next door saw us and and came to me and said "she has'nt been home in a week,the last time i saw her,she did'nt look too good" so i asked him "what you mean kid?" and he replied "she is known to become different charcters but that day,she really went over board,everyone in this neighbourhood is scared of her,please becareful,for your own good" so i went on to ask him "why,has she done something crazy in this neighbourhood before?",he replied "i dont wanna say too much but yo,i watched her kill my puppy,she grabbed it by its ears and cut slit its neck open,when she saw me,she told me that if i said anything,she would do me the same way",John walked towards us as the boy said that and said "sweet lord,that chick is viscious,anyways,it seems like she changed base of operation,which makes this very dangerous for us now man,because once we dont know where she is operating from,she can hit you from any angle nigga,this aint looking good man".So i reached into my pocket and gave the kid some money and told him to stay indoors then i said to John,"man,this is the craziest shit ive ever experienced man,stabbing niggaz,multiples personalities and killing animals?yo,thats like a total 180 man,what the fuck yo"and john replied "man,ive heard of crazy chicks but this one is wayyy overboard,how they left someone like this roam scott free like that,i dont get it".So we decided to head into the car and drive away,just as we were about to pull off,i saw the curtains in the house move,so i said to John,"yo,shes in there,its payback time son" and he asked "what do you mean payback?",so i got out of the car,went to the trunk,got out my usual bat,headed for the window and smashed it in and yelled "NOW HOW DOES THAT FEEL YOU SKANK,GET AT ME IF YOU THINK YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES" and headed to the car as John drove away.John said as he drove "you know what you did is a very bad idea right,she is gonna get angrier and really come after you with all she has got"and i replied "you know what,fuck it man,let her do what she gotta do,right now,im gonna knock that bitch out,watch me b" and so John said "i think we need to strategize instead of making hasty decision,she is clearly dangerous but on top of that,very smart with what she is doing,that posses a great challenge you know" so i concluded "i guess so man,but this shit is getting tiring man,im really getting frustrated with this bitch".all John could say was "ive made some very good arrangements for her,all we need now is to catch her in the act of something".We drove around just cruising and thinking of plans when i saw someone walking by the burger king that we were approaching as i said "hold up g,aint that the bitch with HIV",John agreed saying "yea,thats her,lemme drive closer to her and shit" and so we did as he stopped and i hopped out of the car and grabbed her by her arms squeezing them hard and said "what the fuck were you tryna do bitch,you tryna kill me?" and she replied "get your hands of me nigga,i dont gotta discuss shit with you".John walked out of the car and said "lets put this bitch out of her misery,after all,she is already dying,maybe i should put a bullet in her head quick" and i replied "yea nigga,thall be good,go get the gun son" and once she heard that,she cracked and said "no no,she gave me money to fuck you and get you sick,i needed the money so i did it but i wasnt gonna force anything if you were not down"

I looked at this bitch with fierce eyes and raised my hands to smack her but stopped and said "you,re lucky i dont beat bitches up,GET THA FUCK OUTTA HERE BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND",so she ran off like the bitch she was as me and John headed back into the car and discussed as he said "see,bitches these days are crazier than we dudes,we need to watch out",i just stayed quiet in awe thanking my lucky stars for not screwing that sick chick..We got back to John's spot as he took a shower,got dressed and said "yo g,i got a date tonite with Danishe so stay here,be safe man,call me if you need me aight" and i replied "aight man,do ya thing" and so he left so i chilled and decided to watch tv and relax.After a while,i got bored with that and decided to take a walk to the park right near Johns Crib.Now i thought nobody could possibly know where i was as not too many peeps knew about John's spot then my cellphone rang again and it was the bitch as she said "you wanna break windows now nigga?ok...i got you" and dropped the phone.I walked on saying to myself "whatever", then next thing i know,i felt like a wave of wet stuff just pour on me.It was so rapid i could'nt believe it,i started to smell it all over me and it was gasoline so i turned around fast and there she was with a lighter coming at me so i started so my impulses acted and i smacked her right in her face and she fell back.She got up and started running but this time,i was'nt having it,i started chasing after her in the neighbourhood as the chick ran like a cheeter which kinda amazed me for her size but i was determined to catch her as i yelled "GIVE IT UP BITCH,YOU KNOW YOU GETTING CAUGHT TODAY" but she wouldnt budge as she kept running.Now that neighbourhood had alot of nosy neighbours and i think one of them saw us chasing after each other so they called the cops because i could hear police sirens a distance away and i knew they were coming for us so i switched lanes into the left lane and went through a little alleyway and kinda lost the bitch for a minute there.i stood caught my breath and next thing i know,i hear BOOOOM on my back.I yelled "ARRRRRRRGH" and fell back as i saw the huge rock fall back on the ground.She then proceeded to start pouncing on me as i laid there trying to contain the pain and to be honestlhe hits were preety effective as i said while she points "you wait till i get up bitch",but she kept going at it saying "i gave u a chance nigga,you fucking dog ass nigga,imma burn you today nigga" and went back for the stone.She tried to throw it at me again but this time i was fast and ducked a little but felt the residue pain in my back from the earlier strike and said "bitch,its me and you now" as i held my wasteline outta pain.

Next thing i know,she came at me full force but i ducked again.i was trying everything in my power not to hit her as i kept saying "common bitch,bring it",she kept saying "you wanna fuck with me,i aint Kayla nigga,she was a soft bitch,im a whole different type of woman" but i stood there and said "im gonna beat the living shit outta you bitch,you have taunted me enough yo".she turned back and this time took out a knife from her jean pocket and came at me with it,swiping it from left to right and shit,i was lucky to get a hold of her hand and smack it off and shit but her legs went for my balls and shit and i fell back screaming loud outta pain.I guess my screaming helped because whilst i was on the ground,she pulled out a lighter and said "we shall see who else you gonna attract with that preety face" and came at me,but i found strength to get up,picked a small stone,threw it at her and missed and turned back running,she started following me with the lighter in her hand as i reached the road intersection only to be met by the cops who were waiting on me.i quickly said to the cops "yo,theres a chick back there trying to kill me,smell my shirt,she poured gasoline on me and she is trying to burn me alive" so the cops called for back up and had me sit in the car while the other went towards where she was.About 15 minutes later,she was arrested and taken into custody and the lighter was seized from her.Offcourse i had to go into the police station and give a statement and all that crap which took a while but my ordeal was preety much over

a case came up and she was sent to the mental clinic which she still is in right now for treatment,she sent me an email once trying to apologise and saying that she is a changed person who loves God but id rather stay far from her

Me and Shante got engaged for a while but then cut it off due to our work obligations...we still have our little friends with benefits relationship and she is preety cool with the fact that im with someone else right now

unfortunately Danishe miscarried and lost the baby but she and John got married
John now works for my dad as his fulltime bodyguard
Tyrone is doing jailtime right now for attempted murder
Guidah got shot a few weeks ago..he is recovering
im currently with Channel Samanta smith(the old mans daughter)
The milf sent me a long email apologising for what she did and wished we could stay friends but i chose to stay away from her and havent seen or made contact with her since
Katie moved to LA and got pregnant by a loser there
My father is still influencial and rich lol
and after learning the lesson of my life,ive been very faithful to my now girlfriend and try as hard as possible to keep the relationship drama free although i still get nightmares from my experience with Kayla


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