Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AAron the stalker

this is one of my new fictional stories im working on so enjoy111

It was a beautiful summer day in the hilltop surburb where i lived.It was one of those days with a calm breeze with a very soothing atmosphere mixed to it.Definately the lay back and chill type of days when i decided to go outside and sit by the pool area and bask a little in the sun and enjoy the summer breeze.On the right side of my house lived my neighbour Charlie and his family,he was a resident Dj of a rock station,a very stocky but friendly blonde caucasian man with a bushy beard and blue eyes who had a tiger for a wife and very crazy active kids.his wife was quite attractive,she was your typical blonde chick who wore expensive designer wear from gucci to prada and from the minute you meet her,you could tell that she was one of those high class snobby women who want ment to take care of them,after all,she changed mercedes benzes everytime a new one came out.I sometimes pitied him because it was prevailant that his cup was full but he had to deal with it.His wife Jennifer did not like me at all.She always thought that my crib was a den for harlots and losers who loved to party senselessly and warned Charlie not to dare come into my side of the neighbourhood or get acquainted with me.Offcourse when she did go off to buy groceries,he would sneak in and we would blaze a blunt or 2 and smoke our stress away.A few times,he was lucky to walk in on some seriously horny blondes who were not hesitant at all to bobble him up and make that pussy snap at him.Ah yes,the usual "charlie,get in here and check those kids" is what i heard anytime he tried to come out the door,see his wife had some kind of mental radar,she knew that he liked conversating with me and anytime he walked out to the backyard,she figured i was by the pool and she would put a stop to that quick.Offcourse,i layed on my d.i.y bed and laughed the situation off.To The left of me lived the mcgrady's,Now they were the weirdest people ive ever lived next to in my life,they hardly ever came out and when they did,they never really talked to anyone.A few times,i tried to greet mr Mcgrady but i would get no answer.It was also weird that at nightime,they lights were hardly ever on but i knew for certain that they were in there,on this beautiful day,Mr McGrady was outside mowing his grass and not paying attention to him,i tried to wave at him,just to piss him off but he turned his back to me and kept mowing.That to me was funny.After laying by the poolside for about an hour,my body started itching for some action,i guess i was not the type of cat to sit too long without doing something so i got up,went to the room,wore my tan timbs and my some phat farm jeans and headed to the garage.I stood and looked at my 2 cars wondering which one to drive for the day "should i pick the benz or the lexus convertable" i said to myself.It was preety prevailant what was on my mind,afterall i was single at the time and needed some action in my life,i definately needed to pick the car that would suggest to the ladies that a single man is driving by so i picked the lexus sc430(check picture thread for pics of it) convertable and drove out.

i cruised down the street in the beautiful surburb listening to the track 'toture" from methodmans judgement day cd.One thing i knew for sure was that hilltop surburb was not the place to meet good looking extravangant women.The place was littered with serious politicians to retired folks who just wanted to live the rest of their life away.the younger folks like me offcourse hardly stayed in the neighbourhood.everyone was either working,on tv/radio or in town doing something and thats where i was headed.My destination,the Roseville mall.Roseville mall was one of my more favourite hang outs in the city,mostly because of the shop known as guitar center where they sold alot of musical equipment and being that music was my greatest passion,i always frequented the place to see what new stuff they had for the average producer.i got there about 20 minutes later,parked the car and headed in as i saw assortments of fine dames walking around the mall,either carrying food,or bags of clothes like they usually do.Some of them vagabonded with their boyfriends while the single ones roamed in packs.Honestly,they were very attractive but not quite what i was looking for.See i had had my run with the one night stand fine types who i prolly would not call the next day and forget their name,now it was time to meet someone with class,someone with more to offer than just ass and a blowjob for the day and after carefully assessing most of the girls in that mall,i had come to the conclusion that none of them fit the criteria for what i was looking for so i decided i was just going to see if they had the new roland fantom x6 at guitar center.

Shane the manager of guitar center knew me very well and the minute i walked in he yelled "yo Cris,whats popping man",i responded loudly "nothing g,you got that fantom ive been asking you fools about?",he responded confidently "head straight to the back homie,shes waiting for you" and so i did without haste and there it was,The fantom x,the machine that was gonna take my production talent to higher heights and so i started fidgiting with it,playing with the keys and pads when a really calm toned female voice spoke from behind me."YOU need help with anything?" she said,"yea actually,i like this shit right here,im planning on copping that today" i replied back without turning to look back at her."thats definately a very good production center right there sir,as you can see,you can sample old records into this baby and mess around with the sound to your taste"she added."i started thinking to myself(this gurl knows alot about these things} and so i turned around to see who excatly she was and the 1st thing that came out of my mouth was "wow,look at you!!!"."we can also set up payment plans if you are getting it on credit,but if its on cash basis,i can see to it that you get a good discount for this transaction".At this point,i was not trying to hear anything about business transactions but i was trying to know more about this fine pillar of beauty that stood right in front of me.She had to be the sexiest half breed girl i had seen in a minute.she stood firm at a height about 5,9,had curly hair and really crystal green eyes that could pierce into the hardest soul and soften it up. "do you get commission for every sale you make?" i asked her."yes sir,thats if its a cash transaction" she responded anticipantingly."you know any bank close around here where i can withdraw money" i asked braggingly. "yea,go into the cub foods on the right,tcf is in there" she added.i then said "ill make a deal with you ma". "whats that" she asked curiously. "if you agree to go to the movies with me tonight,ill buy this fantom cash,tip you and then you can get your commission"."the fantom is worth $1800" she said trying to validate if i could afford it."is that all its worth?" i asked braggingly. "yes" she responded.i chuckled in a boastful manner and said "wait here,ill be back to get it and whisked off to the tcf bank close by

after making a fast withdrawl of $2000 from the bank,i headed right back to the store and it was almost as if she was awaiting me because the minute i walked in,she walked right by me to the machine saying "so we taking the machine?",i responded "without a doubt,but only if you agree to what i asked you earlier".She smiled and said "lets see you cop it 1st" and so i told her "wrap it up for me and meet me at the counter".She and a Few other cats took care of bringing the package to the front by the counter as i pulled out the money and handed it over to her.The look on her face was princeless.It was almost as if she expect me not to be able to afford something like that."what do you do for a living?" she asked as she finalized things through computer inputs."why dont you go out with me tonight and find out".She smiled again paying attention to what she was typing on the computer and said "you a slick one aren't you?"."nah im just a man who has seen one of the most beautiful chicks in the this city and would love to take her out for the night,aint no crime in that,now is there",i said jovially.she chuckled with a blush on her face and said "ok,we all set now,heres your change" and before she could hand it over to me,i said "keep it,thats your tip remember".Her eyes glazed in amazement and said "i cant take all that money".I laughed and said "theres plenty where all that came from".Another representative of the store picked up the fantom with the aim of taking it to the car for me but she insisted on doing it and pushed it out for me with one of those wheel carriers till we got to the parking lot."a lexus huh,good taste" she said.i smiled proudly and added "wait till you see my benz"."high roller you are" she said in a complimentary manner.i smiled.i opened the car trunk and inserted the fantom in and after shutting it she instantly said "8 tonite,ill be ready,waiting for you at eastsidexxxxxxxxx street,aptxxxxxxx,dont be late".i rubbed my chin smiling with pride and said "you got it".After that she walked away as i hopped into the car and drove away.As i drove in the car i said to myself {the eastside..fuck,i got enemies there,how the fuck am i gonna go in there unoticed,i mean,theres like bounty out for my head in that part of town}.Yes,the eastside,a place i used to frequent till i got into a very bad beef with one of the most fear guys in that place.Since then,my name had become like a winning lottery ticket there..but as you read,you will find out.

anyways it 7.30 evening time,now its time to make my mark,take the girl out,show her a good time and hopefully score.See with this one,i was hoping that it would be more than a one night stand so i made sure i had to impress to the fullest.i pulled out my brand new pelle pelle jeans and threw a white sean jean t shirt on.Wore my timbaland boots,grabbed my wallet and i was set to go.Now this time i decided i was gonna pull out the mercedes benz just to prove a point and so i did.As i drove,i looked on the navigation system to see if there was a short cut i could use to get into the eastside without being spotted and there indeed was.A longer path that would get me there in the nick of time and so i used it.It was dark by the time i reached her residence so that kinda had me a little relaxed about things.i Knew it was going to be hard for anyone to id me in the dark so i quickly hopped out of the car looking left and right and headed to her door which i knocked gently.A little girl who had to be about 10 years old opened the door and said "are you Sasha's date?","if Sasha is the fine green eyed girl that lives in this house that works at guitar center than yes thats me"i responded jokingly." you funny" the little girl said and opened the door for me to get in.She then headed to the room yelling "sasha,.he is hereee".Offcourse sasha responded that she was coming out in a minute.Now observing their crib told me a few things about her.for one she was neat but was'nt too financially fit enough to live in a more decent crib.there were holes on the walls and countless amount of patches around.The furniture had to have come from the days of jesus,all tore up with weak springs that sank me in the minute i sat on it.Then there was the vintage technology ,from the tv to the stereo system which had to have been the thing of the 60's.I knew that maybe i might have had to help her improve her lifestyle once we hook up or so i did.

she stayed true to her promise and showed up in no time looking breathtakingly elegant.i got up and hugged her and said 'you ready for the night of ya life".she responded "yea,i hope it is" and so we walked out of the crib and headed to the car.as we were walking to the car,i was very mindful of my surrounding because as i said before,i was in enemy territory so i had my eyes on guard looking left and right then a crack addict looking man stepped up to me and said "hey brotha,can you help a man out with a dollar,please".As i reached into my pocket to grab the money,he said "you look familiar,havent i seen you before brotha?" and i responded "nah nigga,you dont know me,i aint from around here"and so he left that topic go as i pulled out a dollar bill and handed it over to him.Then as we walked further towards the car,i noticed him scoping at me intently saying "noooo,you loook very familiar brother,you sure we havent met before".I once again responded agressively "nigga,i dont kow you!!".Sasha started showing concern and asked me "whats wrong,you cool??" and i responded "yea,im just wondering why this crackhead is insisting that he knows me",she responded "he's just a drugie.he doesnt know nothing,dont worry about it" and as i opened the car door for her,he said "now i know who you are".At this point,i knew trouble was coming so i said to Sasha "go into your crib and stay in there,keep the door locked ma".She responded in a scared manner "why whats going on",i quickly rebuked her "get moving chick,ill explain later" and watched her scram into the room.The crackhead then said "yea,its you,you that nigga Aaron is looking for,shit i could make a killing snitching you out".Before i could say anything else,he yelled "yo,THAT NIGGA THAT GOT BEEF WITH AARON IS HERE,HE RIGHT HERE,IVE FOUND HIS ASS",i quickly ran and threw a rocket speed punch at his jaw and left him on the ground.Next thing i knew,people started rushing out of their cribs,im talking big gigantic men,kids,women and all,ready to capture me and take me to my foe.I knew if i stood there any longer,i would be a thing of the past so i rushed into my car and drove away,as i drove,i could hear rocks pounding on my car,the rear view mirror revealed a mob of angry eastsiders chasing my car with the hopes of capturing me,that was the beginning of a new nightmare in my life

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i stepped on the gas pedal and sped my way out of the eastside till i was in the clear and took the highway home.See with the highway i was safe because there were alot of cars trekking along and if anything should happen to me,there would be witnesses.My heart pounded,my nerves shook uncontrollably as i tried to grip on to the steering wheel with might till i reached home.As i drove,i rebuked myself in the car like (what the fuck were you thinking nigga,you could have just met this chick elsewhere but now you probably got her into some shit and now Aaron is gonna come at you hard,what an asshole you are man) i thought to myself.I finally reached home 25 approximately 25 minutes later and perched on my couch thinking about how this all started.

back in the day,me and Aaron were cool,we were like the best of buddies.everyone respected and liked him in town because of his kindness and willingness to help anyone who was down and out or anyone who was less fortunate than he was.One thing we both had in common was our love for hip hop and we often shared the stage together for special concerts and stuff like that.He was like the brother i never had and i respected his views on life and politics in general.He would say sometimes "ya know,our country is run by liars and devils,but its really up to us to make enough noise to make a change.While my dream was to become an entertainer in the future,he aspired to be an attorney,to him,that was the fastest way he could get into the political world and make his mark.One thing i knew for sure was that he was going to make it as a lawyer not only because of his dedication to the justice system but because of his sometimes amazing display of inteligence.everyone knew that we were going to be friends for life but sometimes things dont go as planned in life.It all started one day when he came to my crib and i noticed a little bump on his right cheek.i brought it to his attention and after speculating,we both dismissed it as a pimple which would soon go away but then days later,the bump got bigger and about 50 more bumps were on the right side of his face.I had never seen anything more hideous and i advised him to go and see a dermatologist.The demartologist could not properly determine what the those bumps were and prescribed what he thought could help the situation but the outbreak got worse and spread all over his face.He had become like something out of an alien movie and that shattered his life.After this,he confined himself to his room where he kept the lights off and always had his face buried under his palms.I still did not stop being his friend and would go and check him out when i got the chance.His situation did not only affect him physically but mentally too.He started being bvery unfriendly and anti social and would sometimes tell me to leave in a harsh manner but i was never going to give up on my pal.I spoke with a physciatrist friend of mine who told me that if i could convince him that he was'nt that bad looking,i could make a break through so i paid off some desperate chick to await him at a resturant for a date and so i went to his crib and told him that theres a girl who really digs him and she wants him to come to the spur steak club to chill.At 1st he was reluctant but after convincing him that his condition was not bad at all even though it was horrible,he then decided to walk out into the light for the 1st time after a few months.The result would then be the cause of his hatred for me.the minute he stepped out of the car and walked into the mall,people kept their distance and walked away from him like he was a parasite or something.Things even got worse when comments were being made like "what kind of freak is that.that cant be human etc}.I tried to keep his mind away from that but the whole situation got out of hand when the girl i had paid to wait for him saw him coming in with me and screamed out of fear and ran out through the other exit of the shop.He stood there as everyone in the resturant stared at him in fear and awe.The obviously judgmental eyes left a very sour taste in his mouth and a new man was born,an angry deranged mutant with a piercingly physcopatic look.He grabbed me by the shirt in anger as he breathed hard fumingly and said "you did this,you took my honor,you lied to me..from today onwards...we are enemies for life..nigga,from today onwards,,watch your back" and pushed me to the ground and walked off.I tried after that to get in touch with him and apologise but nothing positive came out of that.If you think that was bad enough,well check this,someone told him off a cure for his condition in Africa.He immediately went there and came back a really changed man,not only had his charecter changed but his image had changed.He now wore a voodoo mask,something similar to the one im gonna post on the page and he totally believed that the more he wore it,his skin would be healed.poor guy,if only he knew the real truth

^^he wore something similar to this
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.. --> / icon and title --> .. --> message -->It was 8 in the morning the next day when i went downtown to a floral store i frequented anytime i wanted to buy roses for my dates.I needed to make up with Sasha for the date gone wrong and i knew "roses from heaven" which was the name of the store was the place to find the remedy to my problem.The owner Julie,an elderly white lady who had to be in her 50's knew me on a name to name basis.Infact i had been in her store so much that i could have been accredited to contributing much to her profits.She was indeed a very jovial lady with a very energetic attitude.sometimes it was hard to think that she was the age she was.I entered the rose shop scoping around for Julie,i knew if there was anyone who would know what i needed,it would be her so upon entering,i asked one of the workers there,an asian girl who was watering some of the flowers,her name was lu,i asked
"sup Lu,jULIE around today?
yea shes out in the back office,imma go get her" she responded gracefully.
i stood and jerked my head to the side admiring the asian girls ass as it jiggled on her way to the back office.The 1st thing i said to myself was {damn,why havent i tried to hit that any sooner}.
It was in no time that Julie walked out in a very uplifting mood as she greeted me with a glowing smile on her face
"heyyy Cris,whats going on"
i need your help big time"i replied humbly
ohhh another fish you trying to catch there Cris?" she asked investigatingly
"no not at all,i had already caught here but things screwed up,i need a remedy" i replied explaining the situation
"oh boy,thats a 1st dear,i wont even dare ask what happen but you have come to the right woman" she responded assuringly.
then she asked me to follow her as we went to the right isle which had the most contagious smell ever,as she picked up a bundle of roses and said "now these,no woman will be m,ad at you forever for,give em to her,she will let you out of the dog house"
i smelt them and most definately agreed with her even though i was not an expect on flowers.The price tag on them however was not funny but i knew the only way i could get through to Sasha would be to do something good and right so i thanked Julie,paid for the roses and i was on my way to the mall.Now at the mall by the door of guitar center stood the manager shane talking to some latin female.He seemed to have had an issue with her because the look on his face was'nt pleasant and his body language suggested that she might have ticked him off the wrong way.I decided i was not going to get involved so i tried to just rush in without him noticing me but before i could walk past he said
"yo Cris,you here to see Sasha?"
"yea man,got something important i gotta holla at her about" i replied quickly
"i already know what the deal is,shit all of us in there know the deal b,shes not very happy,you might wanna rethink that b"he said to me cautiongly
"nah dont worry about this g,i got this,check these flowers i got her nah mean" i responded boldly
"listen G,i know this girl,she been working here for a minute and i can tell you,she aint gonna fall for that shit" he added
"common dawg,its me,Cris,aint no woman ever defeat me before,shes no different,trust me i got this aight" i replied assuring him"
"aight man..dont say i aint warned you" he added and let me set out to do my thing

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Now here i was in the shop ready to face the fate i had put myself in.there were alot of things going through my head as far as the situation went,for one,i wondered how she would take my explanation of the situation and 2ndly,i wondered how fiery her temper was but this would all be dealt with the minute i saw her.I was a man who had dealt with many girls in his time,crazy and physcotic in the mix and to me,this girl did not seem like the type of girl to give a brother a hard time as far as making up goes.I knew all i had to do was explain my situation to her in the most respectful manner ever and hand her the roses and i would be out of the dog house.After all what woman would say no to roses from a man like me in public.Better yet,what woman would say no to roses with such an expensive price tag on them.Surely she would see that i went out of my way to make up for the situation.I must admit,the atmosphere in the shop was'nt too pleasant.Infact it was the type of Aura you felt when you knew something was wrong.most of the employees in there,especially the females gave me this disgusted look of disaproval.The ever so friendly folks in guitar center had become a mount of suspicious stares and silent gossiping whispers.But that did not bother me one bit,i had a mission and i was going to break through regardless of what anyone thought.One thing that did strike me was Sasha's charecter.it seemed to me like she was the talk active types who could not keep anything personal to herself and that bothered me a bit.I mean why how would everyone know what happened that night if she hadnt had told them but this was a flaw i was willing to overlook just based on her elegant beauty and my yearn to make her mine.In the drum machine sect of the store stood a beautiful Sasha wearing a blue top with khaki pants which fitted her very well.Her body took charge of the whole outfit as her curves displayed very inch of their consistant symetry.The deal breaker was her butt.without touching it,you could see the firm cut round and nicely curved perfection it had and her green sparkly eyes made the whole package a very spectacular bundle.i walked up to her and said
"looking preety good there today ma"
"what the hell do you want her" she responded rudely
"its like that now babygirl??" i asked in a suprised manner
"its not like anything nigga,dont you see a sister tryna get her work on here"she responded nonchalantly
"so what you saying,i aint important enough to talk to for a minute or 2" i asked investigatingly
"look nigga,you dont want me to tell you what i really think of you" she added with a grim look on her face
"ok,lets hear it,get itoff your chest,what do you think of me?" i asked awaiting a dreadful answer
"since you wanna go there,i think you nothing but a lowlife drugdealing gangbanger who beats ..less crackheads for no reason whatsover and personally,i dont wanna deal with that shit anymore,i left compton because of shit like that" she responded angrily
"so you actually think im a gangbanger,a drug dealer and a bully huh?" i asked with a validating laugh on my face
"nigga,dont act like i aint see what i seen that night,why else would you beat up a crackhead if you aint selling to him and he is owing you?"
After she said that,i realised that maybe my mission would be easier than i thought.Afterall she had it all wrong,i was not a drugdealing bully but a normal working class guy who was trying to protect himself from trouble and offcourse if i told her about Aaron,that would definately solve this drama for once and all so i said
"listen ma,i know what you saw seemed like that but i aint no drug dealer,im actually a law abiding man with a lot of respect for people,its just that night,that nigga was gonna snitch on me and i wasnt about to get killed by Aaron and his guys"
"ok,so lets say i wanna believe this shit you telling me,who is aAron?,and what does a crackhead have to do with him" she asked investigatingly
"Aaron is a deformed dude that wears a voodoo mask and has this bad habit of appearing outta nowhere to start shit with me,me and him used to be buddies till he mutated,look,lets just say we had a disagreement about something and now he has the whole eastside wanting my head on a platter".
Sasha laughed hysterically shaking her head and giving me the whole {bullshit} look and said
"wow,i really thought you would come with something better than that,..a masked man,mutated wanting a whole community to kill you..boy you watching too many movies,i cant believe that you would think im that stupid nigga"
At this point,i dreaded telling her about Aaron,after all who would have believed me,i couldnt blame her,a story about a man who wears a voodoo mask and appears out of nowhere seems far fetched but i knew it was the truth and i really wanted to start off in the right page with this girl but hopes looked dim now so i said
"you dont have to believe me ma,you live in the eastside,ask the folks around there about this"
"listen Cris,i aint no airhead dumb hoe ok,so i tell you what,how about after today,we dont talk to each other anymore,just pretend you didnt meet me in the 1st place because heres the truth,i dont like guys like you,i had an ex who was gangbanging and he always had crazy stories like what you just told be about why he does what he does,in the end,i got hurt so look,i gotta get back to work..try and get you some help ok.." and she started walking off annoyed as hell.At this point,following her to explain myself would not be a good idea and i knew with all the pride i had,that would be playing myself so i cut my losses short and walked out saying to myself {win some,lose some}

Ok,so now i knew that this situation was not a winnable one so i decided i was gonna find something useful to do with my day.Offcourse my body had a few objections as my tummy was rumbling from hunger so without wasting anytime i headed down to the 1st floor to the burger king Joint there.i Stood in a line of eight people ready to make my order patiently as i looked at the beautiful roses in my hand i had wasted my time on.An elderly white woman behind me saw them and said
"what beautiful roses those are"
"THanx" i responded emmotionless
"for someone special??" she asked entertaining her curiousity
"they were supposed to fix a situation but things got out of hand" i responded in a disapointed manner
"dont worry son,things will work out,give it time dear" she responded reassuringly
"thanx maM" i answered her with a grateful smile

The line had finally progressed and it was now my turn to order.A preety attractive latino lady attended to me from accross the counter
"what would your order be today sir" she asked gracefully
"can i get a number 6 meal" i answered
"here or to go and what type of pop would you want with that?" she asked further
"here and get me anything orange"i added
"coming right up,thall be $4.50 plus tax" she added
i quickly set the roses on the counter and pulled out my wallet and gave her a 10 dollar bill.After getting my change back,i went and sat on a chair by the outside point which was still the burger king premises.

i sat for about 3 minutes when the same girl brought my burger and fries to my table.As i was about to take a bite of the burger.i heard a voice say
"still eating unhealthy foods are ya?"
i knew who it was without a doubt,that slick silent but deranged voice had be non other than Aaron.i turned to my right and there he was sitting right by me with his mask on.
"not you again" i said in a frustrated manner
"oh yes yes its me again,whats wrong,dont wanna kick it with an old friend anymore" he said sounding horrfyingly creepy
"fuck you" i added angrily
"roses huh?i see the ace of hearts failed again,when will you learn not to undo what i have already done huh?" he asked facing my direction with his hideous mask
"you must be real proud of yourself are'nt ya you piece of shit" i added getting even more agitated with him
"oh,i cant take all the credit for that my friend,you did well making yourself look like a prick in the situation too,lets just say i set the mood and you took charge of it" he responded proudly
"you are fucking sick man,when are you gonna just butt out of my life man?" i added agressively
" when you give me what i want Cris" he added
"and what the fuck is that you sad lowlife" i kept on with demeaning statements
"your sanity,i wont stop till i take your sanity ol buddy" he responded without haste
"what are you...nuts?? you cant even control your own sanity and you want another mans sanity,i can assure you,you gonna fail"
He lowered his tone as his voice got grittier with a very creepy laugh and said
"see over there to the left...those are my boys waiting to murk you,once i nod my head,they will execute,lets see how well you play this game buddy"
and after that he nodded his head.All i saw was 6 big black guys coming at me.i quickly got up and ran the opposite direction as Aaron yelled "hey..you wasting food there buddy,what about your burger and fries?? ah well,im starving,good luck buddy

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